Oct 30, 2017

Strengthening the Ground

A bold—and correct— move by the Jerusalem Municipality this week approves 176 new housing units for a Jewish community in east Jerusalem.

Surrounded by the Arab neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber, the Jewish community of Nof Zion will strengthen the Israeli presence in that part of the city.

Mayor Nir Barkat made the announcement and it seemed to signal a sort of new response from Israelis, who are not in an apologetic mood that they are building in their ancient and present (and future) capitol. In years past, particularly during the U.S. administrations of leftist presidents, the Israelis were always very careful to be mindful of the Palestinians’ moods.

Perhaps it’s momentum from the Donald Trump White House that the Israelis are, as Birkat says, “In the 50th year of the reunification of the city, we are reuniting the city in actions on the ground.”

Even 20 years ago, the Left was accusing Israeli leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu of “creating facts on the ground.” Of course they were. So have the Palestinians been creating facts on the ground. All sides do. It’s called advancing your agenda.

Glad to see the Israelis are no longer apologizing for it.

It is fascinating and infuriating to see international groups and their Palestinian friends accuse Israel of “Judaizing” Jerusalem! But in our upside-down world, where we have moved from inversions of the truth to outright loathing of the truth itself (anyone can make his own reality), the Jews’ 3000-year presence in the holy city can be called into question. At the same time, the newly invented “Palestinian people” make the most outrageous historical claims, based on no historical or archaeological evidence, and no one calls them on it.

Interestingly, more than 20 years ago, contractors bought land in Jebl Mukebar, with plans to build Jewish homes. Did you hear that?

Bought land.

Just as their forefathers did in the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews have purchased land from Arabs in the region. So much for stealing “Palestinian land,” as various leftists claim.

The leftist group Peace Now claims: “The construction of a large settlement in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood will be a severe blow to Jerusalem and to the chance to achieve the two-state solution.”

Notice these are Jews condemning their brethren, and supporting their sworn enemies, the Palestinians.

Notice too a key thing here: for those of us who believe Bible prophecy is reality, Israel’s actions in Nof Zion, and Peace Now’s statement, which gives a nod to international opinion, this all sets up the prophecies of Zechariah.

Anyone understands that the “two-state solution” is a dead letter; it doesn’t work even in theory. Due mostly to Palestinian instability, a Palestinian state is not workable. Perhaps it would be in 200 years when more terrorist leaders die off. Who knows? But today it simply wouldn’t work. At best, “Palestine” would function as a Third World country, continually reliant on international aid for even basic necessities.

But a scenario must exist in which the Palestinians and their George Soros-inspired benefactors finally attempt to force a state of Palestine on the Israelis.

That’s when all hell will break loose.

In the meantime, it gives me a great feeling knowing the Israeli presence in Jerusalem will grow stronger.