8 Mar 2021

Some Things Never Change

If some new developments are happening in the Middle East (peace with Arab countries!), some old things linger.

Iran (not an Arab country, but of course an Islamic terror state) is now 40+ years into its mischief-making, with the target always the Jews. Collateral damage is the damage done to other states, such as Iraq (the 1980-89 war with Iran was a classic meat-grinder that weakened Saddam Hussein).

But whether it’s bombing a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, or developing nuclear weapons in remote areas of Iran, the mullahs are always looking to murder Jews. The realignment of Washington with Tehran is but the latest misstep by the West in helping Iran achieve its goals.

So…Israel is forced to always stay on alert. The Jewish state has been in a state of perpetual war with neighbors since the evening of May 14, 1948. That’s a long time to stay awake.

This week, Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced that Israel continues to refine its attack plan on Iran’s nuclear facilities. I’ve always been struck by the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu has always maintained that Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapons with which to attack Israel. I don’t believe this is mere rhetoric. Several times in the past Israel has faced existential threats. In 1973, premier Golda Meir was urged by leaders like Moshe Dayan to use battlefield nukes to beat back the Syrians and Egyptians. In 1981, Menachem Begin dispatched a fighter group to bomb Iraq’s reactor at Osirik. In both cases, Israel survived with daring innovation and speed on the battlefield.

I don’t have any reason they won’t win again.

Gantz said as much:

“The Iranian nuclear aspiration must be stopped. If the world stops them before, it’s very much good. But if not, we must stand independently and we must defend ourselves by ourselves.”

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“On Thursday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Vice President Kamala Harris that Israel was totally committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons designed to destroy Israel.

“The White House said that the two leaders agreed on the need for close cooperation and partnership on regional security issues, ‘including Iran’s nuclear program and the regime’s dangerous regional behavior.’”

This is all the more interesting because it is not really Netanyahu speaking directly to the United States. He is speaking to Iran. I will go further in saying that I believe Harris—a coup participant in the November 3 election—is far more ideologically compatible with Iran than she is her own country. In other words, as Netanyahu very well knows, Kamala Harris and his “old buddy” Joe Biden are enemies of the Jewish state. They do not have Israel’s best interests at heart; they don’t even have their own country’s best interests at heart.

That’s why Israel will continue to develop daring and innovative plans to prevent Iran from doing the unthinkable (and, according to Scripture, the impossible): destroying Israel.

That will not happen.

God’s provision for His people will never change.