14 Aug 2023

The Toughest Job in the World

It’s truly incredible the issues that threaten Israel. Domestic, foreign, cultural, militarily, politically. An article this week from Ynet News highlights all this.

When Benjamin Netanyahu decided to tackle judicial reform, he knew it would ignite a firestorm of opposition. His job is unimaginably tough! As I say all the time, his situation runs so parallel to Donald Trump’s. Their respective political enemies sometimes cross. Many of the same corrupt operatives that have been dispatched to Israel during election season—by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama—are the same ones now trying to keep Trump out of the White House. Each man is embroiled in legal woes that threaten not only their positions, but their freedom as well.

Here I want to digress for a minute and explain what I think is going on. As believers, we know that the one behind all this ultimately is the devil. Personal evil is real, it exists. A certain madness envelopes such an entity, so that he pushes agendas that are irrational, destructive, and without moral constraints. Because the Bible tells us that this evil influences men, it’s easy to see why the international community’s leadership pursues insane agendas.

Recently I was re-reading a terrific book, Banquet at Delmonico’s, a story about Charles Darwin’s friend, Herbert Spencer, and his 1882 lecture tour throughout the United States. The British sociologist is responsible for some of the most evil initiatives ever seen. Here I want to quote one section, and my point here is to help you see how whole societies can be set up for a fall. Morally, one must maintain vigilance, if one is to stay away from the influence of the evil one. So here is the fascinating insight from Edward Youman’s, an American scientific writer in love with the idea that evolution would be embraced:

“Spencer will in time reap his greatest conquest in Germany. The whole nation is pervaded with religious skepticism, and they are without any philosophic guidance.”

Wow. There you have it. The collapse of biblical thought in a society will lead to disaster. Youman could not have known just how successful Spencer’s and Darwin’s work would be in Germany…50 years into the future.

Godless worldviews, particularly in government, lead to mind-bending evil. It is what afflicts the United States and, to some extent, Israel, right at this moment.

I firmly believe one of the main weapons the devil has used for the last 100 years is Marxism, fashioned after the Soviet version. By 1920, Lenin and Stalin were plotting to take down the United States from within. I seriously doubt they ever intended to confront the U.S. directly, even during the nuclear era at the height of the Cold War. What they did intend to do was send a flood of agents to infiltrate every single layer of our society. That’s what happened and explains why we are in the predicament we are in now. Israel is in much the same dilemma.

His enemies say that it’s obvious Netanyahu is trying to subvert legal justice in his own case by neutering the judicial authority. The same criticism is leveled at Trump.

However, I would point out the extreme corruption at the root of these criticisms of Bibi and Trump is the real threat. But because they have the benefit of corrupt Media covering for them, it’s hard for the truth to get out. But I did digress!

The writer of the article I mentioned believes the Israeli government is putting too much emphasis on judicial reform, and not enough on military threats, particularly from the north.

From the article, there is this very interesting observation:

“Iran succeeded in arming and equipping its proxies with precision weaponry. Until about a decade ago, precision weaponry was an advantage held by Israel against the adversary’s “dumb” missiles and rockets. Today, Iran is successfully advancing the production or adaptation of precision missiles and assault drones.”

It’s clear that Iran wants the option of bringing a multi-pronged war against Israel, using proxies in the region. Direct confrontation, terrorism, even the use of militias from Syria, Iraq and Yemen all threaten the Jewish state, potentially.

The article’s writer makes another great point. While Israel knows how to protect its own citizenry, it is less able to defend against precision weapons aimed at infrastructure, power stations, water treatment plants, etc.

It’s very obvious the Iranians are trying to take out Israel before Israel takes out Iran.

Our job, on the outside looking in, is to continue praying fervently for Israel. That is what we do best for our Jewish friends, and we believe it has tangible results. We hate evil, and look forward to the day it will be vanquished once and for all, by our Great King.