17 Jul 2023

No to Palestine

For some reason, this week the thought dropped into my head that only a reprobate mind could conceive of and nurture—over a long period of time if necessary—a scheme as evil as the Two-State Solution. Since preliminary negotiations began with the PLO in 1991, Yasser Arafat was propped-up by the West and held up to be a reformed terrorist, now statesman. As absurd as that prospect was, too many wanted to believe it. This included the Americans, who at the time seemed perhaps naïve. I now wonder.

Given what we now know about our own government, and intelligence agencies, I doubt it was naivete but rather coldly calculated interference in foreign governments. The pressure put on the Israelis during the administration of George H.W. Bush was withering. And, shameful.

The Two-State Solution, which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state next to Israel, is as insane a plan as could be conjured-up (an apt description). Never workable because of the duplicity of the Palestinian leadership, it was kept on the front-burner by successive U.S. administrations. Trump severely cut back on the plan, but of course he was deposed after four years. Sure enough, the whole diabolical plan came back into focus immediately.

I do not support a Two-State Solution, ever. The Palestinians have proven for three decades that they are not committed to living in peace with the Israelis. Further, I believe American politicians and diplomats have Jewish blood on their hands for advancing this murderous idea. The first time a Jew was murdered by terrorists, the whole plan should have been scrapped. If you’ll remember, among the conditions for statehood, the Palestinian leadership was supposed to stop the incitement. Arafat would do so for Western cameras, then incite in Arabic.

Like a bad penny, the “land-for-peace” scheme keeps showing back up. For some time, I have believed that it will play a very big role in the great end times battles predicted in Scripture. What better way to whip up antagonism for Israel than to continually blame them for the failure of the peace process? It’s all by design. And one day, the match that lights Zechariah and Ezekiel will be struck and put to the fuse.

This week in the Jerusalem Post, Michael Freund (heavily involved in bringing Jews to Israel as immigrants—a really good guy), has gone against the tide again. He calls for an end to the Two-State Solution fiasco. As he states at the outset of an op-ed:

“The potential emergence of a Palestinian terrorist rocket brigade in Judea and Samaria serves to underline just how foolhardy it would be to establish a Palestinian state in the area.”

“In a frightening development, Palestinian terrorists near Jenin in northern Samaria fired two rockets at the nearby Jewish community of Shaked. Fortunately, no one was injured, but that in no way diminishes the importance and severity of the incident, which demands an immediate Israeli military response.

“Simply put, the Jewish state must take action to prevent Palestinians in Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank) from developing an effective capability to fire rockets, which would further amplify the threat to Israeli cities throughout the center and north of the country.”

Now think of it. Rockets from Gaza are one thing. They are menacing and inexcusable. But rockets from the north? Into Israeli communities? I agree with Freund; this threat must be eliminated with overpowering force. Located due west from Jenin, in the northern West Bank, Shaked is of strategic importance because it is virtually in Israel proper.

As Freund notes:

“Consider the following: The distance from Jenin to Haifa is just 49 kilometers; to Tiberias it is 43 km.; and to Afula, it is less than 17 km. If the Palestinians in Samaria succeed in replicating the technologies developed by their terrorist comrades in Gaza, they could easily turn Israel’s North into a shooting gallery.”

The idea that Israel can be threatened by terrorist thugs in the south and north is not acceptable. These are obviously not standing armies that threaten Israel, but rather terror proxies of Iran and other bad actors in the region. Rocket attacks from both directions is a new and existential threat. Freund says correctly that it must be stopped “at all costs.”

Freund correctly says that unless Israel’s government gets serious about stamping out this threat (not merely attacking them), it’s only a matter of time before the rockets fly.

We are living in momentous times.