14 Dec 2020

Israel’s Little Green Men

What a long, strange trip this year has been!

Our minds and hearts are being stretched each day, and this week was no exception, as the President and his crack team continue fighting the Biden coup attempt.

As if someone tossed a grenade into the midst of us in the midst of all that, a respected Israeli scientist claims that not only are there aliens in the universe, but that they have communited with us, visited our planet, and…President Trump and Bibi Netanyahu know about it.

In fact, Haim Eshed, who headed Israel’s space security programs for 30 years, says that Trump was going to make this public, but the “Galactic Federation” stopped him!

This is not a movie, but close to it.

Interestingly, a “Christian” magazine, Relevant (which caters to progressive Millennials) had a piece on this, also. I was struck by a key thing:

“Believe it or not, the thought that alien life might exist is actually very old. In the 4th-3rd century B.C., the Greek philosopher Epicurus taught that ‘we must believe that in all worlds there are living creatures and plants and other things we see in this world.’ The debate began to rage when Aristotle rose against this teaching around the same time, with most early Christian scholars following his lead.”

Did you catch that? Greek philosophy speculated about alien life. I want you to understand that this belief must originate with an evolutionary dogma that says life didn’t just evolved on our planet, but others as well.

I am making the argument that this is the first reason people believe in space aliens.

Evolution must be true for aliens to be true. I believe neither of those.

Another reason many people believe in such is evidenced by data compiled by researcher Gary Bates in his excellent book, Alien Intrusion. Gary maintains that belief in aliens and especially “abduction stories” began in earnest…after Hollywood put the ideas into our minds, so to speak.

The 1951 film, The Day the Earth Stood Still scared people. In that film, an alien group landed in Washington DC and they presented themselves as the Israeli scientist claims: we are here to help you and study you.

No harm in that, right?

Now look, I have no doubt people have seen something. There are too many unexplained encounters to discount it all as pure fiction. I believe though that back of alien stories is a demonic presence. Manifesting as friendly interplanetary visitors, these demons dupe humans.

There are also theological problems with all this, as well.

As Gary writes:

“If extraterrestrial life exists, it creates a problem for the big picture of Christianity and the very reason that God incarnate — Jesus Christ — came to this earth and died for mankind.

“Many have pointed out that the Bible does not mention intelligent alien life, and therefore conclude that God could have created it elsewhere without telling us. However, this is known as an argument from silence; and conversely, one could argue that it means he didn’t.”

The claims by Eshed are startling. Bible prophecy teachers for a long time have speculated that we are being “set up” to receive an alien delegation at some point. I wouldn’t disagree, so long as we are talking about demons manifesting as “aliens.”

With the absolutely bizarre world we are living in, I think it’s legitimate to have this conversation. But keep this in mind: start from Scripture, then look at what men say.

Not vice versa.