21 Aug 2023

Endangering Your Own Country

It shocks me more than almost anything related to Israel in the last 30 years.

Of all the threats to Israel’s sovereignty, I never thought it would come quite so much from within. Like most impregnable armies, Israel is not likely to be defeated on the battlefield. Better to attack from within.

When news broke a while back that some reservists were refusing to serve due to their dislike of Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial reform efforts, I was blown away like many others were. What is this? We aren’t talking about France or Brazil or even the Arab countries. This is Israel, a nation of survivors from millennia-old attacks. One of the pristine features of Zionism is that it holds that Jews have a right to defend themselves in their own land. For 2,000 years they were vulnerable precisely because that option was unavailable.

As most of you know, Netanyahu is attempting to beat back the leftist judiciary in his country. Similar to what we are dealing with in America. Think Netanyahu is blowing smoke about being attacked by his leftist enemies? Try getting slapped with multiple bogus indictments as a (*former) president in the U.S.?

Think globalist agendas don’t exist? Think those are conspiracy stories?

Netanyahu has been fighting the same entity for almost 30 years.

According to the Times of Israel:

“The Israeli Air Force has suspended several high-ranking reservists, a Friday report said, a day after the Navy suspended a senior reservist who had vowed to halt volunteer duty to protest the government’s judicial overhaul.

“IAF chief Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar agreed to suspend the service of several brigadier generals, the Kan public broadcaster reported, apparently following the lead of the Navy, which suspended Rear Adm. (res.) Ofer Doron on Thursday.”

A vice admiral named David Sa’ar Salama has given up his volunteer reserve duty, because he said he refuses to “live in a dictatorship.” Wow.

Do you see how leftists work? They work to build a dictatorship, then they accuse their ideological foes of being the ones building the totalitarian web. It’s common knowledge that Israel’s judiciary is infected with socialists and worse. Slowly over time, and with help from Western friends, Israel’s political elites have been moving the country into harm’s way. It’s exactly the same situation we have, with our ruling elites in Washington making decisions that directly threaten our country.

Netanyahu decided to take on this cabal. And they mean to hang him for it. As the man most responsible for Israel’s security, he realized a devastating situation existed within. So he took on yet another major challenge.

The revolt is a grave one, “sparking fears within the military of harm to its operational preparedness.”

It is predicted that at least 10,000 reservists will not show up for duty, in protest of the overhaul.

“Netanyahu’s coalition has rejected the reservists’ protests as a dangerous and unprecedented form of political blackmail by the military. Some coalition lawmakers suggested the protests are tantamount to an attempted military coup.

“Security officials voiced concern on Monday that, by allowing repeated public attacks on top military brass, Netanyahu was trying to shift responsibility onto them over the current harm to the state of military readiness.”

Whatever the outcome, and let’s hope this is short-term, Israel has been breached in new ways by the same diabolical entity that threatens the rest of the West. Globalists will stop at nothing to take down the last bastions of freedom.

Let us continue to pray for Israel in her unique situation.