24 Jul 2023

America’s Twilight

There are many reasons to think our beloved country is in its final stages (as you’ve no doubt heard before, civilizations rarely make it past a few hundred years of prosperity and peace). Rome fell after 500 years, spiraling in a whirlpool of political viciousness and open immorality.

Exactly where America is today.

I always maintain that any country that harms Israel is on life-support—even if said country appears strong at the time. Death will come.

We all know what Rome did to the Jews. The “Wars of the Jews” culminated in a brutal, satanic siege of Jerusalem in which men, women, and children were murdered by Vespasian’s forces. Rome was still early in its ascension as a world power. It would take another 400 years before she fell to German barbarians in Europe.

For a very long time, Israel had serious friends in America, even in Washington. Presidents like John Adams had a soft spot for the Jews, even remarking on their legitimate national aspirations. As late as Harry Truman, American leaders at the highest levels were taking part in historical advancements on the path to the Final Return to the Land.

I believe John Kennedy was the last president to have genuinely warm feelings for Israel, though several presidents for political purposes have seemed to support the Jewish state. JFK visited Palestine in 1939, and brother Bobby followed after statehood. I believe they knew what Israel faced in the region; their world travels gave them a unique perspective among presidents.

At any rate, those days are long gone.

The mendacity aimed at Israel, from Washington, is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. Considering the shameful administrations under Clinton and Obama, that’s saying something.

We have an installed “president,” a truly sinister career grifter, who has for years touted his “great friendship” with Bibi Netanyahu. But the recent visit to the White House by Israeli President Isaac Herzog revealed much about the repulsive agendas our politicians have in mind for Israel. Israel’s presidency is largely a ceremonial post, but Herzog does what all of his class do: pander to fellow heads of state. Last year, when Biden flew to Israel, he got off the plane and told Herzog, “I’m home.” What a load of trash. That is just political theatre. This from a guy that behind-the-scenes relishes twisting Israeli arms. Much like he does Ukraine.

Herzog, who has run for prime minister before, is not exactly a member of the Right. According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Not only is Herzog not part of a Netanyahu government, but he is the person trying to bring about a compromise on the judicial reform issue, and is for a two-state solution, as well, putting plenty of distance between himself and Netanyahu’s positions that Biden finds problematic.”

There you have it. Herzog is a leftist, perfectly content with a judiciary in Israel that is shockingly similar to ours: leftist in orientation, which pushes us all closer to living in a totalitarian state. In reality, Herzog was here to undermine his own government, not a unique situation in Israel. Even Shimon Peres played footsie with leftists in Washington.

Netanyahu, though he doesn’t always react the way most of us wish he would, is a roadblock to the international community’s globalist aspirations, which harm Israel among other things. The two-state solution talk is especially problematic, since it continues—after 30 dismal years—to perpetuate an unworkable plan that rewards Palestinian murder of Jews. That’s what it is. I part company with anyone that supports the two-state mendacity.

Also from the Post, we learn that Biden’s handlers had much up their collective sleeve:

“Herzog was not the only person Biden met for over an hour that day. Thomas Friedman of The New York Times visited the Oval Office, as well.

“What we know from Friedman’s column is that Biden said the following: ‘This is obviously an area about which Israelis have strong views, including in an enduring protest movement that is demonstrating the vibrancy of Israel’s democracy, which must remain the core of our bilateral relationship. Finding consensus on controversial areas of policy means taking the time you need. For significant changes, that’s essential. So my recommendation to Israeli leaders is not to rush. I believe the best outcome is to continue to seek the broadest possible consensus here.’”

Friedman is a hack. Does anyone really believe that a largely incoherent Biden, during Herzog’s visit, could be so dialed-in and eloquent when talking with the government’s mouthpiece reporter? I’m quite certain Friedman wrote that bit with input from White House staff.

Whatever happened to sovereign nations refraining from meddling in others’ internal politics?

America is sliding toward abandoning Israel. I said it. It will happen.

“All your allies have forgotten you; they care nothing for you. I have struck you as an enemy would and punished you as would the cruel, because your guilt is so great and your sins so many.” (Jeremiah 30:14)

“‘But all who devour you will be devoured; all your enemies will go into exile. Those who plunder you will be plundered; all who make spoil of you I will despoil.’” (Jeremiah 30:16)

The time is coming when Israel will be without friends. The great and vaunted relationship with the United States will be a thing of the past. Much of that due to the evil done by men like Joe Biden.

But in that dilemma will come Israel’s true help. Her true lover.

I hope that day is soon.