28 Aug 2023

The Long Arm of the Lawless

I think we’ve all known from the beginning that the crude rockets of Hamas and the crude roadside bombs would not stay crude.

At least when Israel is the target.

The problem in the region, as always, is Iran. The mullahs have the money to develop sophisticated weaponry, much moreso than Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

Now the Iranians have reportedly got a new high-tech drone that is lethal. Flying at 24,000 feet, at 130 miles per hour, the payload is a 600 lb. bomb. To add insult to injury, the device has a message in Hebrew: “Prepare your bombshelters.”

It can stay airborne for 24 hours and is similar in design to the American armed MQ-9 Reaper.

Named the Mohajer-10 (Farsi for “immigrant”), the drone was recently unveiled at a conference. The Iranians said that the drone could carry electronic surveillance equipment and a camera. Iran’s hard-line President Ebrahim Raisi, a protégé of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also viewed the drone on Tuesday.

According to a report from Ynet News:

“’Today, we can firmly introduce Iran as an advanced and technologic nation to the world,’ Raisi said in comments aired on state television. He reiterated Iran’s stance about friendly relations with ‘all countries in the world,’ adding that Iran’s armed forces will cut off any hand that will reaches out in an attempt to invade Iran, state TV reported.

“The Associated Press could not immediately verify the claims about the drone’s capabilities, though an arm of state television shared a video of it taking off from a runway. Long-range drones like the Reaper also require ground stations and satellite communications.”

At the same time, an Iranian delegation was in Moscow to visit with Kremlin officials about their own drone program. Iran has supplied the Russians with drones in the fight in Ukraine.

For years, the Iranians (and other Western enemies) have attempted to recover or steal American drones. It’s thought that the country has obtained pieces of drones; in 2011, Iran got control of an RQ-170 Sentinel, a CIA drone that was monitoring Iranian nuclear sites. Launched from Afghanistan, the drone was reverse-engineered by Iran.

In 2019, Iran shot down a U.S. Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk in the Strait of Hormuz amid high tensions over its collapsed nuclear deal with world powers.

Iran is up to more mischief than this, though. This week, an Israeli mother was shot to death near Hebron, in front of her 12-year-old daughter. Netanyahu visited the site and had this to say:

“We are in the middle of a terrorist onslaught that is encouraged, guided, and funded by Iran and its proxies. A significant portion of this wave of terrorism came from external guidance.”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant added this:

“It is important to understand the significant change that is taking place on the ground – it is related to Iranian funding, and to the proliferation of weapons under the Iranian directive. Iran seeks every means to harm the citizens of Israel.”

In a report from the Jerusalem Post:

“Their decision to accuse Iran is important because it shows how the defense and security establishment is increasingly convinced that Iran is behind the increased attacks in the West Bank. This extends beyond what is already known about Iran’s backing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hamas. Iran’s hand is seeking to inflame the West Bank. This is also linked to the smuggling of weapons in the West Bank, as the statement noted ‘proliferation of weapons.’”

Iran is also working hard to transfer weapons into Judea and Samaria, something Israel hasn’t seen before. Lately, there have been dozens of terror attacks daily in that area.

Still another front for Iran is to encourage the Syrian regime at the expense of Saudi Arabia, seeking a severing of any ties between Israel and the Saudis, so that Iran continues to exert influence in the region. The overall goal is to threaten Israel on as many fronts as possible.

It’s pathetic that human beings expend so much energy for evil. We that love Israel expend much energy in praying for her and against her evil foes.