16 Jan 2023

Biden’s dislike of Israel

For years, Joe Biden has claimed that he and Bibi Netanyahu are great friends. The longtime senator from Delaware, a thoroughly nasty guy, also was a part of the administration of Barack Obama, rivaled in its hatred for Israel only by that of Jimmy Carter. I have never believed Netanyahu was fooled by Biden, but being the political wizard he is, always maintained cordial relations with the corrupt vice president and now, “president” of the U.S.

Michael Freund has a great piece this week in the Jerusalem Post about Biden’s real feelings in this regard. (I met Freund many years ago in Jerusalem; he has done terrific work in bringing Jews home to Israel. He is a great guy.)

You can’t state it any clearer than this:

“It is time to call out President Joe Biden and his crew for the implicit contempt they demonstrate for Israel and its democratically elected leadership.”

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken—another outright leftist in the corrupt Biden camp—is set to visit Israel in the coming weeks, and the visit will follow on the heels of unprecedented internal opposition to Netanyahu. Outgoing caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid has outrageously called for public demonstrations against the incoming Netanyahu government. It no doubts rankles leftists that Netanyahu is now the longest-serving PM in Israeli history. Not Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, not Yitzhak Rabin. None of them come close to the years Netanyahu has spent in the PM’s chair. As Israel’s “right-wing” leader, he has garnered hatred from a multitude of directions for more than a quarter-century. That entire time, Biden’s phony warmth for Bibi has masked a seething contempt. It’s nice, frankly, to see someone call him on it publicly.

Freund details some of the U.S. interference:

“Brandishing a level of chutzpah that seems reserved exclusively for the Jewish state, various Biden administration officials have felt free to offer comments about everything ranging from the proposed reform of Israel’s legal system to a visit by an Israeli government minister to the Temple Mount.

“Sadly, the public has become all too accustomed to such behavior, as though it is normal and acceptable for Washington to interfere in the Jewish state’s internal affairs. But it most assuredly is not.”

Freund served as deputy communications director for Netanyahu in his first term in the late 90s. Here he worked with the peerless David Bar-Illan, former editor of the Jerusalem Post and the most astute political commentator I’ve ever read. I knew Bar-Illan lightly for a few years, and marveled at his ability to wage war with the leftist Media. Netanyahu was served well by such men, who always had Biden’s number.

Freund this week got into more specifics:

“Similarly, in November, even before the new Israeli coalition had been formed, US Ambassador Thomas Nides blasted the idea that Israel might annex parts of Judea and Samaria, using language more suited to a pub than a podium.

“Speaking to the KAN broadcasting network, Nides said, ‘Our position is quite clear: We do not support annexation. We will fight any attempt to do so, which is, by the way, the position of most of the Arab countries.’”

The U.S. will “fight” a decision by a duly elected Israeli government? Those are chilling words, and outrageous. On January 3, incoming Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir visited the Temple Mount. U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price called the visit “unacceptable.”

Wow! The utter arrogance is breathtaking. Citizens of Israel are entitled to visit Judaism’s holiest site whenever they want. For an American diplomat to brazenly question that is a deep indication of vicious feelings toward the Jewish state. It keeps Israel’s security in a precarious place.

Obama didn’t even conceal his contempt for Israel, as his long associations with Palestinian radicals should have alerted anyone to as he climbed the political ladder. For quisling cowards like Obama and Biden, who never served in combat, to question Netanyahu is proof positive that the days are evil.

Bar-Illan, 30 years ago, correctly read Jimmy Carter and his inherent nastiness for Israel. Noting the world’s ignorance of Middle East history, and the fact that Israel had not in fact taken Judea-Samaria in an “act of aggression” as diplomats even were alleging, Bar-Illan said that Carter joined in the lies about the Jewish state:

“Jimmy Carter, who once vowed he would commit suicide rather than hurt Israel, has joined in this attempt with blithe contempt for facts. It will most certainly assure him regular appearances in the media.”

Now Biden and his lackeys can add corruption to their appearances in media. For lambasting Jews and Israel has proven to be lucrative and popular, even as some think man is evolving toward some “omega point” of perfection.

Joe Biden is Exhibit A for nasty hearts that imperil a small nation chosen long ago by the Lord of History.

He never sleeps, slumbers, or forgets.