22 Jan 2024

A Voice on the Ground in Israel

(This week, I’d like to post some thoughts from an Israeli friend of mine, Jonathan Feldstein. He posted this on January 14, and his perspective I think sums up the feeling of most Israelis regarding the war Hamas brought on October 7. Jonathan is a very insightful, wise, and stable person that understands what Americans believed on the evening of Sunday, December 7, 1941.)

Post by Jonathan Feldstein, Israel

I’m not a military expert but to US officials who are urging a “low intensity” war I have two words: piss off.

Yes, I respect and appreciate US support.

Despite the third largest number of Americans being massacred on October 7 since September 11, American calls to have a low intensity war (probably a new term made up just for creating double standards for Israel) are absurd.

Such a notion puts more Israeli lives at risk and as much as it is nobody’s goal to have innocent civilian casualties in Gaza (whatever that means in a population which elected Hamas to office, celebrated the October 7 massacre gleefully, and still overwhelmingly supports Hamas, and among whom they have allowed Hamas to entrench themselves and their weapons while using them as human shields), Israel has zero obligation to put its own citizens at risk in order to protect anyone else.

If the Biden administration is relying on the Hamas numbers which are not reliable and not verified it lures itself into an obscene trap by the Islamic terrorists. Hamas has not even provided a credible list of the hostages or their status much less allowing anyone to visit and check on their well-being. I’d like to ask the Biden administration who the innocent civilians who Hamas claims are being killed in excessive numbers really are. And I’d like to ask that even if 20,000 plus have been killed and if at least a third to half of them were terrorist combatants, how in any way with the fire power that Israel has does this represent anything other than meticulous precision, albeit with the unfortunate reality of civilians being killed too.

I’d like to ask the Biden administration if calls for a low intensity war are not in reality the repetition of past failed US policies that have appeased and strengthened Islamic terrorists all over the world including Hamas in Gaza which was able to build up and plan the inhumane massacre to begin with, Hezbollah in Lebanon which threatens to ignite a much more widespread conflict with many Lebanese civilian casualties, the Houthis in Yemen which have conveniently disrupted global shipping and other threats, of course the Islamic regime in Iran that is the head of the snake and which sniffs out weakness and looks for any opportunity to attack kill and destroy anyone and anything possible threatening the entire world and of course let’s not forget the big military retreat in Afghanistan, a high intensity failure.

Let’s not talk about low intensity war but a nonstop intensity by whatever means necessary to eliminate the enemy.