2 Aug 2021

(I always like to mark milestones. This week marks my 15th year writing “Israel Watch” for RaptureReady. As always, many thanks to Todd and Terry for allowing me to do so. It’s a great privilege.)

No Human Endeavor

In this crazy world we live in, it’s no surprise that Israel continues to have enemies and difficulties to deal with 24/7. There has been some movement from strictly military and political dangers, to a wide-range of obstacles to peace. Including…ice cream.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the meltdown over Ben & Jerry’s corporate decision to stop selling the famous product in the “West Bank.” The fury that resulted hasn’t really let up. Evidently, the company (sold years ago by the real Ben and Jerry founders) is now “Woke” and demands social justice considerations be accepted; of course, they favor the Palestinian “fight for freedom” over common sense, history, and present realities. These left-wing ideologies, for decades confined to college campuses, has now spilled-over and swamps the overall culture.

Unilever, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, issued a statement that they would in fact continue offering products in Israel. This prompted a scathing statement from the ice cream company’s board, upholding support for the Palestinians.

My point? Even something as universal as ice cream is corrupted due to left-wing viewpoints. Whether it’s social justice advocates, or corporations, anti-Semites are everywhere.

Another, more sinister development, occurred just a few days ago. Iranian capabilities have progressed to the point that the terror state’s drone program threatens America and Israel.

On Friday, a ship was attacked off the coast of Oman. A huge tanker, Mercer Street, was attacked by a drone and two people were killed. Supposedly, according to Iranian television, the attack was in retaliation for an airstrike carried out in Syria. Iran blames Israel.

A New York Times report on the attack contained chilling details:

“The attack appeared to have been carried out by several unmanned Iranian drones that crashed into living quarters underneath the ship’s command center, or bridge.”

Israel’s enemies will continue to gain in technology (though the Jewish state’s own capabilities won’t wane) and they will continue to probe for opportunities to attack.

And sadly, I don’t expect the social justice “warriors” to go away anytime soon. So Israel deals with what I’d call a supernatural array of enemies. It doesn’t make sense that a tiny nation would incur the wrath of Ben & Jerry’s, Iranian terrorists, and menacing diplomats at the UN.

Does that make sense in the human realm? I don’t believe it does at all.

The answer then is that the enemy is directing all these things, so we don’t rely on human initiatives to properly and permanently deal with them. Oh, I don’t mean that we stop advocating for Israel in the ways each of us can.

But I do think we should set our eyes on eternity. On the Lord. Pray for those involved, but first and foremost read the Word to see what is really going on in the world.

In this way, your heart won’t be too anxious. If we understand that even Israel’s enemies are but a vapor that will be gone tomorrow, we can find peace for our souls.

I don’t like the things that are happening. I detest attacks on Israel.

But I know Who is in charge.