23 Aug 2021

Fluid Reality

By far, my favorite radio show host now is Scott Adams of Red State Radio. Check him out. I listen from 7-8 CST, every morning. This guy understands geopolitics like few do.

His commentary this week on Biden’s catastrophic response to the pullout from Afghanistan is bold and on-point. Basically, Adams rebukes those that rant about the “incompetence” and “clueless” Biden “administration.” In essence, Scott Adams said this is all by design. He believes the regime in Washington wants to bring in thousands of refugees from the Middle East, in order to flip certain states blue.

I agree.

Our enemies right now, both domestic and foreign, have successfully brought us to a place where reality is fluid. By that I mean, we have so many astonishing developments coming from so many angles—at precisely the moment the regime in Washington tells us breathtaking lies on an hourly basis—it’s hard to process.

Ultimately, it all affects Israel in major ways. As many of us are sure that the 44th president is really pulling the strings behind the curtain (Obama is a totalitarian, whether he is a Muslim or a Marxist, or both). And Adams put a fine point on it:

“Obama hates Israel.”

Yes, he does, always has.

By in effect creating a new Muslim terror entity in the Middle East, Obama ensures that instability, murder, rape, kidnappings, and many other horrors will flood that region for who knows how long. He also makes Israel’s position much more tenuous. The catastrophic loss of military hardware, and the cash that will now flow to the Taliban via sales of precious metals to China and Russia, and the heroin boom that will surely come…it boggles the mind that the US hastened this nightmare.

Even the hapless Mitch McConnell said this week:

“If we let the Taliban dominate Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda return, it will resonate throughout the global jihadist movement.”

Precisely. A Times of Israel analysis this week of the situation notes that twice in the last several years, Israel has pulled back from fighting regions, and has regretted those pullbacks.

First, leaving Lebanon in 2000 resulted in a nasty war with Hezbollah six years later, and today, a lethal force is perched on Israel’s northern doorstep.

In 2005 of course, the legendary Ariel Sharon abandoned Gaza, evacuating every single Jewish civilian. The result? Hamas rule.

Today, that vicious terror entity threatens Israel with thousands of rockets.

With Obama/Biden’s stunning hubris comes more existential threats for Israel. From the Times:

“For Israel and its allies and semi-allies in the region, the US mishandling of Afghanistan also shocks and horrifies because it gives succor to terrorist groups and extremist regimes. First and foremost of these is Iran, closing in on the bomb, toying with the US in negotiations over a return to the 2015 nuclear deal, determined to destroy ‘Little Satan’ Israel, and now even more contemptuous of the ‘Great Satan.’”

My, how things change, and quickly. Because evil men run our country, our beloved ally Israel must also deal with the consequences.