3 May 2023

IDF tanks shell terror assets in Gaza amid ongoing rocket barrages
After the IDF strikes, a barrage of rockets was fired from Gaza into southern Israel, setting off warning sirens in numerous communities. The military instructed residents along the border with the Hamas-ruled enclave to remain close to shelter, in anticipation of a possible escalation in violence.

US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Make Iran Sanctions Permanent
A bipartisan group of Congressional representatives led by Reps. Michelle Steel (R-CA), Michael McCaul (R-TX), and Susie Lee (D-NV) on Monday introduced a bill to make the provisions of the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996 permanent. That bill, which is set to expire in 2026, authorizes the President to sanction the Iranian energy sector in an effort to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring funds that could be used to support terrorism or a nuclear weapons program.

Palestinians riot, prisons on alert after Islamic Jihad member dies
PIJ prison cells remain locked and guards brace for violence, more hunger strikes after Khader Adnan found unconscious in cell and pronounced dead during 3-month hunger strike; Ben Gvir warns, zero-tolerance for prisoner violence

Belgium will be the first Muslim state in Europe
The investigation of the monthly Causeur signed by the courageous Céline Pina makes you jump, a shiver in the back. “The migration agreements signed with Morocco and Turkey and the extreme benevolence towards the most radical Muslim populations fuel the political clientelism of the left in Belgium”, says Causeur. “This opens up a demographic bomb that could make Belgium the first Muslim state in Europe.

Sderot Mayor after rocket attacks: Govt. must destroy Gaza terror groups
“I call on the government and the army, stop the platitudes,” added Davidi. “There are two terrorist organizations that control the Strip, and they shoot whenever they want to. They need to be eliminated. We are paying a price. We need to initiate an operation, and do it wisely.”

Anonymous Sudan says it hacked Israeli rocket alerts, Iron Dome warning
The hacker group Anonymous Sudan claimed to have hacked Israeli rocket warning systems, including for the Iron Dome, on Tuesday amid a barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, and warned it would do so again should more rockets be launched. The hacker group said on its Telegram channel that it had succeeded in taking down the websites of the rocket warning services Cumta, Red Alert, Halamish and Evigilo, as well as targeting some of their smartphone apps.

Islamic Jihad leader’s death in Israel won’t lead to war yet
The death of Islamic Jihad official Khader Adnan is an Israeli failure, but it could escalate violence against Israel on a number of fronts. Other prisoners may go on a hunger strike. Islamic Jihad already fired three rockets into Israel Tuesday morning and later Hamas fired another 22 rockets on Thursday afternoon, with potentially more on the way.

IDF retaliates, strikes terror targets in Gaza; red alerts sound in southern Israeli cities
As expected, the IDF began striking targets in the Gaza Strip Tuesday night in retaliation for several rockets fired into Israeli territory earlier in the day. The attack, launched at 11:30 p.m., was expected, as officials not only in the opposition, but also in the coalition, have been urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to launch a stronger-than-usual response.

Depleting military supplies in Israel will lead to US losing the ‘war against evil’ – military expert
Strategic US munition stores in Israel are being depleted in order to arm Ukraine in its war against Russia, Israeli media reported, and without a timeline of replenishment, one expert claims the move threatens US and Israeli security in a “fight of good against evil.”

‘We are in the time of the Messiah now.’ – The Ancestry of the Messiah in Jewish Sources
In a recent blog post, a rabbi explained the ancestry of the Messiah in great detail according to Jewish sources. According to the sources, King David was precisely the mid-point of human history which means that the culmination of human history and the Messianic era is expected at any moment. “In addition, the work of Moshiach is done in Israel; building the Third Temple, the War of Gog and Magog.” So we are literally in the time of Moshiach right now.”

Jewish soldiers kept kosher in Roman Army, while helping destroy Temple
A new study suggests that the first-century Roman army made dietary accommodations to permit minority soldiers to serve in their ranks. A disturbing consequence is that it is likely that Jewish soldiers took part in the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE. In his analysis of the army rations, Olshanetsky noted that the individual soldiers cooked their own meals including grinding the grains into flour, slaughtering the animals, and baking the bread, Like most people in the region, the soldiers were largely vegetarian, surviving on a diet largely composed of olive oil, bread, and wine. Vegetables, cheese, and fruit were also part of the soldiers’ diet.

Syria claims: Israel carried out air strike in Aleppo, Syrian military official killed
Sources in the Syrian opposition claimed that the air strike occurred near the Aleppo airport, and was aimed at posts in which Iranian forces are stationed. A Syrian military official told the official SANA news agency that the airport in Aleppo was shut down following the alleged Israeli air strike. The source also confirmed that “a military official was killed

Iranians are not Muslim
Iranians are Muslim in name only. Most Iranians consider Islam an invader. We have a saying in Persian that the way you take your first step points your path for the rest of your journey. Originally, many Iranians and other minorities who lived in Iran were forced to accept Islam to save their lives from the Arab butchers, but deep within their hearts, they never surrendered to the Bedouin Arab culture. That period became the defining moment of 1400 years of resentment Persians kept it in their hearts; this resentment still exists to this day. If you by accident call a Persian an Arab, there won’t be a good scene. They have no feelings for Islam and its founder …

Historic EF-3 tornado sweeps through Virginia Beach, leaving a trail of destruction, Virginia 
A powerful EF-3 tornado struck Virginia Beach, Virginia, on April 30, 2023, damaging 115 homes and destroying 12. This is the most powerful tornado ever to hit the city, officials said on May 1.

Chinese communism survivor issues a powerful warning to lawless Dems: prepare to be the victims of your own destruction…
A woman by the name of Xi Van Fleet, who describes herself as Chinese by birth; American by choice. Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Defender of liberty, made waves on social media recently when she posted a powerful warning to the Democrat Party.

Poland runs out of ammunition, can no longer send supplies to Ukraine 
Ukraine is running out of imported munitions from countries like Poland, which said “we simply don’t have the ammunition” in a recent statement about the matter.

Wait, WHAT? – DOJ Inspector General Reveals More than 10,000 Federal Employees Have Access to NSA Database for Surveillance Inquiries 
Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified yesterday that more than 3.4 million search queries into the NSA database took place between Dec. 1st, 2020 and Nov. 30th, 2021, by government officials and/or contractors working on behalf of the federal government. These search queries were based on authorizations related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Why Are So Many Still Asleep?
Did people think the Deep State was going to go into hibernation, waiting for everyone to wake up, just because they lost a few rounds? Hardly! They’ve injected millions of Americans, as well as sixty million globally with this bio-weapon. So many have died or become permanently injured. Yet, there are still people who will tell you how glad they are that they got vaxxed. How much worse it might have been if they hadn’t gotten it. They are only, perhaps, paralyzed for life.

Elon Musk Is Ushering In The Demonic Mark Of The Beast-Clay Clark
Recently, Dave interviewed Clay Clark, the sponsor of the Reawaken American Tour. In the following interview Clay Clark, with excellent documentation demonstrated how Elon Musk is helping to usher in the AI technology which will destroy free will and engulf our people with the Mark of the Beast.

Nordstrom to Close Both of Its Stores in Downtown San Francisco Due to ‘Lack of Enforcement Against Rampant Criminal Activity’ 
Another retailer is closing its brick and mortar stores in downtown San Francisco due to high crime and lack of law enforcement thanks to Democrat policies.

End Times Villain Yuval Noah Harari Says The World Is On The Verge Of A New Religion Whose Sacred Texts Will Be Written By AI Like ChatGPT
Yuval Noah Harari from an end times perspective is a fascinating figure, like Klaus Schwab, he is a near-cartoon character pulled in from Central Casting in Hollywood, only he’s real and what he represents is sinister and terrifying.

GOP Officials Raise Alarm Over US Guardsman in TikTok Ad
A video advertisement released by TikTok featuring an Air National Guardsman has drawn concerns among two Republican lawmakers, who say it appears to be a “de facto” endorsement of the U.S. military of the Chinese-owned video app amid heightened security concerns.

Beloved ‘Frog and Toad’ series becomes latest kids’ show to push LGBT agenda
‘For people, a lot of readers of a certain age, Frog and Toad as characters seen through a queer lens is hugely important to them. We can’t deny anyone that meaning to them, as far as these characters go,’ the creator of the new TV rendition of the series explained.

ACLU tells school board it has a ‘legal obligation’ to conceal students’ gender transitions
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Rhode Island advised a school board that it has a “legal obligation” to keep students’ gender transitions a secret, according to a Monday letter.

Could $100 Million Loan from Chinese State Bank to Rupert Murdoch Explain Tucker’s Ouster?
Could the Chinese Communist Party and its global influence network be responsible for Tucker Carlson’s ouster from Fox News? Just last year, Rupert Murdoch, the international media mogul who founded Fox News, took a whopping $100 million loan from the CCP-run Bank of China, to fund his continued media ventures. The loan coincided with a much-observed turn in Fox’s coverage, towards a model that’s been called “CNN-lite.”

Transableism Is The Latest End Times Aberration Where Physically Healthy People Surgically Mutilate Their Bodies In Order To ‘Identify’ As Disabled
You know that recurring dream you’ve been having, the one where you wake up and everything is back to normal? Yeah, that’s just a dream, and it’s not happening. In real life, things are going from bad to worse to something you cannot even begin to imagine. One of those things is called transableism, what is that? It’s where physically whole and healthy people have body parts surgically amputated so they can identify as being disabled. As if transgender wasn’t bad or scary enough, right?

‘Godfather of A.I.’ Reverses Course, Quits Google to Preach About “Dangers” of Artificial Intelligence
The “Godfather of Artificial Intelligence”, 75-year old Turing prize winner Geoffrey Hinton joins several other tech pioneers and notables in warning of the impacts of artificial intelligence.  Hinton was partially responsible for the development of the AI technology that is used by the biggest companies in the tech industry according to the New York Times.

Author of ‘The Limits to Growth’ promotes the genocide of 86% of the world’s population 
Dennis Meadows, one of the main authors of the Club of Rome’s The Limits to Growth, is an honorary member of the Club of Rome and a member of the World Economic Forum.  If you thought his ideology had softened and become less anti-human since the publishing of his book, you’d be wrong.

Member of Parliament confirms the UK will sign up to WHO’s Pandemic Treaty 
…“Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson, alongside other world leaders, called for the creation of a pandemic treaty … the current target date for agreeing on the text of the new instrument is May 2024, at the World Health Assembly (WHA) … Over the next year, the UK will continue to work towards building a consensus on how the global community can better prevent, prepare for, and respond to future pandemics,” he wrote.

JP Morgan CEO wants to confiscate private property to force urgent investment in “green energy”
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who has been bought by the World Economic Forum, believes the US government should seize private property to combat climate change. This is not an exaggeration.

Current events suggest Deagel’s Apocalyptic Depopulation Forecast for 2025 is not just an Estimation
In October 2020, Swiss lawyer Michael Lusk wrote an article on his LinkedIn page urging that, in the wake of the coronavirus “pandemic,” Deagel’s 2025 Forecast be given serious attention.  Lusk’s article focused on the economic well-being of people comparing citizens of NATO and non-NATO countries.