11 Dec 2023

The Most Unconventional of Wars

It’s unlikely that any army in world history has fought against the roadblocks put in front of Israel. Since the demonic attack on October 7 by Hamas murderers, the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli government have been hampered mightily by Media, educational institutions, and governments. In particular, the regime in Washington, with all its demonic backing, is determined to stymie Israel with unprecedented levels of interference, demands, and blackmail.

Israeli psychologists and therapists working with released hostages say they are working in uncharted waters. Doctors say the level of trauma imposed on hostages by Hamas is unprecedented. It should be obvious to anyone paying close attention that the level of psychological torture that’s been unleashed is coming from the devil himself. I firmly believe a human mind is not capable of thinking up these levels of torture. The impact of the October 7 attacks will be with us long after Israel wins the war.

As of today, Israel declared that it is in complete control of northern Gaza. Two days ago, IDF forces launched an integrated attack on the Hamas epicenter in Khan Yunis. They broke through the defense lines of the Khan Yunis Brigade, surrounded the city and began maneuvering in its center. The integration represents a new era of combat, as the IDF has gathered mountains of intelligence from interrogations of Hamas terrorists. This intelligence is then dispatched immediately to troops in the field, and air and sea forces also coordinate to strike. Hamas terrorists are terrified and are surrendering in droves.

Khan Yunis, the stronghold of Hamas in the south, and where the terror leader Sinwar is hiding like a rat, was breached from the east and the IDF, as we speak, is operating in this area.

This pincer move, cutting the north from the south, has stunned everyone due to the effectiveness of the IDF.

Using tank fire and airstrikes, IDF forces killed a large number of terrorist operatives in face-to-face battles near the Jabalia refugee camp. In a mosque and a school, they located sniper rifles, explosives, anti-tank missiles, rockets, operational shafts and swastikas painted on its walls. Rocket launchers and warehouses were located near the school. Later, the forces raided a post of the Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades’ Central Jabalia Battalion and killed a number of terrorists. A network of tunnels leading out of the post, a training complex and a munitions warehouse were located.

Also, to date, Israel has located a staggering 800 tunnels, and have collapsed 500 of them. It is being discussed whether to flood the remaining tunnels with seawater, something the IDF is capable of doing.

Senior terrorist Isma’il Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, claimed that “resistance” [terrorist operatives], led by the Hamas military[-terrorist] wing, had “scenarios and operational plans,” and was fighting “with strength and courage on all axes and on all fronts.” He said the “resistance” had patience and the ability to cope with changes on the ground, and were using a “comprehensive plan” for military achievements to defeat the IDF. He claimed the reports of the IDF’s plan to flood the tunnels were an IDF “invention” and part of its psychological warfare, and that many of its plans are unrealistic. He claimed that the “resistance” could dealing with all such developments. Once again, Haniyeh, also not long for this world, is doing his best Baghdad Bob impression, claiming things Hamas is no longer capable of doing. Believe me, the IDF is in control in the Gaza Strip.

But what does all this potentially mean once the war is over? Politically, I mean.

The intense pressure from Biden on Netanyahu will not ultimately prevent Israel from acting on its own interests. The people won’t accept anything less. Biden isn’t going to really abandon Israel, not with an election year coming up.

After the war (and I expect Netanyahu is right; they will be in Gaza for years), I don’t think anyone can accurately predict right now if Bibi will have to resign, or if he’ll survive again. There is some data that he was deceived by intelligence operatives, who did not take warnings seriously that Hamas was planning this massacre. However, Benny Gantz has some momentum to finally take over as prime minister.

The real question, again, is what will happen with Gaza long-term? The Gaza Strip sits between Israel and Egypt. The Egyptians along with Arab countries, will not accept Palestinian refugees. That means 1.5 million will sit in the Strip and need to be fed. The IDF will absolutely stay there and administer the area for as long as is necessary, and that could mean many years. Any talk of a UN peacekeeping force is of course laughable.

One day, this war will go down as one of the most unconventional ever fought. As usual, Israel is fighting with one hand tied behind its back. Ironically, such conditions actually make them better, because as we are seeing each week, the IDF is learning new ways to coordinate its air, sea, and ground forces.

To lethal effect.