30 Aug 2021

The Duplicitous Regime

There is no question that no real, substantive solutions came from Naftali Bennett’s first meeting with Joe Biden. I don’t like the fact that Bennett spearheaded a move to sideline Benjamin Netanyahu, but I also have no doubt he is aware of who he is dealing with.

First of all, Joe Biden is not a legitimate president. He participated in a sophisticated, brazen coup against Donald Trump. Whether Biden is a true puppet, or whether he’s really in on it is beside the point. The fact is, globalists run Washington and they do not have any good feelings for Israel. I think Bennett understands that, the smarmy handshakes and promises of goodwill notwithstanding.

Biden, a loud, obnoxious lout his entire political career, has long claimed to be a great friend of Israel, and Netanyahu in particular. I’m quite certain Bibi knew exactly what Biden is. The Israelis are good at maintaining their focus on what’s best for the Jewish state.

Not surprisingly, the Biden regime wants to re-open a consulate in Jerusalem catering to the Palestinians. Trump shut that down, but it was only a matter of time before nefarious forces in Washington (and other international cities) would force the terrorist PLO back onto the diplomatic agenda. A photo this week of hapless Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with terrorist chief Mahmoud Abbas is sickening.

Michael Freund’s excellent analysis of all this in the Jerusalem Post notes that Biden is ready to roll-back Trump’s achievements in this arena:

“But now the Biden administration wants to turn back the clock on this move, signaling an openness to dividing the Holy City.

“On May 25, when US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Ramallah, he informed Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the decision to reopen an American consulate in Jerusalem that would handle Palestinian matters.

“This might seem trivial to some, but to view it as such would be a grave mistake. Indeed, symbols matter, especially in diplomacy and international affairs, and there can be no doubt what a new US consulate in Jerusalem aimed at the Palestinians would signify.

“As Nir Barkat, the former mayor of Jerusalem, said recently, ‘The act of establishing a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem means recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. The administration’s consent on this matter is disastrous. I intend to aggressively fight this dangerous decision.’”

After that, Hussein al-Sheikh, a member of the PLO’s Fatah Central Committee, told reporters that all this meant that Jerusalem is part of the “occupied Palestinian territories.”

Here we go again.

I can tell, as someone that has visited both East and West Jerusalem, when the Palestinians have a stronghold in the Old City, the eastern section, even tourists are not really safe. They despise the West, and I have felt unsafe more than once as I walked past posters of Hamas “martyrs.”

Today I was interviewed by James Collins of Southwest Radio Church (a terrific prophecy ministry based in Oklahoma City) and we discussed the status of Jerusalem. As James pointed out, the Palestinians use the Jerusalem issue to continually attack Israel.

I told him that I expect the Israel-Palestinian issue and specifically the status of Jerusalem to be the trigger of end times events surrounding the Holy City.

Because the Left will never give up their agendas and will never give Israel rest over sovereignty in Jerusalem, the day will come when a political volcano will erupt, giving way to a military solution.

And we will have a front-row seat!