11 Sep 2023

Telling children lies

The intense propaganda war against Israel continues. It started more than 100 years ago. Pre-state and now modern state, Israel is the victim of a smear campaign that has seemingly countless tentacles.

The “youth camps” in Gaza that indoctrinate Palestinian kids to hate Jews is one of the worst threats to the Jewish state, because it ensures future generations are corrupted. Long after the current political leaders are gone, today’s youth and future leaders will still be fighting a devil that isn’t there. The things Arab youth are subjected to should be criminal, literally, but with corrupt leaders on the ground and unhelpful international diplomats (and heads of state!), it is unlikely they will be freed from this deception anytime soon. I have long believed that pro-Israel Christians have a duty to remember these young people in prayer. They deserve a better life.

Twenty years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, north of Tel Aviv. It is the nerve-center of the early Israeli intelligence apparatus. Nestled under a thick bank of trees, the Center has a small theatre where fascinating films are shown of the early state of Israel (and incredible stories like the spy Eli Cohen), an outside tribute to the fallen agents that have protected Israel, and a fascinating collection of captured terrorist weaponry and propaganda.

It is the propaganda that is particularly disturbing. This section feels like a visit to a Holocaust museum, where one can see how indoctrination poisoned whole societies.

I remember the school notebooks, textbooks, and drawings that reflected the most odious anti-Semitic filth. All produced in Palestinian schools.


The Center just released a document detailing how the city of Jerusalem is portrayed in Palestinian school textbooks. These books also exist outside Gaza, in east Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria.

As the article states:

“Jerusalem’s image, as reflected in the books is strongly one-sided, in sharp contrast to its image in the Israeli schoolbooks, which emphasize its holiness to the three monotheistic religions and treat its Arab inhabitants as the city’s integral part (see in the Appendix). The PA textbooks never mention the fact that Jerusalem is a city holy to Jews as well, alongside its sanctity to Muslims and Christians. Nor are Jews mentioned as part of this city’s history or as its legitimate inhabitants in any of the schoolbooks examined for the purpose of this study (as well as PA schoolbooks for grades 11 and 12 which are not included in the PA schools). There are even expressed denials of these facts in the books, thus falsifying both history and reality.”

First of all, here is a strange detail: In the textbooks, Jerusalem is referred to as “Al-Quds,”most commonly used in Arabic for the city. The more official version, Madinat Al-Quds, is actually an ancient Arabic translation from the Hebrew “Ir Ha-Qodesh”! The Arabs must borrow from Hebrew culture, always.

The textbooks completely skip over Jewish history. Jerusalem is presented originally as part of the “Arab Jesus” and then hurtles forward to the Roman and later Muslim periods. This is unconscionable, and worse, for a generation, American tax dollars have been used to produce such garbage. But American presidents and their diplomatic corps do nothing to stop it. Cut off the money!

Even when Jesus Christi is mentioned in the context of Christian involvement in the area, nowhere are the Jews mentioned. The writers and producers of these horrible textbooks claim that the Israelis “forge” and falsify history, turning facts upside down. Of course, this is exactly what they doing—now part of a globalist tactic used even in the United States—and the origins of this are directly from old Soviet propagandists, who trained Yasser Arafat and his henchmen in the fine art of lying to advance political causes.

It’s all barbaric and we need to call it as such. Just another front in a long, long war.