19 Apr 2024

Israel struck targets Thursday night in Iran
Fars news agency reported explosions near the Isfahan airport and an Iranian military air base. Investigations continue until the exact details of the incident are determined. A Syrian security source said an Israeli attack also took place in southern Syria and targeted a radar base. At the same time, there were reports of increased activity of US aircraft over Iraq.

Severe weather claims 141 lives in Pakistan and Afghanistan amid unprecedented rainfall
Recent extreme weather conditions have led to significant casualties and destruction in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with a combined death toll of 141 as of April 18, 2024. Torrential rains and flash floods have devastated large areas, resulting in extensive damage to infrastructure and agriculture.

FBI WARNING: Chinese Hackers Preparing to Launch Massive Attack on U.S. Infrastructure – Have Already Infiltrated Several Critical Companies
Chinese hackers are preparing to launch a major attack on critical U.S. infrastructure and have already infiltrated multiple companies according to the FBI.

Californians arming themselves over border issue
…Many of the people buying pistols at Firearms Unlimited California said they were concerned about the massive number of migrants being released onto the local streets after the area became a hub for the crisis at the border — which is just 25 miles from El Cajon, a Southern California suburb of 105,000 people.

Planned Parenthood Spent $700 Million in Government Funds to Kill Nearly 400,000 Children in 2022-23 
Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, released its 2022-2023 Annual Report, which shows that government revenue and violent abortions are up.

Hezbollah launches major rocket attack that injures 18 
Lebanon’s Hezbollah said it launched missiles and drones on an Israeli military facility in Arab al-Aramshe on Wednesday in response to the Israeli killing of Hezbollah members and commanders in Lebanon. This escalation comes as tensions between Israel and Iran are reaching new heights after a series of strikes and counterstrikes.

The UN Security Council Is About To Vote On A Palestinian State
Why are they being so quiet about this?  On Friday, the UN Security Council will take a vote which will determine whether or not “the State of Palestine” will be granted full UN membership.  If this vote is successful, that will formally create a Palestinian state that will have full recognition by the international community.  So this is a really big deal.  Algeria is the nation that has put this draft resolution forward, and it is scheduled for a vote at 3 PM Eastern time on Friday afternoon…

Inside Gaza: The World’s Largest ‘Open-Air Prison’
Video and images capturing large gatherings of Palestinians enjoying themselves at the beach in central Gaza offer a stark contrast to the grim scenes of conflict, destruction, and loss of life that have been pervasive in the region for over six months. Hopefully, these poor prisoners are wearing sunscreen; temperatures in the area soared to 36°C (96°F) today.

US government-commissioned study finds mRNA injections cause myocarditis
An agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Health Resources and Services Administration, requested a study to review the evidence regarding specific potential harms related to COVID-19 injections used in the United States. On Tuesday a report of the study’s findings was released. The report concluded that the two mRNA injections, manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, can cause myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle.

AI Transformation Of Humanity – Nano and Micro Robots In Jabbed & Unjabbed Human Blood – ‘There Are Solutions…’ 
We are observing the “hacking of humans” as described by Noah Harrari when he celebrated his vision which also includes the end of the human spirit.  Changes are now showing in the blood of those who were coerced into taking the Covid jab and perhaps surprisingly to some, these changes are being seen in the blood of those of us who resisted the jabs.

The Deagel Report Is Coming Closer To Reality As The Planned Destruction Of The United States Is Right On Schedule!
Most researchers know what the Deagel Report is. However, many do not know that it has been scrubbed from the internet. Fortunately, I correctly anticipated that this might happen as more of us discovered the report. I rarely offer projected dates when I connect the dots in order to predict futuristic events. However, I believe we are going to see a series of multiple attacks upon the United States with each attack becoming more serious.

Stunner in 4th place among America’s leading causes of death 
A new report has revealed a real stunner in fourth place among America’s leading causes of death: The abortions from Planned Parenthood.

BREAKING: 3 Major Explosions Reported in Isfahan, Iran Where Iranian Nuclear Facilities are Located
A massive explosion was reported near Isfahan, Iran today. Isfahan is considered to be the primary location of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Explosions were also reported in Syria and Iraq on Friday morning.

There Is More To This Current Bird Flu Panic Than Meets The Eye
Why are global health officials issuing such ominous warnings about the bird flu?  Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  H5N1 has been circulating all over the planet for several years now, and it has been the worst outbreak that the world has ever seen.  Hundreds of millions of birds are already dead, and now H5N1 has been infecting mammals with alarming regularity.  The good news is that so far it has not been a serious threat to humans, but could that soon change?  According to the World Health Organization, the possibility that H5N1 could start spreading among humans is an “enormous concern”…