16 Dec 2019

The Grotesque UMC

A report in The Hill this week shows the morally depravity of the United Methodist Church, a mainline denomination that long ago lost its way.

Just in time for Christmas, a UMC congregation in California depicts the manger scene as the Holy Family as refugees in…cages…at the southern border with Mexico, as if the Trump Administration is abusing refugees.

Can you believe the politicization of a manger scene? And of course, this is done by a “church” that has also politicized the manger scene in Israel in much the say way—Jesus and His parents oppressed by modern Israeli troops. This is called “Liberation Theology,” a perverted form of Christianity that applies modern geopolitics and identity politics over biblical accounts from the past.

From the Hill report:

“In a photo posted to Facebook by Karen Clark Ristine, who NBC News identified as a senior minister at the Claremont United Methodist Church, figures depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph could be seen placed in cages in the nativity scene.

“Ristine described the Holy Family as ‘the most well-known refugee family in the world’ in the post on Saturday.

“’Shortly after the birth of Jesus, Joseph and Mary were forced to flee with their young son from Nazareth to Egypt to escape King Herod, a tyrant. They feared persecution and death,’ she wrote, asking: ‘What if this family sought refuge in our country today?’”

Wow. Her Facebook posting had a disturbing 17,000 shares!

As I’ve written many times before, the UMC is one of the most virulently anti-Israel denominations in the U.S., and this sort of leftist ideology had its birth in the original “Jesus was a refugee” nonsense first peddled by the PLO almost 30 years ago. In the 90s, the UMC’s headquarters at its opulent Washington D.C. headquarters began picking up on this, applying Liberation Theology to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Now it’s being tarred onto U.S. immigration policy, which seeks to apply the law.

For a long time, Iran has referred to the U.S. as the “Great Satan,” while Israel is the “Little Satan.”

How pathetic and disturbing that the United Methodist Church is now doing the same thing. For them, the U.S. is the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan.

This from a Christian denomination in the United States.