11 Jan 2021

The Answer

I was standing on the Mount of Beatitudes, that beautiful vista, around the time of the Second Intifada. The world was crazy then, though tame by today’s standards. I was lamenting some geopolitical issue. An Israeli guide listened for a few minutes then said, “Look to the Bible for the reason.” He then walked away.

His comment seems so appropriate to me now. Literally, the gates of hell have been opened in our country. Betrayals of a truly great president have us reeling. Daily examples pop up of RINO Republicans that had heretofore masqueraded as Trump supporters. The Trump rally in Washington this week is being used as a pretext for tagging him as an insurrectionist (remember, totalitarians always—always—project and gaslight).

It is surreal to see just how quickly the fabric of the Republic has been ripped.

We wonder what is going on. I think a comment by a friend on Facebook this week has it pegged:

“Well we have just finished four years of the most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish president of all times. After much consideration, I have concluded that Trump’s pro-israel positions were a contributing factor in the hatred of him by the Deep State and the elitist left, who have spent years tolerating the terrorists and contributing to the finances of the PA to be used for genocidal content in school books and t.v.”

That’s largely it. Remember, the satanic hatred of the Jewish people was laid down in Genesis, in God’s famous rebuke of the sinners, particularly the serpent. It was established then that Enmity—a perpetual state of war between Good and Evil—would exist until far into the future, when God would finish His project.

That old supernatural anti-Semitism never went away. Trump, to his eternal credit, hasn’t backed down from his support for the Jewish state. In fact, this level of support has riled the dogs of hell. We are seeing the great end-times prophecies fulfilled before our eyes. Remember 2 Timothy 3?

Also this week, world media are reporting a lie against the Jews that Israel is not allowing Palestinians to take the “Covid” vaccine. This is a bald-faced lie. They are emboldened because they feel in part that Trump is wounded and finished.

From the Jerusalem Post:

“Major media outlets are playing a role in promoting the lie that Israel is somehow barring Palestinians from getting vaccinated against coronavirus.

“If you perused these purported newspapers of records’ coverage of the coronavirus vaccine rollout, you would get the impression that Israel has engaged in some kind of conspiracy to, well, trap the Palestinians with the spiky coronavirus balls.

“You have to get halfway through the Guardian story before you reach the following: ‘Despite the delay, the [Palestinian] Authority has not officially asked for help from Israel. Coordination between the two sides halted last year after the Palestinian president cut off security ties for several months.’

“In other words, the Palestinian leadership refused to even talk to Israel when the latter was ordering vaccine doses, let alone coordinate a complex rollout operation. Before that, the UN’s official news site published an article titled: ‘COVID-19: UN envoy hails strong Israel-Palestine cooperation’

“In response to a petition from an NGO claiming Israel is not helping the Palestinians enough, the government in May reported to the High Court of Justice a long list of actions it had taken, including holding training courses for medical teams and lab technicians and donating coronavirus testing kits.”

This is the ages-old Blood Libel, that the Jews murder the innocent. It has stalked them on every continent for millennia.

And if you support the Jews and Israel, you find yourself in the crosshairs.

The Bible tells us many times what the real world is like, and the world to come. It tells us about men’s motivations, and the designs of evildoers. And in this moment, if you find yourself worried and anxious, remember the words of Jesus in John 16:33—

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

As always, the answer to our question can be found in the Bible.

Rest your mind, and rest your heart tonight. God has this.