15 Apr 2024

New Law Would Force AI Companies to Reveal Copyrighted Training Data
The war over the use of copyrighted material in AI has opened up a new front, Billboard reports, after Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA.) introduced a bill this week that would force companies to reveal if they used copyrighted content in their training data sets for machine learning. The proposed Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act, if passed, would require businesses to disclose a list of all the copyrighted content they used in a training data set for any new models at least 30 days before they are made public.

Europe is already planning for what happens if Ukraine loses. It’s ugly
A newly energized Russia is already escalating greyzone operations in Eastern Europe, says Estonia’s defense minister. A Ukrainian loss, which could happen very soon if U.S. weapons don’t arrive, would ramp up Russian efforts to destabilize the governments of NATO countries and increase defense spending across the alliance, among other disastrous effects, Hanno Pevkur, Estonia’s Defense Minister, told reporters Friday.

Philippines, US and allies join show of force in South China Sea
Ships and aircraft from the Philippines, the United States, Japan and Australia conducted a large-scale joint exercise in the South China Sea on Sunday, just a few days ahead of an unprecedented summit in Washington D.C. On April 11, U.S. President Joe Biden, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will hold their first trilateral meeting

20 states sue Biden admin for flying illegal immigrants into the US
Last Thursday, Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a group of 20 state attorneys general launched a new effort to stop President Joe Biden’s administration from continuing its parole program that allows up to 30,000 illegal immigrants per month to enter the United States. A press release by America First Legal stated, “Today, America First Legal (AFL), Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and a coalition of twenty state Attorneys General took new legal action to stop President Biden from continuing to fly hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from crime-plagued nations directly into cities across the United States.”

Judge Upholds Georgia’s Voter Citizenship Verification Requirements
A federal judge has dismissed a legal challenge to Georgia’s voter citizenship verification requirements, keeping in place the state’s process of cross-checking citizenship status to determine voter eligibility and handing a win to election integrity advocates.

Americans Panic-Search “World War III” And “Can I Be Drafted” As Iran Bombs Israel
Americans panic searched “World War III” and other related searches following Iran’s Saturday night attack on Israel with hundreds of missiles and drones. Using data from Google Trends, “World War III” searches surged nationwide, hitting a five-year high.

Israel tells UN it reserves the right to retaliate against Iran
Israel has told the UN it has “every right to retaliate” against Iran after Saturday’s barrage of more than 350 drones and missiles. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, told an emergency meeting of the security council on Sunday: “We are surrounded by Iran’s terror proxies. This attack crossed every red line and Israel reserves every right to retaliate.”

Multiple Smaller Quakes Recorded Near Mt. Þorbjörn
A great many of these quakes have been recorded aligning with the ongoing eruption fissure. While none of these quakes have been recorded as having a magnitude greater than 2, there have not been this many smaller quakes over such a short period of time since the eruption on March 16th.

Israel ‘came out far ahead,’ senior US officials say of Iran attack
Senior Biden administration officials said on Sunday that Israel “came out far ahead” in its “exchange” with Iran. The Jewish state did so after “spectacular success” in intercepting Iran’s drone and missile barrage on Saturday night, the officials said. Israel has clearly demonstrated its military superiority, defeating this attack, particularly in coordination with partners, first and foremost the United States, and others.”

In A World Encased In Violence, Prophecy Is The Stabiliser Of Our Faith
As we open the daily news, there is one action that is guaranteed to be reported: violence. No matter which country you live in, violence is a fact of everyday life and is only growing worse. I am sure I am not alone when I say that most days, I lift my eyes to the heavens and ask, “How long, o Lord, how long?”

Healthy Woman, 28, to Be Euthanized in the Netherlands; Franklin Graham Urges Prayer
A physically healthy 28-year-old woman in the Netherlands is scheduled to die by euthanasia in May due to mental illness, according to The Free Press. Zoraya ter Beek suffers from depression, autism and borderline personality disorder. When her psychiatrist told her that they had tried everything and she was never going to improve, she decided to seek death by euthanasia. “I wish Zoraya knew how much God loved her,” Franklin Graham posted on Facebook Sunday,

Iran Told Turkey in Advance of Its Operation Against Israel, Turkish Source Says
Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be “within certain limits.” Turkey, which has denounced Israel for its campaign on Gaza, said earlier on Sunday that it did not want a further escalation of tensions in the region.

Gantz: Iran will pay the price in ‘correct manner and time’
Minister-without-portfolio and member of Israel’s war cabinet, MK Benny Gantz, insinuated in a video statement that Israel would not respond immediately with an attack against Iran. “Facing Iran, we will build a regional coalition and may Iran pay the price, in a manner and time that is correct for us,” Gantz said. Gantz called the results a “strategic achievement” which Israel must “leverage” for its national security.

IDF reveals images of damage caused by Iranian attack
Out of hundreds of launches, only a few missiles crossed into the territory of the State of Israel causing only minor damage to infrastructure at the Nevatim Airbase near the runway and to a road in the Hermon area.

While some in Iran celebrate, others bracing for possible Israeli response
Iran has notified the U.S. through Switzerland that their bases will become a military target if Washington supports an Israeli retaliatory strike. … not all Iranians appear to be as joyful as those demonstrating in support of the strikes on Israel. The Iranian people are panicking about the Israeli response, with huge lines forming at gas stations in Tehran and raids on supermarket shelves.

‘Sinwar is not interested’ hostage deal, seeks regional escalation – Israeli intelligence
Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, reported its current assessment that the Hamas military leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, is not interested in a hostage deal. Instead, the terror chief seeks a regional, Iranian-led escalation against Israel, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) announced on Sunday, following the unprecedented Iranian attack on the country overnight. Mossad operates and reports directly to the PMO.

US should support Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear sites, former Security Advisor Bolton says
The United States should join Israel if it decides to strike Iran’s nuclear sites, former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Sunday. The Iranian regime launched some 300 drones and missiles against Israel early Sunday morning,

Watch Iranian drones, missiles intercepted over Jerusalem, al Aqsa Mosque
Sirens were activated in Jerusalem as well overnight, images of the intercept of the incoming missiles and drones were captured over Temple Mount. Watch. Impressive.

Nicknamed ‘The Rock’, a known Palestinian terrorist meets his end by IDF Special Forces
During a nighttime operation in the Al-Fara’a refugee camp north of Nablus, terrorist Mohammed Omar Daraghmeh, head of Hamas in the town of Tubas and son of a senior member of the organization, was killed by IDF forces

Global clients flock to Israeli defense firms following Iran attack
The successful interception of swarms of missiles and drones fired from Iran toward Israel by the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)-produced Arrow system, among others, has sparked significant global interest.

Day after assault, Iranian missile fragments found scattered all over Middle East
Social media users shared photos from various areas in Iraq in the morning, claiming they depicted Iranian missiles that fell across the country. A local journalist shared on X photos of missile fragments and hollow pipes, noting that two Iranian missiles fell on Iraqi soil: one in Al-Yusufiyah southwest of Baghdad, and the other in Rowanduz in the northern Erbil Province. He later uploaded another video, claiming it showed an Iranian missile that crashed in Erbil.

DeSantis signs five new laws to crack down on groomers, sex traffickers in Florida 
Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed five new laws Wednesday to intensify penalties and strengthen enforcement against those who prey upon minors and participate in sex trafficking.

VIDEO: Iranian Parliament Celebrates Missile Attack on Israel – Chanting “Death to Israel!” from Floor of Parliament
The Iranian Parliament celebrated “Operation Truthful promise” on Sunday following the unprecedented airstrike from Iranian soil on the state of Israel. Iran fired off an estimated 150 missiles along with 50-100 drones in an attack from Iranian soil on the state of Israel.

GHOST TOWN: Office Buildings in New York City Set New Record for Emptiness
New York City has a serious and growing problem with empty office space. Between rising crime, high taxes, and the crazy rules of the pandemic a few years ago, people have fled the city in huge numbers.

Louisiana House Passes Bill That Requires All Schools Receiving State Funds To Display 10 Commandments Inside Classrooms 
The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed Bill 71, which requires all schools that receive state funding to display the Ten Commandments.

Social Media Fact Checkers Claim Their Work Isn’t Censorship. Here’s Why It Is.
There’s good news, and bad: first, the fact that “fact-checkers” masquerading as unbiased and accurate moderators of content – while actually unreliable and bias-prone tools of censorship – are now recognized widely enough as just that, to trigger a reaction from some prominent actors.

Iran Threatens America’s Military Bases Across Middle East If US Supports Israeli Counterattack
The Saturday evening fireworks show in the Middle East marked Tehran’s first full-scale military attack on Israel. Although largely unsuccessful, concerns mount that US military bases in the region might be targeted with ballistic missiles and suicide drones if the US supports an Israeli retaliation strike.

Biden Tells Bibi: US Will Not Support A Counterattack Against Iran After Hundreds Of Drones, Missiles Sent 
It is just after 7am Israel local time and Israel’s military is reporting the Iranian attack has stopped, several hours after Iran said its ‘limited’ operation has “concluded” – which involved an unprecedented hundreds of suicide drones as as well as ballistic missiles sent against Israel in retaliation for the April 1st Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy in Damascus.

Al-Quds Day Rallies Demonize Israel & Western Civilization — It’s Time To Get Them Off Our Streets
Last week, B’nai Brith, a Jewish human rights organization, called out the shameful and hateful Al-Quds Day rallies taking place in Canada and around the world. These rallies are nothing more than a time to demonize Western civilization, the Jewish state of Israel, and the Jewish people.

IDF spox. Daniel Hagari: 99% of Iranian air threats shot down
At 7:15 a.m. IDF Spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari said that 99% of the aerial threats were shot down, which he said was a strategic achievement. Zero of the close to 200 drones and zero of the 30 cruise missiles got through to Israeli territory at all. Twenty five of the 30 cruise missiles were shot down by Israel.
Israel mulls response to Iranian attack 
Israel’s airspace reopened on Sunday morning following an unprecedented direct attack by Iran during the overnight hours that saw over 300 drones and missiles fired at the Jewish state.

The Loss of Freedom Is All About The Process
Our country has been divided, and tribalized. We are at war, but most don’t realize it. Our beloved country is being torn apart, destroyed by those who would take away our freedom, destroy our families, homes, and country. After all, it’s the process

Euthanasia campaign now admits when people die it saves money!
The campaign for euthanasia has been bathed in altruistic claims for several years already. It relieves the terminally ill of pain. It allows them to die with dignity. It gives them control over their demise, which they otherwise might not have in a hospital or hospice. It is a right they should be allowed to exercise. And more.

They want to kill you – Here’s how they’ll do it 
“This is the scariest video you’ll ever watch. You probably won’t see or read any of this anywhere else. And as usual, it’s all true. I’m going to tell you how they’re going to persuade you to kill yourself. And if they don’t succeed in getting you to commit suicide, then I’m going to tell you how they’re going to kill you. This is scary. It’s taken me weeks to put this together, and I still find it disturbing.”

UK ONS Denies Request From 7 MPs & are Still Claiming The Jabs are ‘Safe’ so “No Need for Analysis That Might Show Otherwise.” 
Seven Members of Parliament including Andrew Bridgen MP sent a letter to the head of the UK ONS requesting that they publish a comprehensive time-series cohort analysis of the UK data (weekly buckets for 152 weeks starting in Jan 2021). The request was also validated by UK Professors Norman Fenton and Carl Heneghan. Although, the head of the UK ONS says that the data is available for qualified researchers, qualified researchers who have challenged the narrative have been denied access. So the data shall remain hidden!

Washington School Won’t Allow ‘Prayer Club’, Approves LGBTQ Club
A school in Washington state is facing backlash after it denied a fifth grade girl’s request to start an after hours prayer club, but allowed another student to start an LGBTQ club.