4 Nov 2023

Algeria Votes to Go to War with Israel
The Algerian Parliament gave the President the authority to go to war with Zion (Israel 🇮🇱) More countries to come! Algeria’s Jihadist Parliament grants the President the authority to engage in conflict with Israel.

Macron pledges to enshrine ‘right’ to abortion in French constitution by next year
Emmanuel Macron has resolved to enshrine the “right” to abortion in the French constitution by next year, following a resolution not to follow in the U.S.’s footsteps after it abolished the so-called national “right” to the lethal act. The president of France announced on Sunday that a draft of the constitutional law permanently legalizing abortion will be reviewed by the Council of Ministers by the end of the year. “In 2024, women’s freedom to have an abortion will be irreversible,” wrote Macron on X.

Who’s Pulling Biden’s Puppet Strings? NBC Just Gave Us a Clue.
Now, according to NBC News, it turns out Obama’s influence in the Biden administration has been more significant than just providing a template agenda for Biden to follow. Obama quietly advised the White House over the past five months on its strategy to address artificial intelligence, engaging behind the scenes with tech companies and holding Zoom meetings with top West Wing aides at President Joe Biden’s request, according to aides to both men,” explained the NBC News .

Air Force destroys missile off US coast
The United States Air Force destroyed an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile off California’s coast Wednesday due to an “anomaly” that occurred during a test launch of the missile.

22 ‘Feckless’ Republicans Voted with Dems to Save Rashida Tlaib
Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia ripped nearly two dozen of her GOP colleagues online Wednesday after they helped Democrats defeat her motion to censure Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. Greene unleashed on her fellow Republicans as “feckless” after they sided against the motion, which was filed following Tlaib’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks and the ongoing war in Israel. Greene shared a list of the Republicans who voted against the motion to censure. In all, 22 Republicans voted against censuring Tlaib after Greene noted Rep. Derrick Van Orden of Minnesota changed his vote.

Stunner! Judge overturns election because of ballot stuffing fraud
A judge in Connecticut has overturned a mayoral primary election because of a mail-in ballot stuffing fraud, setting a standard that holds serious implications for the entire nation. The situation is documented by a report at the Gateway Pundit, which cited the decision by Superior Court Judge William Clark to order a new election.

FBI raids home of NYC Mayor Eric Adam’s top fundraiser
The Brooklyn home of Brianna Suggs, who served as a consultant to Adams, was the target of the raid, according to the New York Post. “I heard screaming maybe two or three hours ago,” one neighbor said, according to The Post. “I heard helicopters (also) … the house is boarded up.”

Doc Sounds Alarm over Aggressive Cancers in Youth Who’ve Received the COVID Jab
“…These turbo cancers seem to be arising specifically in people who’ve had the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. It seems that one vaccine is enough if you’re unlucky. But, of course, the more vaccines you take, the more risk you have. And these cancers are always presenting at stage four. They’re always picked up very late. They grow very rapidly. So, they catch the oncologists off guard.” -Dr. William Makis

Nancy Pelosi Served with Subpoena Related to Criminal Case
Nancy Pelosi announced Wednesday she has been subpoenaed as part of an ongoing criminal case in California. Pelosi informed her House colleagues in a letter that she has been ordered to “produce documents” for a case, but she did not clarify what the case was. Her statement was read aloud by the House Clerk, which is done anytime a member is subpoenaed in either a criminal or civil matter.

Chinese fighter jet harasses US B-52 bomber
A Chinese Shenyang J-11 fighter jet harassed a U.S. B-52 bomber over the South China Sea last Tuesday, coming within 10 feet of crashing into the U.S. aircraft.

‘They’re Dogs’: Georgetown University Places Staff Member on Leave Over Antisemitic Posts
Georgetown University in Washington, DC has placed a recently hired staff member on administrative leave after new reports revealed her antisemitic social media posts. “We were recently made aware of hateful, antisemitic social media commentary alleged to have been made by a recently hired staff member who started working at the School of Foreign Service earlier this week,” Joel Hellman, dean of Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), said in a statement. “The employee has been placed on immediate administrative leave, pending an investigation of the comments … We strongly condemn antisemitism in all its forms.”

IDF finds battle plans, maps and equipment in Hamas stronghold in northern Gaza
After having taken control of the terror stronghold, IDF soldiers conducted extensive searches and located intelligence information that included operational orders belonging to Hamas. This also included operational maps, means of communication, command and control tables and personal details of Hamas commanders and terrorists.

Biden Shot His Mouth Off About the Israeli Invasion of Gaza…and It’s Not Good
Guy wrote about the Israel problem Biden is facing from the Left. And Biden’s “pause” remarks occurred during an event in Minnesota, a state he needs to win next year, which is chock-full of pro-terrorist or terrorist-sympathizing voters …. A ceasefire only helps the terrorists, and everyone who supports Israel, peace, and the elimination of Hamas should not waver on these demands from pro-terrorist activists.

Returning Temple Vessels From Italy?
They all have the same question: Is this real or fake news? I have been asked, and now feel obligated to respond on these same pages. Another development worth mentioning is that incidents have been reported that concern high-ranking Vatican officials who were willing to reveal the location of these holy vessels to religious Jews before going on pension or resigning from their posts. Not just one or two, these encounters are apparently taking place in Rome, and even Paris.

Leading Rabbis and Knesset Members call for National Day of Prayer this Monday
Leading Rabbis and more than 20 Knesset Members called for a national day of prayer this Monday, the thirtieth day of mourning since the Hamas massacre. Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a former Member of the Knesset and Temple Mount activist wrote a letter that was signed by members of the Knesset calling on Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi David Lau, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, to call for a day of prayer to commemorate the thirtieth day since the massacre of more than 1,400 Israelis by Palestinian Hamas.

The ‘two-state solution’ to murder Jews
The idea that Abbas or any other Palestinian leader would rein in Hamas in the West Bank is false and dangerous.

‘We already entered the war on October 8,’ Hezbollah leader says
The secretary-general of the Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, gave his long-awaited first speech since the start of the war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. In a televised speech on Friday afternoon, Nasrallah blamed Israel for the war and mocked its army and leadership, while praising Hamas and the so-called “resistance axis,” without committing to any concrete actions against Israel. In his first public address since the war, Nasrallah was widely expected to give an indication, or possibly even an explicit proclamation of war against Israel but failed to do so.

Storm Ciarán hits Western Europe with record-breaking winds, causing deaths and widespread damage 
Storm Ciarán — the 5th named and the most powerful storm of the 2023/24 European windstorm season thus far — wreaked havoc across Western Europe on November 2, 2023, with record winds reaching 200 km/h (124 mph), leading to floods, blackouts, and major disruptions. Ciarán underwent explosive cyclogenesis, affecting Western Europe and culminating in numerous fatalities, record-breaking wind speeds, and extensive power outages.

Over 300 Japanese weather stations report hottest November day in history 
Japan observed its hottest November day on record on November 3, 2023, with over 300 weather stations reporting record-breaking temperatures for this time of year.

Residents on ‘Edge’ Facing 2.5K Earthquakes as Italian Supervolcano Rumbles: ‘It’s Nonstop’
Italy’s government has been preparing for a possible mass evacuation of tens of thousands of residents due to a supervolcano that has caused 2,500 earthquakes since September, several media outlets reported.

‘Ban the Scan’: 32 Groups Ask New York City to Ban Facial Recognition Technology
Seventeen civil rights groups last week launched a public advocacy campaign to ban the use of facial recognition technology from New York City residential buildings and public venues, including stores and stadiums.

Illegal immigrants to get city ID cards in El Paso
The city of El Paso, Texas has moved forward with its plan to give illegal immigrants,  homeless people, and others for whom obtaining state or federal ID is difficult or impossible the ability to apply for free municipal identification cards.

Israel’s wisdom and persistence after declaring war on the evil of Hamas
Following the heinous murderous attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians on Oct. 7, Israel declared war for the first time in half a century. The last Israeli war declaration came when Egypt conducted a sneak attack on Israel on Yom Kippur in 1973, crossing the Suez Canal into Israeli controlled Sinai. Likewise, the Oct. 7 attack came on the 50th anniversary of the ‘73 war and on Sukkot, the festival honoring of God for His protection of the Hebrew people during the 40 years they spent in the Wilderness.

New Poll: One In Four Americans Say COVID Shots Are Unsafe And Know Someone Who Died From The Jab
…The poll of more than 1,500 adults found the margin of Americans who view the vaccines as unsafe has spiked from 18 percent in August 2022 to 24 percent over the last month.

Israel warns citizens against worldwide travel as antisemitic attacks spike
Israel has warned its citizens against traveling abroad due to an increase in antisemitic incidents and violent attacks against Israelis and Jews worldwide.

Israeli officials: Oxygen concentrators for Gaza tunnels found hidden in aid shipment 
Israeli inspectors earlier this week uncovered several oxygen concentrators meant to aerate the tunnels operated by terror groups in Gaza, two senior Israeli officials tell The Times of Israel.

Hypocrite: Bill Gates is funding 70 million acres of Deforestation in North America
Bill Gates and other investors are betting Kodama Systems can reduce carbon dioxide in the air by chopping down and burying trees. The move will see 70 million acres of forests, mostly in the Western United States, cut down over the next decade. After cutting down the trees, Kodama plans to bury them – to reduce global warming.  However, “global warming” is a scam to enable the rich to become richer and the real reason for the destruction of forests is to reap saleable carbon offsets.

42% of Americans Would Likely Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against COVID Vax Makers if it was Permitted by Law
According to a Rasmussen poll “42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab,” according to Steve Kirsch, who asks “How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?” “This is getting too big to hide.” he says, and adds “Isn’t it funny how it is only the misinformation spreaders calling for data transparency of public health data? Nobody else. Not the media, the medical community, doctors, members of Congress, etc. What does that tell you? It tells you that they don’t want you to learn the truth.”

How Did the Corruption of Public Health Happen?
“The Covid-19 response of the international health industry, led by the World Health Organisation (WHO), impoverished the public and degraded health.”  Now, there is a current push to grant even more authority to the WHO and while funding initiatives that provide access to essential healthcare services may benefit the global community, giving the WHO more power should not be mistaken for an effort to enhance public health. In fact, allocating public funds to the WHO would further diminish individual freedoms and fundamental human rights and would be detrimental to society.

Pfizer, FDA & Fact Checkers LIED when they said Toxic Graphene Oxide was not inside the COVID-19 Vaccine according to Federal Court Ordered Published Documents
Graphene Oxide is a fairly new substance not yet well understood. But what we do know is that studies have proven it can be toxic to cells and tissues in the body. And further studies have shown Graphene Oxide to have toxic effects on blood cells, inducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Professors find 1 dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine is contaminated with 200 Billion pieces of DNA
Cancer genomics expert Dr. Phillip Buckhaults recently testified to the South Carolina Senate about the DNA contamination found in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. There are an estimated 200 billion pieces of plasmid DNA in each dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, he said.  These pieces of DNA are packaged in lipid nanoparticles, basically a synthetic virus, and are delivered into vaccinees’ cells.