29 Jan 2024

Isolating Israel

The existential war Hamas brought to Israel last fall has gone like many wars do: the ebbs and flows cause people to react emotionally. In fact, we should react biblically, which tells us Israel is here to stay. Still, I get that from a human perspective, the gains and setbacks cause some stress.

This week, it’s been quite interesting to see how Israel routinely gains momentum against all odds. First, the International Criminal Court in the Hague—which had seemed poised to do its usual hatchet-job on Israel—surprised everyone by failing to condemn Israel’s operations against the Hamas demons. Instead, they seemed to give a grudging acknowledgement that Israel in fact has a right to do what it’s doing. Mass murder, rape, and kidnapping tends to do that.

Further, the IDFs astonishing gains in Khan Yunis, stranglehold base of operations for Hamas in Gaza, strips the mask off Hamas. The leadership is now desperate and fearful, and willing to “cut deals.” Which Israel is dismissing, LOL.

Despite this, of course, evidence mounts that Israel is being further isolated, in ways different than at any time in the past 75 years. America’s universities have now been exposed as terror-infested sewer plants. Career politicians in Washington, London, and France sell-out the Jewish state at every turn. Media, being the liars they are, are too stacked with leftists to ever give balanced reporting out of the Middle East. They aren’t going anywhere, either.

What I’m saying is that while we aren’t yet at the door of the apocalyptic prophecies—which share a common prophecy: Israel winds up alone—we are walking down the hallway.

Any reader of this column knows that I regularly rant about evangelical leadership, in a variety of topics. Basically, for more than a decade, key leaders in the Church have advanced left-wing causes, under the nose of much of the laity. Guys like Russell Moore are dangerous change agents, but thankfully, more and more people are starting to wake up. Not unlike our political landscape, where rank-and-file are getting the truth through alternate media.

Not long ago, I broke a story about a key evangelical pastor and his outrageous statement about Hamas and Israel. But guess what? Not a peep from any other leader. I sent the article to scores of evangelical and Jewish leaders, including top pro-Israel Christian groups. Not a peep.

The ones that deigned to answer claimed that the quote was “alleged,” even though I sourced and documented the quote, and its context. Why is this the case? I think primarily two reasons: A), the pastor is powerful and respected and B) most people want to go along to get along. Most Christians avoid “controversy.” I’m disgusted this is the case, but here we are.

So, you see, Israel is being moved, by History, to its place of destiny. That destination is international isolation. Like all people that love Israel, I hate to think of that reality, but it must be; they must come to a place in which only God can save them. Very honestly, when I was growing up, I couldn’t see a scenario in which I’d live to see such an outcome.

For my part, it is the evangelical abandonment of Israel that I detest the most. I’ve lived in the community all my life. I could write a book about this subject, but would probably have a contract put out on me for it. Big Eva—top evangelical leadership—is as malevolent as the political mafia that runs the country.

I have zero tolerance for Jew-hatred, no matter what direction it comes from. God knows my heart. My definition of being pro-Israel is to love Jews and Israel unconditionally. I know a whole lot of people that claim to be, but are nowhere to be seen when things get tough.

In any case, while we don’t know the detail of future prophecies, we can surmise that Israel will win this latest war. I hope and pray Hamas is totally destroyed, with biblical-level reckoning.

In the aftermath, I am going to continue to network with grassroots Christian Zionists. I want nothing to do with the leadership.