6 Sep 2021

China and Israel; Really?

Folks in Israel seem giddy that a new port terminal at Haifa is open for operation. Problem is, China’s state-owned Shanghai International Port Group won the bid to operate the facility for the next quarter-century. The Times of Israel reports that neither the cabinet nor the National Security Council had any input in the decision, which seems incredible!

Among other things, Israel’s submarines operate in the area. By now we know that China’s evil regime constantly and aggressively probes foreign adversaries’ weak spots.

Large ships can off-load containers at the Haifa port, and is expected to be a catalyst for Israel’s economic growth. Still, the China connection is extremely curious.

Evidently, many smaller vessels have created traffic jams at the port, making distribution slower and increasing costs of various products for consumers. These slowdowns were costing Israel $218 million per month. According to the Times:

“The opening of the private terminal will drive competition among Israel’s three international seaports — Haifa, Ashdod, and Eilat — which will vie to ‘improve and streamline the level of port service in Israel, help to meet the economy’s needs, ensure Israel’s readiness to cater to large ships, and allow Israel to prepare for the shifts that are taking place in the maritime trade industry.’

“Chinese companies are handling major infrastructure and transportation projects in Israel, including winning the tenders to build and operate a private terminal in Ashdod, along with operating the one launched Wednesday in Haifa. Chinese firms are also building a key section of the Tel Aviv light rail system, and bidding to build additional lines.”

The article is striking for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the almost cavalier attitude the Israelis quoted have about the threats from China. We also aren’t told why the cabinet and security community had no say. That doesn’t make sense and in fact, we aren’t told who did make the final decision.

Three years ago, Mike Pompeo had this to say about Israel and China’s cozying relationship:

“’We don’t want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communication networks,’ he said, ‘the kind of things that endanger the Israeli people and the ability of the U.S. to cooperate with Israel.’”

Israel of course listens to the US on such matters; two weeks after Pompeo’s remarks, Israel passed on a Hong Kong-based company’s bid to build a desalination plant.

But isn’t it interesting that now Joe Biden has been installed in the Oval Office, Israel seems bolder in negotiating business deals with the Chinese? We know of the Biden crime family’s ties to Beijing. Again, what on earth is Israel doing allowing the CCP so close to security facilities? The light rail being built near Tel Aviv comes within a few hundred yards of Israel’s military headquarters.

Well, whatever is going on, it seems this latest geopolitical development is pushing events closer to an ending not even Hollywood could have written.

But Isaiah, Zechariah & Friends did write such a script!






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