3 Nov 2023

We’re Baaaaaaack!

One day, when the history of this period is written, the United States will sit in shame.

From Henry Kissinger’s protégé Anthony Blinken’s pressure on Israel, to Washington’s illegitimate Regime dictating war strategy to Netanyahu, our country has hampered Israel’s efforts to protect herself.

It is unconscionable. It is historically horrendous.

Never before in history has an “ally” undermined another to the degree America has in this Hamas War.

After weeks of great progress dismantling Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel has for the better part of two weeks been forced to bend to Hamas’s demands as the terror group trickles-out hostages. More than 150 remain.

No moral person discounts the plight of the hostages. That’s why Hamas took them. The terrorists know they wouldn’t last two days against Israel’s onslaught, so the hostages are the great equalizer. And the nightmare continues, because some of the hostages released will carry tales so horrifying, even tough people will stagger. The abuse suffered at the hands of these terror demons will last for generations.

Now though, the ceasefire is over and Israel goes back at it. I read an interesting piece in Ynet this week, detailing what the IDF has been doing during the Pause.

“The ‘humanitarian chapter’ in the deal for the release of the abductees has apparently exhausted itself and yesterday (Friday) Israel resumed fighting in the Gaza Strip . Senior security officials in Israel made it clear to the American-Israeli-Qatari-Egyptian team of issues and donors, gathered in Doha, that there will not be a truce just for the sake of negotiations and Israel will not under any circumstances agree to its extension without the release of a significant number of at least ten abductees per day. The clarification was necessary in the face of three Suggestions for continuing the contacts after the current stage.”


Qatar and Egypt propose a ridiculous arrangement: a longterm ceasefire and at the end of it all hostages will be released, but also thousands of Palestinian prisoners/terrorists held in Israeli jails. Hamas will agree to a “demilitarized” Gaza Strip.


In what universe of insanity could this be entertained? Hamas in place would never be “demilitarized.”

A second, even dumber idea from Europe is too stupid to mention, as it basically calls for Israel to acknowledge its defeat.

Finally, we have the American demands:

“The third proposal is actually not a proposal but a collection of American demands that the administration presents as a condition for its continued support of the Israeli effort. It is important to emphasize that, contrary to the Qatari-Egyptian proposal and the European ideas, the United States, as well as Germany and the United Kingdom, fully support the Israeli goals of the military and governmental defeat of Hamas and the release of all the abductees. Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, who arrived in Israel this week, emphasized this.”

What a sinister, sinister cast of characters speaking in our name.

Among Israel’s demands: only a ceasefire if at least 10 hostages per day are released. Otherwise, the military campaign will continue in full swing.

Israeli intelligence now believes not all the remaining hostages are still alive. It is felt that Israel will now move into the southern Gaza Strip, and the center. Interestingly, some are saying that in exchange for less destructive air power, Israel will now use “trickery and surprises” for Hamas in the South. I relish this!


It is apparent that Israel, though forced to develop new and unprecedented tactics due to political pressure, will destroy Hamas’s ability to wage war ever again.

Personally, I will also wait for the international scum hampering Israel to be judged.

It is coming.