28 Dec 2020


It’s so interesting how the Media manipulate language and concepts for the sole purpose of gaining viewers and clicks online.

I heard on Christmas Eve that the Israeli government has collapsed(!).

Sounds so scary. It’s all collapsed. Catastrophe. Apocalypse. Chaos.

In reality, it’s another day at the office for Israeli politics.

Benjamin Netanyahu is going into something like his 15th year overall as Israel’s premier. He some time ago took that no. 1 title, serving even longer than David Ben Gurion.

But Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition has splintered for the umpteenth time. Stop worrying about it!

Remember, last year a deal was hammered-out after two election cycles that Bibi would eventually share the premiership with Benny Gantz.

And recently, Higher Education Minister Ze’ev Elkin left the Likud Party. He also left some parting shots at Netanyahu, using the “he’s dangerous” mantra so many political rivals have used over the years.

This on the heels of Israel’s fourth normalization of relations with a Muslim country, this time Morocco. Also notice—same with Donald Trump in America—there have been no wars and terrorism has been at a low ebb.

I guess people do get tired of winning.

The latest collapse(!) occurred rather in a dull way, as the Knesset failed to pass an annual budget by midnight Monday. No, there was no dagger throwing, no more palace intrigue than usual. No one rolled a bomb into the Knesset building.

But the Media love to BREAKING BOMBSHELL! the public. And it helps for them when the target is a conservative/right wing figure. Especially one as polarizing as Netanyahu. I well remember years ago when the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman, on a talk show, leaned in and seethed that Netanyahu is “not a good man”(!). It’s the same kind of treatment President Trump has received, although the two statesmen are arguably the most successful duo in Israeli-American history. Their diplomatic skills alone deserve a multi-volume, leather-bound display.

Israel will go to new elections in March. Again, much like Trump, Netanyahu has bizarrely been blamed for his country’s coronavirus “spikes” and that has caused him to lose some support. Long-time politician Gideon Saar is thought to be a chief rival and may have the backing of Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin.

We will see in March what happens. Until then, be careful of paying attention to the craven Media. They are not our friends.

In fact, the Media are our enemies.