11 May 2023

Widow of Pope County deputy speaks exclusively to Alpha News
Josh Owen was a husband and father first. He loved to fish with his 10-year-old son, Rylan. Together they also loved to duck hunt and scuba dive. Shannon says Josh was born with a servant’s heart. Pope County Deputy Josh Owen, who was one of four officers killed in the line of duty in the area in the last month. “It’s not that I wanted to be rude or anything. It’s just that I don’t appreciate people that don’t support law enforcement. It doesn’t matter who you are, don’t show up to the funeral then,” she continued. No DFL legislators attended Josh’s funeral either. More than 4,000 people did show up to lay Pope County’s protector to rest. There were more than 800 squad cars, many from states away.

‘Net Zero’ Grid Batteries Alone Would Bankrupt America
Achieving “net zero” carbon dioxide emissions will be painless, they assure us. Costs will be so low that you’ll need a magnifying glass to see them. Governments merely have to enact mandates and provide subsidies, and the transformation to “clean” energy will just happen. Almost like in a fairy tale. Science and policy analyst David Wojick calculated that just the batteries needed to back up wind and solar electricity generation in a “net zero” USA would cost $23 trillion — America’s entire 2021 gross domestic product (GDP)

Why Legacy Media Won’t Cover The CIA’s Alleged Attempt To Influence The 2020 Election
On Thursday, former CIA Director John Brennan “will sit for a transcribed interview” with members of the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, according to sources who spoke to the New York Post. It’s an astonishing admission. The testimony and documents suggest that former CIA chiefs used the prestige of the intelligence agency and broader intelligence community to influence a presidential election. Yet this bombshell story has received almost zero mainstream news coverage.

“Were You Expecting Us?”: ATF Agents Go ‘Door To Door’ To Confiscate FRT-15 Triggers
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) under the Biden administration continues its ‘door-to-door’ operation to seize Rare Breed FRT-15 triggers from private citizens. The latest example comes days ago when ATF agents, noticeably armed and wearing ballistic plate carriers, showed up at a person’s home, demanding the surrender of the FRT-15 trigger.

The Censorship-Industrial Complex: Top 50 Organizations To Know
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. Now, however, we’ve unfortunately found cause to reconsider Eisenhower’s warning.

Abortion Champion: The Biden Admin Has Secured Its Place As The Most Forceful Defender Of Murder In The Nation’s History
The president, once a centrist on the issue, has become a pro-abortion zealot. Earlier this week, … Joe Biden officially announced his campaign for re-election. Regardless of who Biden’s eventual opponent will be, the 2024 presidential campaign is guaranteed to be historic, as the incumbent will be running on the most pro-abortion platform in American history.

Is Israel On The Verge Of War?: PIJ Terrorists Fire Hundreds Of Rockets Following Targeted Israeli Operation
How did this all begin? Operation Shield and Arrow is what Israel has named it. It began overnight Tuesday with a surprise attack, which is the only way to describe it. Israeli airstrikes in Gaza eliminated three top Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders. One was the leader of Islamic Jihad operations in northern Gaza, the other was a member of the Islamic Jihad Military Council, and the third member directed Islamic Jihad activities in the West Bank. Now we call the West Bank “Judea and Samaria” because that’s what the Bible calls it. It is the Biblical heartland of Israel.

Bennett to CNN: I will not apologize for Israel’s defending its people
“Israel has an obligation to defend its people. What would you do if your kids…would you allow them to be next to rocket launchers?” Bennett replied, to which the interviewer retorted: “No I wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t target civilians, and this is my question to you.” “Nobody is targeting civilians,” Bennett clarified, and the interviewer asked, “Mr. Bennett, are you accusing children of being part of this?” “No, I’m accusing Islamic Jihad of murdering its own children by cynically shooting rockets at Israeli children but surrounding their own weapons with civilians in Gaza. There is no method that is more cowardly than what they’re doing

No ceasefire as Israel kills another Islamic Jihad commander
Egypt continued mediating a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to end Operation Shield and Arrow on Wednesday, even as the latter continued a barrage of rockets towards Israeli cities in the south and Tel Aviv area. “The campaign still isn’t over,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement to the media. “We say to the terrorists and those who sent them: We see you everywhere; you can’t hide.”

Iran hangs Swedish man accused of masterminding deadly attack, having ties with Israeli intelligence
Iran executed an Iranian-Swedish dual national Saturday accused of masterminding a 2018 attack on a military parade that killed at least 25 people, one of several enemies of Tehran seized abroad in recent years amid tensions with the West. Farajollah Cha’ab, also known as Habib Asyoud, had been a leader of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz, an Arab separatist movement that has conducted oil pipeline bombings and other attacks in Iran’s oil-rich Khuzestan province.

‘We, not the terrorists, will choose the time and place,’ Netanyahu says; ‘campaign is not yet over’
We are still in the midst of a campaign. At this very moment, our forces are fiercely attacking the Gaza Strip and exacting a heavy price from the terrorist organizations,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement to Israeli citizens Wednesday evening.

Is Jordan Israel’s Peace Partner, or Enemy?
A look at how relations between Israel and Jordan are completely one-sided, and that the Hashemite Kingdom might now be seen as a foe.

Palestinian Authority now fears Hamas ‘coup’ in the West Bank
This is not the first time the PA has expressed this fear. Last year, former head of PA General Intelligence, Brig.-Gen. Tawfiq Tirawi, a Fatah party official made similar claims. “They want to take control of the universities, unions, syndicates and municipal councils. They want to control all the Palestinian institutions,” Tirawi said at the time, adding that Hamas was trying to take over through elections in order to claim legitimacy.

God bless you, Speaker McCarthy, for canceling Rashida Tlaib’s hateful, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic event in the US Capitol
Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has moved quickly and decisively to cancel a vile and hateful anti-Israel event that was scheduled to be held in the U.S. Capitol Building today. McCarthy rebuked U.S. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the Michigan Democrat, for planning to hold a rally in the U.S. Capitol Visitor’s Center called “Nakba 75 & the Palestinian People,” in cooperation with several pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel NGOs. “It’s wrong for members of Congress to traffic in anti-Semitic tropes about Israel,”

More than 470 rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, as of 11:30 pm Israel — IDF striking back
Israel at this hour is sustaining the most intense rocket attack in nearly year, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of Israel’s miraculous rebirth. As of 11:30 p.m. local time, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired more than 470 rockets, according to Israel Defense Forces. The critical question is whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can restore a state of deterrence and bring the attacks to a halt, or whether the Jewish state is about to face a rapid and major escalation?

Severe floods and landslides in DRC: Over 420 fatalities and 5 000 missing 
In a devastating set of natural disasters, severe floods and a landslide have led to significant loss of life and extensive damage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Devastating wildfires engulf southern Russia, claiming lives and property 
A wave of rampant wildfires has swept across the oblasts of Kurgan and Tyumen in the southern Ural Mountains area and western Siberia in southern Russia, leading to loss of life and extensive property damage.

Very strong M7.6 earthquake hits Tonga 
A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.6 hit Tonga region at 16:02 UTC on May 10, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 210 km (130 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.4 at a depth of 200 km (124 miles).

Tech Companies Announce Mass Layoffs Amid Economic Woes
The mass layoffs that started late last year have continued into 2023, amid recession fears and economic slowdowns. So far, the number of tech layoffs globally this year has exceeded the total number from a year ago.

Thousands of homeless people, drug addicts and criminals now call LA Metro Rail their home
About 5,700 people have made the trains and platforms of the Los Angeles Metro Rail (Metro) their home. Alex Villanueva, former sheriff of Los Angeles County, noted that there were no homeless people living on the train platform before 2017 – back when the sheriff’s department had a contract with the Metro.

Food insecurity in the U.S. may be worse than anyone thinks, study reveals
More people are having trouble getting food on the table, according to a recent study. While food insecurity is a growing concern in the United States, the research suggests the number of people with limited access to food is actually higher than what official reports estimate.

Climate fanatics say there’s no room for personal choice if global warming is to be stopped: Everyone will need to decrease their standard of living by 75% – using force if necessary
In the near future, everyone on earth – except the “elite,” of course – will have to drastically reduce their standard of living in order to save the planet from the devastating effects of warm weather, according to the BBC.

‘Trans kids’ prescribed MORE anti-psychotic meds after beginning gender transition than before: study
A 2021 study of military youth has revealed that not only were minors with severe mental illness allowed to embark upon experimental medical sex changes, but also that prescriptions for anti-psychotic drugs actually increased after hormonal interventions were initiated, reports Fox News.

Oklahoma Bans More than a Dozen Woke Banks from Doing Business with the State
Oklahoma is taking action Wednesday to ban 13 major financial institutions from doing business with the state after a review determined the banks engaged in energy boycotts.

REVEALED: DOJ official says Biden admin ‘rolling over’ on allowing trans-identified males to impregnate females in women’s prisons
A psychologist with Merrick Garland’s Justice Department has confirmed that biologically male inmates who claim to be women and transfer into women’s prisons are purposefully impregnating female inmates. The inmates have an ulterior motive, which is then to bring suit against the US government to create “million dollar babies,” and taxpayers are on the hook for it.

Satanists DESTROY Bibles In Boston: Undercover Evangelists Witness To Devil Worshipers At Conference
Christian singer and author Sean Feucht is here to talk about how blatantly evil our culture has become. The satanic enemy always pushes his hardest right before God delivers his people. Sean believes America is on the precipice of a great revival. That is why he is traveling from state to states leading worship services at state capitols.

Czech Political Leader Takes a Stand Against US Troops and Nuclear Weapons on Home Soil
Tomio Okamura, the leader of the Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD) political party in Czechia, has declared his opposition to the proposed stationing of American troops on Czech soil and the placement of nuclear weapons in Czechia. In a video statement, he states that his party does not want any foreign troops or bases on Czech territory, nor do they want to create conditions for a potential build-up in the future.

Syrian Migrants Declare War on Austria: Fourth Knife Attack in 48 Hours 
Vienna has been shaken by a series of knife attacks in the past few days, with the latest incident occurring Monday night. According to reports, a young couple was attacked by two Syrian suspects, one of whom was only 15. This incident marks the fourth knife attack in the city in just 48 hours, all involving suspects of Syrian nationality.

Director of biodiversity charity celebrates population decline as it will help governments meet climate change goals
According to a Scientific American magazine opinion piece, a world with fewer people means a different climate and better outcomes for the planet’s remaining inhabitants – human and otherwise. Stephanie Feldstein’s opinion article refers to the United Nations’ forecasting that dozens of countries’ populations will be shrinking by 2050 as “good news”:

Video: 150,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Camping Out, Waiting To Surge The Border Tomorrow
An estimated 150,000 undocumented migrants are poised to surge the southern U.S. border beginning Thursday when the Biden administration will end Title 42, which previously allowed for deportations. CNN reported that 60,000 migrants are camping out in Chihuahua, with a further 35,000 in Tamaulipas, and another 25,000 in Coahuila:

Pfizer “vaccine” trial data shows alarming outcomes for pregnant women; they knew all along
A preprint paper published this month, shows that IgG4 antibodies are present in the umbilical cord blood of infants born to vaccinated mothers, highlighting a theoretical risk to newborns of an ineffective response to Covid infection. This highlights just how many unknowns we are dealing with when it comes to assessing what will be the long-term outcomes of mRNA vaccination.

WHO ends the Covid Hoax with the biggest Lie of All
The World Health Organisation says that the covid-19 hoax is now over and claims that covid-19 killed an estimated 20 million people. They might as well have claimed it killed 200 million or 2 billion. This figure is a sick joke…The WHO figure of 20 million deaths is based on absurd, false figures whereby patients who died after a positive (but useless) PCR test were listed as having died of covid-19 even if they had no symptoms of covid-19 and had died in a car crash, been run over by a bus or had died of heart disease. Governments around the world have admitted that figures were exaggerated. In some countries, hospitals were bribed to over-diagnose covid-19.