26 May 2023

Strong and shallow M6.6 earthquake hits Panama-Colombia border region 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.6 hit the Panama-Colombia border region at 03:05 UTC on May 25, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.6 at a depth of 40 km (25 miles).

Millions are told to get ready to evacuate amid volcanic activity in Mexico 
Mexican authorities on
Sunday raised the warning level for the Popocatepetl volcano to one step below red alert as smoke, ash and molten rock spewed into the sky posing risks to aviation and far-flung communities below.

Military’s Expanded Role in 5G Could Lead to ‘Mass Data Collection, Tracking and Monitoring’ of U.S. Citizens
The U.S. military’s chief information officer and former CIA deputy director John Sherman said his office will assume control of all 5G-related activities in the U.S. military and expand the military’s 5G pilot programs — a move critics said could lead to increased surveillance of U.S. citizens.

Biden Doubles Down on Globalism at G7: U.S. Will ‘Not … Decouple from China’
President Joe Biden doubled down on globalism at the G7 summit this week, making clear that his administration is “not looking to decouple [the United States] from China” despite millions of American jobs lost.

Face masks may raise risk of stillbirths, testicular issues and cognitive decline, study says
Face masks may raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children, an ‘explosive’ new study has claimed. Authors of a review of dozens of studies on face coverings suggested they can cause mild carbon dioxide poisoning when worn over long periods. The German academics who carried out the research believe masks create a pocket of dead space between the mouth and mask, which traps the toxic gas.

1/4 of Canadians backs lethal injections for POOR and homeless – critics slam ‘shameful’ attitude
Canada is under fire once again as host of the world’s most permissive assisted suicide program, where millions of people now say the homeless and poor should be eligible for state-sanctioned deaths.

John Kerry says farmers need to stop growing food in order to achieve “net zero” climate goals
Failed presidential candidate and political fossil John Kerry, a Democrat, is back in the news for ominous comments he recently made about how the only way for leftists to achieve their “net zero” climate goals is for farmers all around the world to stop growing food.

Black Lives Matter is headed for INSOLVENCY after plunging $8.5M into the red
Black Lives Matter’s national organization is at risk of going bankrupt after its finances plunged $8.5 million into the red last year – while simultaneously handing multiple staff seven-figure salaries.

Is this Calvin Klein’s ‘Bud light moment?’ Ad featuring trans man in a sports bra sparks backlash
A Calvin Klein advert featuring a trans man posing in a sports bra has sparked furious backlash after going viral online.

North Face Says ‘COME OUT’ With Drag Queen, Sells Kids LGBT Gear.
Leading outdoor apparel brand The North Face has partnered with a “drag queen” in advance of LGBTQIA2s+ Pride Month, even selling children’s clothing daubed in gay rainbow colors, as part of its “Out in Nature” collection.

‘An apocalyptic moment’: Jim Caviezel warns God ‘is coming’ for global Deep State
The Passion of the Christ star Jim Caviezel had some words of warning for members of the global political and media establishment last week.  “We’re in – I would say – an apocalyptic moment right now,” the actor told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon. “God is coming … there’s a big storm coming, and they know it.”

A Major Superpower is Starting to Collapse and It’s Going to Bring the Entire World Down With It
A Major Superpower is Starting to Collapse and It’s Going to Bring the Entire World Down With It

Iran Has Quietly Been Enriching Uranium Stockpiles And Now Has Enough To Produce Three Full-Scale Atomic Weapons To Launch Against Israel
There is a growing sense in Israel that Jerusalem is quickly running out of time to prevent Iran from becoming a regional nuclear power.

Outrage in Lebanon: Swimsuit-Wearing Women Expelled from Public Beach as Authorities Bow to Islamic Pressure
Why should Western nations expect migrants from Islamic nations to deviate from these established patterns and beliefs?

Pfizer donations to organisations in 2021, of course, had no influence … 
Aaron Siri tweeted a summary of donations made by Pfizer in 2021 to American universities, hospitals, medical associations, cancer organisations and medical organisations.  “Pfizer donations to [those] organisations in 2021, of course, had no influence on those organisations’ Covid-19 vaccine guidance,” he tweeted with maybe more than a hint of sarcasm.