21 Dec 2020

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) 

Settle Your Heart, Saint

Weird stuff is going on in our world, no doubt. A lot of good stuff, too. Israel has just established diplomatic relations with Morocco! No one would have believed that even a year ago, yet Donald Trump’s skills are responsible. It is expected that more Arab states will follow.

But as we get close to Christmas, I want to write to you about fear.

I was so startled this week to read a friend’s Facebook post. This person is solid as a believer. Yet the lengthy paragraph revealed a person racked by fear and anxiety over the position our country is in right now. I was so taken aback that I thought about it for a good long while.

It just so happened that later that day I had the pleasure of lunch with dear friends Mike Hile and Terry James. They were traveling north for a couple days and we met at our favorite restaurant again. It was fortuitous, I think, because both those gentlemen are steady. Among the best Bible prophecy students I know, they both acknowledged where we are at as a country. But there was no fear at the table.

(By the way, this is no bragging column. I’ve been so scared before in my life that I shook. Not proud of it, but that’s the truth.)

America is in an unprecedented place. If you believe, as I do, that evil forces hijacked an historic landslide election for President Trump, then the next weeks are unusually stressful. Basically, from where I sit, the President can let this slide (the phrase sounds too trivial for the momentous moment), or he can invoke powers rarely used. As an aside, I am in favor of him doing what is necessary to save the country.

Joe Biden is an evil, wholly corrupt career grifter, and don’t be fooled by his coziness publicly with Bibi Netanyahu. The Israeli premier knows exactly what Biden is.

If our country were to be in the grip of the totalitarian forces propping-up their Biden puppet, it would certainly be frightening.

Yet Scripture, the very Word of God, commands us to stand fast in the scary moments. I am getting to an age when I can look back already on a long, outrageously blessed life. Admittedly, I am not raising small children anymore. I’m not responsible for much more than myself and my dog and cat. It’s easy for me to say, Buck up!

But we must. The world is watching a lot of things, but also looking at people of faith. Do we go wobbly?

Think back to desperate moments in your life. If you are a believer, you are aware that you survived them. I have, as well.

In this season of remembering the stunning miracle of Jesus’s birth and earthly life, capped by the Resurrection, think on those things. Remember that our Pilot has guided us through everything to this point and will to the end and the glorious beyond.

If you are having difficulty sleeping or you are so anxious you can’t look forward to Christmas, the very best advice I can give you is: Take it to the Lord. Tell Him you are afraid and unsure. Ask Him for mercy and understanding. And finish by thanking Him for the victory.

Christmas will come and go before we speak again, saints. I hope yours is blessed in an extra special way!

Be of sound mind and ask the Lord to free you from fear. And then celebrate Christmas in whatever situation you are in.

I love you all.