7 Dec 2020

Are They Serious?

Just one of the difficult challenges of living in this time is the psyops (psychological operations) involving misinformation and disinformation that is assaulting our senses. It is in fact disorienting. The Left has been trained in this for decades and with Biden’s stolen election, it is ramping-up.

Just one example is an article this week in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz. Written by someone named Abe Silberstein, the aim is to act stunned that anyone would think Biden is anti-Israel.

Of course he’s anti-Israel. But in actual fact, Biden is anti-everyone-not-named-Joe-Biden. He is a compromised, philosophically bankrupt career grifter. If he needs to throw Israel under the bus (and he will with his base), he’ll do it. He and his boss did it for eight horrible years.

(NOTE: I do not accept the “president-elect” status of Biden and see clearly that the election was stolen. At the time of this writing, I still believe President Trump will enter a second term.)

Silberstein’s article, titled “The Desperate Campaign to Tar Biden as ‘anti-Israel,’” is propaganda intending to paint as flaky any idea that Biden is anti-Israel. Again, we have eight years of documentation in the form of policies and even personal slights from Obama. Obama is a totalitarian, either a Muslim or Muslim-Marxist with a savage hatred of Jews. His entire presidency is evidence of that, as is the stooge Biden’s role.

Silberstein says:

“Biden will keep the embassy in Jerusalem, but has also pledged to reopen consular services for Palestinians there – an important gesture, which will require Israeli approval, that sets a clear American expectation of an eventual Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem.

“Surely, you may be thinking, Biden’s lengthier pro-Israel record will inoculate, or at least modestly protect, him from the vituperative hyperbole Obama faced through his two terms in office. This assumption is mistaken.”

Silberstein seems incredulous that anyone would think Joe is anything other than a warm pal to the Israelis. Biden himself has worn-out his claim to be “Bibi’s friend for 40 years.”

Everyone in Washington and Jerusalem knows what Joe Biden thinks of Israel, and how he endangered the Jewish state. Silberstein continues:

“Not only has Biden already become a target, but renewed attacks on former President Barack Obama’s record underscore the changed nature of the politics of Israel in the United States.

“What was once primarily a policy debate, a setting where passionate but constructive argument was possible, has now turned into something much more intractable: a with-us-or-against-us demand that, due to the expectations set by the Trump administrations, no Democratic president can possibly meet.”

Media types like this are devotees of Leftist politicians.

I was disappointed to see some friends on social media affirming Silberstein’s claims about Biden and Israel. It’s part of the disorienting time we are living in: the Great Parting is taking place, as longtime friends and even relatives are dividing from us because we staunchly support Israel and President Trump.

So be it. Keep your mind clear by getting away from the news from time to time. Go for a walk in the fresh air, read a good book. Above all, stay in the Word! There your mind will stay sharp and strong.