26 Aug 2023

Former basketball player looks to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘I’m going to bring Christ with me’
‘Our country is being held captive by the corrupt. They seek to distort reality, pervert our children, put us into submission with pandemics and medication, and cause chaos and violence to keep us divided,’ Royce White says. ‘Ilhan Omar takes orders from them. She must be replaced.’

Antarctica Breaks *Multiple* All-Time Low Temperature Records; + The BBC Attempts To Rewrite The History Books
Back in March, the Antarctic continent suffered its coldest ever reading so early into a year; in July it logged Earth’s lowest temperature since 2017; and now, in mid-August, it’s breaking multiple all-time cold records at stations across the continent.

Heat dome to retreat from Midwest, intensify over southern US
Chicago hit 100 degrees for the first time since 2012, but big changes are on the way as the heat dome over the central United States gets squashed southward.

Musk Slams ‘Black Supremacist’ AG Going After SpaceX For Not Hiring Refugees
On Thursday, Biden’s DOJ slapped SpaceX with a lawsuit for not hiring refugees and asylum seekers, one day after Musk announced he was suing organizations funded by George Soros for lying about ‘hate incidents’ on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Putin Signs Law Forcing Wagner Fighters To Swear Oath
Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has told reporters on Friday that in a legal sense, Wagner group doesn’t exist. This came as he announced a new presidential decree signed by President Putin on the same day, which stipulates that all Russian paramilitary fighters will be required to swear an oath to the Russian flag and nation.

Kremlin calls accusations it killed Wagner boss Prigozhin an ‘absolute lie’
The Kremlin said that Western suggestions Russian mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin had been killed on its orders were an “absolute lie” while declining to definitively confirm his death, citing the need to wait for test results.

Tropical Storm Franklin back over open water, forecast to become hurricane
Tropical Storm Franklin … is forecast to continue in this direction over the next day or so and then take a sharp turn toward the north. Slow strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours and Franklin could become a hurricane by Saturday. Meanwhile, a low-pressure system moving across Central America on Thursday could threaten parts of Florida during the Labor Day weekend.

Elon Musk’s top censorship guy at ‘X’ is a ‘flaming liberal’
When Elon Musk took over Twitter, now called “X”, he made multiple changes that many saw as supporting free speech and cutting down on that famed social media censorship targeting Christians, Republicans and conservatives that has been an industry standard. Now a report charges that the company has taken a step backward. Aaron Rodericks now is heading up the company’s “censorship” program.

Deluded Europe can’t see that it’s finished
We Europeans are still convinced of the centrality of our small continent not only to the history of mankind but to shaping the world today. We lecture everyone else based on values that we firmly believe are universal. We think of ourselves as noble, powerful and well intentioned. But the period of true European power was really just a historical blip. Europe is facing an unprecedented situation. Its total population is projected to fall by 5pc between 2010 and 2050, but by 17pc among 25 to 64 year-olds.

Drone smashes into Moscow skyscraper owned by Putin associate
A Ukrainian drone smashed into a Moscow tower block owned by an associate of Vladimir Putin as Kyiv launched a series of long-range strikes on Russian targets on Wednesday. As well as the attack on the business district, two further drones crashed in suburbs of the Russian capital, while another destroyed one of the most sophisticated air defence systems available to Moscow’s forces in occupied Crimea.

Russia to resume offensive in east Ukraine after regrouping, Kyiv says
“After a month of fierce fighting and significant losses in the Kupiansk and Lyman directions, the enemy is regrouping its forces and means, simultaneously throwing newly formed brigades and divisions from the territory of the Russian Federation,” Syrskyi said in his Telegram channel.

There will be no Israel-US defense pact
The Saudis have made it clear that a normalization deal won’t happen so long as the current government is in power.

Three Israeli policemen wounded in Temple Mount riots
Three Israeli police officers were lightly injured Friday afternoon by Arab rioters throwing rocks near the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The riot broke out during a security check of a suspicious individual at the entrance to Temple Mount and the Al Aqsa mosque compound. One policeman fired a warning shot in the air. The three policemen were taken to hospital. Security forces are in pursuit of the rioters.

‘We will not comply’: Why a return to COVID lockdowns in America would fail
There are ominous signs that the Biden administration is gearing up for another lockdown in the coming months. Border Patrol and TSA whistleblowers are saying that COVID restrictions will be going back into place as early as September. Agencies have reportedly started stocking up on COVID-19 equipment, as well as hiring “consultants” to help enforce pandemic-era “safety protocols.” But I am fairly confident that a sizable majority of us will not.

Nearly a Quarter of US States Introducing Biometric Digital IDs, Many Are Republican States
Everything you see being argued within a left-right dynamic is a smoke-screen meant to distract and deceive. Conservative Republican states like Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah and Ohio are just as eager to advance the digital ID/digital currency recipe for globalist control as liberal Democrat states like California, Michigan, Maryland and Hawaii. Read on as we break down the latest developments on the topic nobody wants to discuss in public.

Victor Reacts: Biden Judge Rules That Maryland Parents Can Not Opt Their Kids Out of LGBTQ Curriculum 
How would you feel if some judge came along and told you that you do not get to have the final say in your child’s education? As Cassandra MacDonald with the Gateway Pundit reported, that is exactly what happened in Maryland when a Biden appointed judge ruled against concerned parents.

Why Was A Barricade Blocking The Only Paved Road Out Of Lahaina?
…A fire broke out on the outskirts of Lahaina at around 6.30am on Tuesday, August 8 and was declared ‘100 percent contained’ several hours later. Fire crews then left the scene even though the fire was still burning within the containment area. But within a few hours, there was a ‘flareup’ which quickly spiraled out of control and fire crews who responded again were unable to extinguish it. Once the fire came roaring back to life, hundreds of lives could have been saved if authorities had not put up a barricade that blocked the only paved road out of Lahaina…

Maui, Yellowknife, Teneriffe, Rhodes: Who is Behind the Spate of Wildfires Caused by Arson? 
The leftist media rushed to blame a series of devastating wildfires on “climate change”. Arson was involved in several cases, however, leading some observers to question the possible motives for the spate of blazes.

Will BRICS Change The World? 
Iran and Saudi Arabia were among six countries invited on Thursday to join the BRICS bloc of developing economies in a move that showed signs of strengthening a China-Russia coalition as tensions with the West spiral higher. The United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Egypt, and Ethiopia were also set to enter BRICS from Jan. 1, 2024, joining current members Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to make an 11-nation bloc. Will their increased power allow them to change the world as we know it?

Anthony Fauci promotes the use of ventilators to treat covid; despite admitting more than a year ago they do more harm than good
A little more than a week ago, during a session to discuss pandemic lessons learned, Anthony Fauci was asked if there was another pandemic of disease X: Would the shutting down of schools and businesses would be part of the response to it?  His response is astounding.  It proves he has learnt nothing and that the saying “once a liar, always a liar” holds some truth.

The Kissinger Report & U.S. Government Policy to Depopulate the Planet
Your Government is trying to kill you. That’s a very bold claim to make. Even Dr Robert Malone was sceptical about this claim and the various “depopulation agenda” theories involving Covid-19.  But his mind has changed since receiving an analysis of official documents from a colleague.  The incriminating documents include The Kissinger Report.

Kremlin Rejects “Absolute Lie” That Putin Ordered Killing Of Wagner’s Prigozhin
Peskov: “There is a lot of speculation around the plane crash and the tragic death of the passengers.”

he Road To Totalitarianism, Part 3: CJ Hopkins’ Trial (& Sentencing) For ‘Thoughtcrimes’
So, the Germans are putting me on trial for my thoughtcrimes, and, apparently, I’ve already been found guilty and sentenced…

Watch: Maui Residents Turned Back By Police Barricades Recount Their Brush With Death
The question remains – Why did this happen?

Trump’s Georgia indictment: 5 things to know
Former President Donald Trump surrendered to officials in Fulton County, Georgia Thursday, one week after a grand jury there indicted him on a long list of charges. Here are five things to know about the fallout from the latest Trump indictment.