9 Dec 2019

Defining the Left

A piece in the American Thinker this past week, analyzing the Washington Swamp’s efforts to succeed in its coup against Donald Trump, called that very effort “unconscionable evil.” Attempting to steal the votes of 63 million is indeed evil.

The House of Representatives also passed a resolution this week that is evil, opposing Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to possibly annex the West Bank, and…wait for it…recommit to the disastrous “two-state solution.” According to the Times of Israel:

“WASHINGTON — US House lawmakers issued a strong rebuke to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump on Friday, passing a resolution opposing Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank and supporting a two-state solution.”

There was also an extremely interesting added element that shows just how ruthless and relentless the Left is:

“Democrats Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress who have gained notoriety for their strong criticisms of Israel, both opposed the resolution, as did the two other left-wing congresswomen dubbed “The Squad.” They objected that the resolution’s authors, in a bid to gain broad support, removed a call to end Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian land. 

“’This resolution not only endorses an unrealistic, unattainable solution — one that Israel has made impossible — but also one that legitimizes inequality, ethnic discrimination and inhumane conditions,’ said Representative Rashida Tlaib, a Squad member who is of Palestinian descent. 

“’We must take bolder actions to ensure that human rights are upheld in Israel and that Palestinians and Black Israelis are treated with the equality every human being deserves,’ said Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, on the House floor.”

Catch that? Just like Yasser Arafat, when those subversives Omar and Tlaib did not get everything they wanted—the word “occupation” was removed by House committee leaders—they pouted and went home.

This is actually chilling, and is a display of the kind of intransigence the Left is known for and defined by: All-or-nothing! No compromise, no concessions. They simply want their ideological opponents to bow down to them and shut up.

This is how totalitarians act.

Finally, in this story, there was one other interesting nugget that is potentially huge. Evidently, the Trump Administration is being vague about their long-range view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From the Times article:

“Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and his point man for the Middle East peace process, has said that the administration’s as-yet-unreleased peace plan would avoid speaking about the two-state solution.

“’I realize that means different things to different people,’ he said earlier this year. ‘If you say ‘two states’ to the Israelis it means one thing, and if you say ‘two states’ to the Palestinians it means another thing. So we said, ‘let’s just not say it’. Let’s just work on the details of what this means.’”

Wow. It appears to me at least that this would leave the door open fairly wide to some sort of Palestinian state, even if “let’s just not say it.” It could mean other things, too, such as Palestinian autonomy in a shrunken state-like form. Of course, that’s essentially what the Israelis offered 25 years ago with Areas A, B, and C in the West Bank. The murderous Palestinian leadership blew that up literally from the start.

It’s hard to imagine what Palestinian autonomy in the future would look like. In my perfect world, there would be population transfer. I don’t care that many think that is a hateful stance; I’m tired of seeing Jews murdered by the beasts of “Palestine.”

Whatever happens, we can see that the Left will not budge an inch or move toward the Right at all on this issue. Now that Muslim subversives like Omar and Tlaib have infiltrated our government (with more to follow, following the Muslim Brotherhood playbook!), we see there is no rest for the weary.