2 Jan 2023

Hitting Iran

As Israel transitions from the Yair Lapid regime to the new reign of Benjamin Netanyahu, the country has maintained its steadfast vigilance against Iran.

A couple weeks ago, airstrikes attributed to Israel were carried out against Iranian air defense bases in Syria. Near Damascus and the Qsair Military Airport west of Homs also took out Hezbollah’s aeronautics unit, engaged in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Lebanon.

At the same time, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps increased salaries for fighters serving pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria.

Additionally, Esmail Qa-ani, a commander with the Qods Force, has declared that Israel is under tremendous pressure and will soon collapse, with the Palestinians claiming the land!

Typical terrorist rhetoric. Sounds like Baghdad Bob, if you remember that clown from the First Gulf War.

On the evening of December 19, a very interesting development occurred: the Syrian army claimed that Israeli Air Force missiles hit positions near Damascus. Now, the attack came right after an Iranian cargo plane landed at the airport. We know from prophecy that Damascus plays a key role in the last days, and this strike also shows clearly that Israel’s intelligence capabilities are far ahead of their enemies’. It’s almost as if Israel knows what the terrorists are going to do before they do.

This is but one evidence that God is fighting for His people, right now. This is very exciting.

If we are looking at Isaiah 17, the burden of Damascus will, I believe, involve the nefarious plans drawn-up by Iran and her proxies in the region. We are told that the regime in Syria will cease to exist overnight! Before dawn, the enemy will no longer exist.

The Lebanese news website al-Nashra published a report based on a senior Iranian source, alleging that Iran is willing to provide fuel to Lebanon, and even prepared a contract awaiting the approval of the Lebanese government, but the government has avoided signing onto it due to fear of American sanctions. According to this report, Iran is prepared to send 600,000 tons of fuel to the Lebanese government, and that the issue was handled by the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon. The source also claimed that Iran is not intervening in the election process of the next Lebanese president because it has allies in the country, including Hezbollah and Amal, which know the situation in the country better than Tehran, and make decisions on their own regarding this matter.

We know of course that Lebanon has been a key player in terrorist activity going back generations. As an aside, the Lebanese people have suffered greatly for years, starting with Arafat and his PLO gang of killers in the 60s and 70s, and in recent years by Iran. With Lebanon on Israel’s northern doorstep, the energy sources provided by Iran come with significant strings. Like with most other end-time plots involving military activity, Lebanon belongs in the gaggle of neighboring nations that come against Israel. Think of the intricate plans devised by Israel’s enemies; they will be thwarted in the blink of an eye by the Lord. How much better it would have been to use all these resources and manpower for good purposes!

Finally, Iran is also meddling in Iraq, working to bolster tourism and pilgrimages. It’s almost hard to believe the two countries were locked into a protracted war all through the 1980s; untold numbers were slaughtered in that savage war brought by the mullahs and Iraq’s psychopath, Saddam Hussein.

While Iran ramps-up its mischief in the region, let us maintain our prayer vigil for the people in this region, and not only Israelis. We pray for their physical safety, even as we watch their spiritual transformation underway.

The Lord also loves the millions of suffering Arabs, gripped by regimes that hate and use them. Let us pray for them as well.