2 Jun 2023

Amnesty International board member denies Israel’s existence
Just days before joining Amnesty International’s Board—an organization that claims it is dedicated to advocating for human rights—Rasha Abdel Latif shared a message on social media honoring a terrorist who attacked civilians in Tel Aviv. A new report from the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) collects various statements made or shared by Latif. Notably, in 2013 she tweeted: “There is nothing called ‘Israel,’ it is ‘Palestine territory.’ ”

The U.S. Air Force and MIT Successfully Fly Aircraft Using “Jam-Proof” AI-Enhanced Magnetic Navigation
The cutting-edge technology, which uses variations in the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate, is difficult to jam or spoof, making it a necessary tool for the Air Force. The success of MagNav is potentially the first critical step toward implementing the system across a number of military and civilian platforms,

Ultra-Long-Range Storm Shadow Missile Wreaking Havoc with 100% Accuracy in Russia-Ukraine Conflict
The Ukraine Ministry of Defense says that the ultra-long-range Storm Shadow missiles recently provided by Britain have already been wreaking havoc on Russian targets with stunning accuracy. Designed to strike at long-range, fixed-location targets, Storm Shadow has reportedly hit 100% of its targets since Ukrainian forces started using the cutting-edge, guided missile earlier this month.

Investor Home Purchases Collapse Most On Record
Redfin data shows investors purchased 48.6% fewer homes in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. This was the most significant plunge on record.

Leaked Doc Shows Iran’s Plans To Attack US Troops
Iran and the forces it’s backing are reportedly building stronger, armor-piercing roadside bombs and training forces to use them, specifically with the goal of killing U.S. troops, classified intelligence documents obtained by The Post allegedly confirm. The alleged plot is part of a broader strategy by Iran and Russia to expel American forces from Syria entirely, the outlet reported.

Phoenix area can’t meet groundwater demands over next century
There is not enough groundwater underneath the Phoenix metropolitan area to meet projected demands over the next century, a finding that could threaten the current home-building boom in outer suburbs that are among the fastest growing parts of the United States,

Israel concerned by reports US-Iran nuclear deal imminent
Washington and Tehran are said to be close to an interim deal that would unfreeze billions of dollars for the regime. Specifically, Jerusalem is concerned about a deal that would allow the regime in Tehran to freeze part of its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of U.S. sanctions, according to Kan News. Specifically, Jerusalem is concerned about a deal that would allow the regime in Tehran to freeze part of its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of U.S. sanctions, according to Kan News.

Supreme Court Rules 8-1 Against Union Bosses Seeking To Dodge Liability For Property Damage
The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 Thursday against union bosses seeking to avoid liability in state court for deliberately damaging property as part of a strike. SCOTUS rejected the argument made by the Teamsters unions in Glacier Northwest v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 174 that the union should be granted immunity

Russia says it repels border incursion, strikes on Kyiv kill three
Russia said on Thursday it had repelled more cross-border attacks from Ukraine while its aerial assaults on Kyiv killed another three people including a nine-year-old girl and her mother locked out of an air raid shelter.

Putin no longer has the money or the kit to sustain a high-tech modern war
Sanctions against Russia have been the unsung success story of the advanced democracies. Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage military war against Ukraine, and geo-ideological war against the liberal world, is being ground down systematically with each passing month.

Oxford college threatens to expel students who misgender trans peers
Students at the University of Oxford could be expelled for misgendering their peers under a college’s new transgender harassment policy.

‘Gaza state’ vision may offer hope for political solution
Since the dawn of terror until today, Israelis have demonstrated the determination and resilience that sets them apart. From the Declaration of Independence until now, the Israel Defense Forces has grown stronger, Israel’s economic situation has improved, and its diplomatic status has been enhanced. However, there is still no solution to the conflict with the Palestinians.

‘They Are Paying for Terrorists to Murder’: State Department Confirms Palestinians Continue ‘Pay-to-Slay’ Terrorist Payments
US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf on Wednesday confirmed that the Palestinian Authority continues to make so-called ‘pay-to-slay’ stipend payments to terrorists and the families of terrorists who have killed Americans and Israelis.

‘There Need to be Consequences’: Rep. Mike Lawler Introduces Bill Cutting Funding for Colleges that Host Antisemitic Events
Congressman Mike Lawler (R-NY) on Thursday introduced legislation to cut off federal loans and grants for colleges that host antisemitic events after a City University of New York (CUNY) law graduate’s 13-minute commencement speech denouncing Zionism and supporting convicted Hamas-affiliated terrorism financiers.

IAEA let Iran hoodwink it over nuclear site
Israel let loose a barrage of attacks against the IAEA on Thursday following the nuclear inspection agency alluding to taking a weaker line with Iran over certain probes into nuclear violations. On Tuesday and Wednesday, The Jerusalem Post reported and it was leaked by multiple outlets that the IAEA was close to closing or at least shelving its probe into the undeclared nuclear site at Marivan/Abadeh.

Biden accuser seeks ‘safety, protection’ in Russia
Woman who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault says she is seeking refuge in Russia because she was faced with “walking to a cage or being killed” in the U.S.

Tower of David reopens after $50 Million renovation
After more than a decade of planning and three years of construction with a multi-disciplinary team of archaeologists, architects, curators, researchers, designers, and creatives, the new Tower of David Jerusalem Museum opens to the public in the ancient citadel as the capital’s official museum on June 1st with a completely immersive experience that combines ancient Jerusalem and interactive technology. And, for the first time in its history, the ancient citadel is now accessible.

Ontario Catholic school board encourages staff to honor ‘pride month’ in the classroom
An Ontario Catholic district school board has instructed staff to celebrate “pride” month in the classroom, claiming it is part of respecting “the dignity of all persons.” The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) informed staff that they must be “allies” of the LGBT community while outlining how to celebrate “pride” month in schools, according to a memo sent to LifeSiteNews by a teacher within the district.

Reality Rolling in like a Freight Train
Firefighters reporting having seen flames “as tall as 200 to 300 feet” on the leading edge, is being “in the middle of a nightmare” to me

Islamized France: ‘Get Your Six-Year-Old Accustomed To Wearing Hijab, Jilbab, and Tiny Abbayas’
The Muslim community relentlessly instills the message of indoctrination, not integration, into Muslim children living in the West.

Historic rain event triggers widespread flooding in Valle De Oro, Texas 
Dozens of families in Valle De Oro, located near the Canadian River, are grappling with an escalating flood crisis, following the river’s overflow due to a rare, high-magnitude rainfall event last week.

Delhi experiences coldest May in 36 years, India 
Delhi recorded its coldest May in 36 years, with an average maximum temperature of 36.8 °C (98.24 °F) and a record-breaking rainfall of 111 mm (4.37 inches), according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Major tornado outbreak in Liaoning, China 
A major tornado outbreak took place in northeast China’s province of Liaoning on June 1, 2023, spawning at least 5 large tornadoes in Fuxin, Kaiyuan, Shenyang, Huludao and other places.

CDC Confirms That Most Infected in COVID Outbreak at Agency’s Conference Were Vaccinated
A COVID-19 outbreak followed an April conference coordinated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Approximately 1,800 staffers and administrators attended the April conference. The outbreak occurred despite virtually all attendees being vaccinated and boosted.

Chick-fil-A goes WOKE, commits to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion agenda
The uber-popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A has recently published its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement, which appears to be a complete abandonment of its long-held Christian values.

Uganda’s president signs into law anti-gay legislation with death penalty in some cases
Uganda’s president has signed into law anti-gay legislation supported by many in this East African country but widely condemned by rights activists and others abroad.

Chinese jet carried out ‘aggressive’ maneuver near US military plane, Pentagon says 
A Chinese fighter jet carried out an “unnecessarily aggressive” maneuver near a U.S. military plane over the South China Sea in international airspace, the United States said on Tuesday.

Britain could be thrown into another lockdown in future… by the World Health Organization!
New powers could potentially plunge Britain, the US and Australia into lockdown measures at the whim of the World Health Organization, it was claimed today.

China Is Drilling a 10,000-Meter-Deep Hole Into the Earth 
Chinese scientists have begun drilling a 10,000-meter (32,808 feet) hole into the Earth’s crust, as the world’s second largest economy explores new frontiers above and below the planet’s surface.

Kinetic War on the U.S. Home Front: The CCP’s Plans to Attack America
Eyewitness accounts of large numbers of unaccompanied, fighting-age men who appear to be fit, similarly equipped and moving in groups through Latin America, across what was once the United States’ southern border and disappearing into our nation raises a profoundly important question: If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is actually preparing to complete its longstanding “unrestricted warfare” aimed at taking down the USA with a violent military conflict,

Crime-Ridden Chicago Approves $51 Million in Aid for Illegals
As Chicago continues to crumble under rampant crime and violence, the City Council approved $51 million in aid for illegals.

Pride Month 2023 Launches To A First-Ever Major Pushback As Glamour Magazine Features ‘Pregnant Man’ Logan Brown On Their Digital Edition Cover
Pride Month 2023 officially started today, and to quote the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, it’s ‘shaping up to be a squall!’. Glamour Magazine is featuring ‘proof’ of a ‘pregnant man’ on the cover of its UK digital edition which is emblematic of what the true problem really is.

See how this young Canadian pro-lifer responded to angry chants from pro-abort protestors 
At the National March for Life earlier this month, a young woman in white laid down, prostrate, in front of angry, pro-abortion counter-protesters to quietly pray for them, asking God to convert their hearts and save them.

New Hampshire School District Using $4,000 in COVID Relief Funds to Pay For High School Drag Show
A New Hampshire school district is using COVID Relief funds to pay for a drag show at a high school.

Journals retract more than 300 scientific papers on covid
More than 300 research papers have been withdrawn from scientific journals due to compromised ethical standards and concerns about the publications’ scientific validity.

Irish government proposes culling 200,000 cows to meet climate targets
An internal document, a Department of Agriculture briefing paper, reveals that a €200m budget is needed to cull 65,000 cows every year for three years to meet climate goals – that’s 195,000 cows in total.

Yorkshire man sues care home for the death of his mother using end-of-life-drugs without consent
On Tuesday Tony Stowell from Hull, Yorkshire, tweeted: “I have started legal proceedings against my mum’s care home – Rose Villa Nursing Home in Hull – and Matt Hancock must be held accountable. My mum was murdered.”