7 Jan 2023

A Three-State Solution?

I listened to a fascinating podcast this week from the Friends of Israel. Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid, a resident of Jericho, was asked about the situation in Israel, overall. He focused of course on life as a Palestinian.

The New Year’s Eve interview left me wondering how such a man can live and breathe in Jericho, a stronghold of the PLO (I really get tired of referring to the artificially created “Palestinian Authority,” which is really just the old murderous PLO dressed up in diplomatic clothes).

Eid is a very brave man, taking issue with the murderous leadership of the Palestinians, whether it’s Fatah (PLO) or Hamas. He is public with his criticisms, and deserves our prayers. He told one incredible, almost hilarious story about his brush with trouble back in the 90s, during the Bill Clinton Administration. Born in 1958 under Jordanian rule, Eid began to distance himself from the PLO in 1993.

Now, what makes this story truly remarkable is that Clinton was perhaps more responsible for anyone for the creation of the Frankenstinian monster known as Yasser Arafat as a “statesman.” Remember, Arafat, the killer Egyptian dwarf passing himself off as a “Palestinian” revolutionary; he was hiding in a cave in Tunisia when Western diplomats plucked him out, put clean clothes on him and presented him as the undisputed Palestinian leader.

Anyway, Clinton presided over the monstrous Oslo ceremonies at the White House in 1993—to his eternal shame—and he spent a good bit of his time pushing “peace” between Palestinians and Israelis. The other half of course was spent mentoring young interns.

So it is especially amazing that a Clintonista would come to the aid of a good guy like Eid. The activist had run afoul of Arafat, who jailed him. Lo and behold, Secretary of State Warren Christopher, an otherwise thoroughly forgettable political hack, got on the phone and gave Arafat five minutes to release Eid, or else. We’ll never know what “or else” would have been, but Bassem Eid walked out of jail and never looked back. To this day, he seems able to say what he wants about the goons that enslave his people.

But it was an insight Eid had that really grabbed my attention.

He said that the Arab leaders want a “three-state solution.” Hamas wants their Islamic Emirate in Gaza; Abbas wants his empire in the West Bank. Then you have the state of Israel.

I’d never heard this perspective before. Now, I think most of us know the vaunted “two-state solution” has never been the real goal of the terrorists. Even a multi-state solution is not the ultimate goal; the ultimate goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.

But Eid’s insight was intriguing. He means that the two rival Palestinian factions want to see who will finally emerge to continue the stranglehold on the people themselves, and then they will turn their focus solely on eliminating Israel.

A three-state solution. Well, everything else has been tried. Remember during the waning days of the odious Clinton years? Diplomats were actually floating the idea that the Temple Mount should basically just be administered by God Himself! Everything else had been tried, enormous manpower and money had been spent trying to make the sewer of Palestinian control into a modern nation-state. So at the end of the day, in some respect, the stones cried out and God was acknowledged.

As we speed toward the end, we will see that only the One-State solution will work:

The God State.







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