11 Apr 2024

3 children of Ismail Haniyeh killed in Gaza
Three sons and multiple grandchildren of Hamas’s political bureau head reportedly killed in strike on car in Gaza. Haniyeh has 13 children, most of whom are in leadership or management positions in Hamas and the Gaza Strip. They live in the area of the Al-Shati camp west of Gaza City. Haniyeh lives in Qatar and is estimated to be worth $4 billion. The three operatives that were struck are Amir Haniyeh, … Mohammad Haniyeh, … and Hazem Haniyeh

Hamburg college student and his ‘pop-Islamist’ followers want to establish a caliphate in Germany
German intelligence is monitoring an extreme organization led by Raheem Boateng, 26, who opposes Israel and advocates for the establishment of a Muslim caliphate; He has attracted tens of thousands of Western followers online

‘Apocalypse of bodies’; Israel exposes Hamas’ atrocities to the Arab world
In a first-of-its-kind campaign launched by the Foreign Ministry, evidence of rape and sexual crimes committed by Hamas on October 7th presented by Israeli women in Arabic; Dozens of articles on the subject were translated into Arabic to raise awareness in the Arab world

US Lawmakers Slam Palestinian Push for Full UN Membership as Dangerous ‘Ploy’
Senior US lawmakers in leading positions to influence America foreign policy in Congress on Tuesday lambasted the latest Palestinian campaign to become a full member of the United Nations, making clear that any push from the Biden administration to entertain recognizing a Palestinian state would be met with fierce resistance in Washington.

Top Democrats Make Unprecedented Statements Against Israel, Signaling Party Shift
A growing number of prominent, mainstream US Democrats have made recent statements calling to condition Washington’s military aid to Israel and even suggesting the Jewish state is committing genocide, indicating a potentially larger shift within the party against one of America’s closest allies.

Iran nears nuclear capabilities amid unraveling nuclear deal
The country’s actions, emboldened by lack of international regulation and its alliance with Russia, have left it closer to nuclear weapons capability than ever before,

Minister Amichai Eliyahu: We will oppose the release of terrorist murderers
Heritage Minister clarifies that his party is expected to oppose any agreement to release hostages that would include the release of terrorists with blood on their hands.

Senior US general to visit Israel amid Iranian threats
The senior US military commander in charge of the Middle East is expected to go to Israel Thursday to coordinate around a possible attack on Israel by Iran and its proxies, two Israeli officials told Barak Ravid of Axios on Wednesday.

Tucker Carlson slams pro-Israel Christians
Right-wing pundit Tucker Carlson came under fire Tuesday, after he took aim at Christian supporters of the State of Israel during an interview with an anti-Israel pastor. Munther Isaac, a Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem and long-time Israel critic who has accused Israel of “genocide”
Isaac declared the Christian cross to be “an important Palestinian symbol.” Immediately following October 7th, Munther had lauded the attacks,

Tehran flooding Judea and Samaria with weapons, Iranian officials tell NYT
The violence has continued to escalate since Hamas started a war with its murderous rampage across the northwestern Negev last year. Since Oct. 7, at least eight Israelis have been murdered in Judea and Samaria. Iranian officials told the Times that Tehran had not singled out one particular terrorist organization it would support with firearms and ammunition, choosing instead to inundate the area with weapons.

Israel warns: ‘We will attack in Iran’ if Iran attacks us from its territory
Israel’s foreign minister issued a warning on Wednesday that Israel would launch a direct attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran should the regime launch a direct attack on Israel.

Englandistan: Islamic prayer in Westminster
London is increasingly an Islamic city. Englandistan! Some of England’s most prominent figures have been open to the introduction of sharia. The Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, said English law should “incorporate” elements of Islamic law. The British establishment is rapidly surrendering to the Islamic fundamentalists, accepting their demands. Many areas of London have a Muslim population of between 20 and 46 percent.

1 dead in Mississippi as tornadoes, flash flooding and large hail wreak havoc across Southern U.S.
One person was reported dead in Mississippi on Wednesday as more than 30 million people across central Gulf Coast states like Louisiana and Alabama — and stretching further into the Southeastern U.S. — were under severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. Widespread severe weather has dumped heavy rain, as well as caused storm damage, rescues and an evacuation in the region.

National Weather Service confirms at least one EF-1 Tornado in Slidell; several injuries reported
Damage from a probable tornado in Slidell and a powerful line of storms Wednesday (April 10) left several people injured and caused “widespread and catastrophic” damage throughout St. Tammany Parish, officials said.

“I Cannot Afford To Live”: Americans Get Emotional As The U.S. Economy Goes Off The Rails
…CNN is actually admitting that “the long-predicted storm clouds in the economy may actually be forming”….But at this point, it is becoming extremely difficult for the mainstream media to avoid the truth.  Inflation is getting worse at the same time that many key sectors of our economy are slowing down.  If you thought that the last couple of years were rough for the economy, just wait until you see what is coming next.  Tremendous turmoil is on the horizon, and the American people are becoming increasingly emotional about our rapidly growing economic problems.

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop In The Middle East…
There has been a tremendous amount of speculation about when and how Iran will attack Israel.  In the aftermath of Israel’s stunning airstrike on a building directly next to the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Iranian officials pledged that there would be a very “harsh” response.  I take them at their word, and I am entirely convinced that a response is coming.  But exactly when that response will happen remains a mystery as I write this article.  So for now, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  According to Jennifer Jacobs, the senior White House reporter for Bloomberg, sources have told her that an attack on Israel is imminent…

Flashback: Labour attempted to implement a nationwide carbon rationing scheme 17 years ago 
An article published by The Guardian in 2006 described the then UK Environment Secretary David Miliband’s attempt to issue every UK citizen with a carbon “credit card” – that would be swiped every time we bought petrol, paid an energy utility bill or booked an airline ticket – under a nationwide carbon rationing scheme that could come into operation within five years.

Pfizer Fined Just £34,800 for Promoting Vaccine Before Authorization – Why is this Not Surprising?
Medical director of Pfizer UK, Dr Berkeley Phillips tweeted a promotion of the Pfizer mRNA product back in November 2020. The promotion of an unlicensed medicine or unauthorized indication is a criminal offence and can receive a penalty of a fine or imprisonment for up to two years. The tweet also breached the code of practice set out by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), according to Dr Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson. However, Pfizer’s penalty was a fine of just £34,800 which equates to 0.00005% of Pfizer’s 2021 revenues.

Watch: IDF strikes buildings from which rockets were launched towards Israel | Israel National News 
IDF troops are continuing to operate in the central Gaza Strip and killed a number of terrorists over the past day. During a close-quarters encounter, IDF troops killed a terrorist cell that posed a threat to the troops.

Nearly Half of U.S. Muslims, Like U.K. Muslims, Support Hamas in War
A recent poll by the Pew Research Center shows that nearly half of Muslims in the U.S. support the Hamas terrorist group in its war against Israel — a similar proportion to that found in a different poll of Muslims in the United Kingdom.

Idaho: Radicalized 18-Year-Old Planned to Kill Christians and Attack Over 21 Churches on Behalf of ISIS
Federal authorities state that Alexander Mercurio purposefully plotted to carry out attacks on churches prior to the conclusion of Ramadan.

Rihanna’s Hypocrisy: Disrespects Christians and Hindus, Yet Begs for Muslims’ Forgiveness
For decades, we’ve observed a pattern where corporations and institutions yield to the demands or perceived grievances of Muslims regarding Islamic imagery.

Dr. Joseph Mercola advises on what you can do if weaponized bird flu is released
Historical concerns about the lethality of bird flu to humans have consistently proven unfounded, with no recorded deaths in the US from such outbreaks, despite significant government spending and public warnings in the past. Recent discussions around “global biosecurity” and the potential for disease outbreaks to foster a totalitarian world government have intensified. A weaponized bird flu could be the next major threat.

What are the implications if WHO succeeds in imposing its IHR amendments on us? 
To understand the impact the World Health Organization’s (“WHO’s”) proposed International Health Regulations (“IHR”) amendments will have on every person on Earth, we have to get to grips with what totalitarian rule is – because should the amendments proposed by WHO be accepted next month, the people of the world would be subjected to unadulterated totalitarianism.

Police Scotland ‘Can’t Cope’ With Flood of Hate Speech Reports as 8,000 Flood in During First Week of Draconian Law
Only last week Neil Oliver said that the knew draconian hate crime laws that were coming into being in his homeland of Scotland would incite “mischief” from people just determined to cause trouble for their neighbors or for people they have a beef with by accusing them of having stirred up hatred.” His predictions may have been right as it has been reported that Police Scotland has been overwhelmed by a flood of reports after the controversial Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force last Monday,

ONS Mortality Rates confirm COVID Vaccines are to blame for so many Young Adults and Children being diagnosed with Cancer
A report quietly published by the UK Government department known as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shockingly reveals people aged 18 to 49 who have received four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are up to 318% more likely to die of any cause than vaccinated people aged 18 to 49. This means we have found the cause of excess deaths being so high across the West and young people dying of cancer across the UK at an explosive rate.

Chickens and cattle hit with massive bird flu outbreak. Will food prices go up?
A highly contagious strain of bird flu is ripping through flocks of major egg producers around the U.S. It’s not just chickens being infected – dairy cows have also tested positive, and one person in Texas is believed to have caught the virus after working with affected cattle.

Leo Hohmann: WHO Coming Down the Home Stretch with Invasive Testing and Vaxxing Requirements for Tourists and Others Traveling Legally Across Borders
The United Nations World Health Organization is secretly negotiating a set of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that would impose an invasive testing, vaccination and quarantine regimen on international travelers.