4 May 2023

BREAKING: Putin survives assassination attempt – how will he retaliate?
breaking news out of the Kremlin at this hour as Russian President Vladimir Putin was the possible target of an assassination overnight in Moscow. According to The Daily Beast, the Russian presidential administration said on Wednesday that the Kremlin was attacked by drones .

Survey: Americans hold increasingly negative views of China
An overwhelming majority of Americans hold negative views about China and think Beijing’s ties with Moscow and tensions over Taiwan are “serious” problems for the United States, a new survey says.

Bud Light is facing an ‘unmitigated disaster’ that is only getting worse, says Clay Travis
Bud Light has broken their brand’: Clay Travis Data shows sales for the iconic beer brand are dropping at a staggering rate, which OutKick founder Clay Travis argued was “self-inflicted.” On “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Travis discussed Bud Light’s “unmitigated disaster,” warning the company has “broken their brand.”

Courage To Speak Openly: UK Christians Arrested, Fired For Standing on Biblical Truth
For years, Aaron Edwards, a theology professor at Cliff College in Derbyshire, England, had warned his peers that the school’s historic evangelical identity and the right of faithful believers to speak out was going to be challenged if British Methodists voted to permit same-sex marriages. But, Edwards says, “I never really imagined that I was going to be the fall guy.”

Arab affairs expert Zvi Yehezkeli: ‘In an all-out war, we will be alone’
Hamas does not need to fight with us; it can send the Islamic Jihad,” he went on. “Several things have happened in the last few months that cannot be ignored and which increase this trend, and this is exactly what happened in Damascus earlier this afternoon. Iranian President Raisi landed in Syria. The last one who was there was Ahmadinejad. Unifying the region, as they did in April over the Passover holiday, shows that Iran has seized a point of weakness here that began in Gaza,

Defense official: Doubtful we get through the summer without a round of escalation
After the barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, and ahead of the events of the coming month, a defense official estimates that the situation could lead to an escalation. The defense establishment is marking a number of key events in the coming month: The commemorations of “Nakba Day” and “Naksa Day” on the part of the Palestinian Arabs as well as the flag march on Jerusalem Day.

Iranian president says Israel cannot defend itself against its enemies
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday claimed the Jewish state “cannot defend itself” against its enemies due to “the new world order.” “The Zionist entity cannot supply itself with security because the conditions are significantly different from the past,” said Raisi. “Today, it’s clear to everyone that the Sharm al-Sheikh, Camp David and Oslo agreements cannot supply Israel with security.

Uncertain ceasefire in Gaza – Terror groups shoot over 100 rockets in 24 hours, 16 Israeli airstrikes
Early this morning, the IDF confirmed that 104 rockets were reportedly fired at Israel from Gaza between Tuesday morning and early Wednesday morning.

A global AI religion is working to bring about a ‘post-human’ era
“Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence.
we are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth. The precise cause of this change is the imminent creation by technology of entities with greater than human intelligence.” This apocalyptic warning was not spoken by some obscure, long-forgotten radical. Rather, it was published in a NASA-sponsored paper, and has significantly shaped the thinking of much of our world’s current scientific establishment.

Did Isaiah predict the current judicial reform crisis in Israel as a precursor to Messiah?
Rabbi Palvanov discussed the tractate of Sanhedrin 98a in the Talmud which describes details related to the end-of-days. “I’ve read this many times before, but now it just blew me away because it seems to be describing exactly what’s happening in Israel right now, with this whole [judicial reform] crisis that started with the whole Knesset versus Supreme Court thing,” the rabbi began So it’s like the Muslim world is kind of coming together all around Israel.”

Very bright fireball over Western Australia 
A very bright fireball was seen streaking across the night sky over Western Australia at 21:03 UTC on May 1, 2023 (05:03 LT on May 2). The event lasted about 15 seconds.

Penumbral lunar eclipse of May 5, 2023 
The penumbral lunar eclipse of May 5, 2023, will be visible from Africa, Asia, and Australia. This is the first of 2 lunar eclipses in 2023. It’s taking place 2 weeks after the hybrid solar eclipse of April 20, 2023.

Widespread floods hit Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Heavy rainfall affecting parts of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region on May 2 and 3, 2023, caused rivers to rapidly rise and overflow, resulting in severe floods that claimed at least two lives. Emilia-Romagna Governor Stefano Bonaccini said they are in the process of declaring a state of emergency.

China, population, and lies
Recently, the Chinese government admitted that it had “overcounted” the Chinese population by about a hundred million. Actually, nothing of the sort happened. Chinese announcements concerning anything are generally soaked in various mixtures of bogosity, and this one is no exception.  A hundred million is not a rounding error.  There was, in fact, no error at all.  The Chinese simply lied about their population at some unknown point in the past and continued lying until it became inconvenient or impossible to sustain.

Houston holds week-long NUCLEAR training exercise led by the FBI
A ‘large-scale’ nuclear training drill will be held in Houston this week as the military war games the unthinkable.  The FBI has warned residents of Harris County and southeast Houston that ‘multi-agency’ exercises will be carried out from Monday to Friday to simulate a nuclear attack. The agency reassured the public there was no need to be alarmed by the presence of ‘military personnel and aircraft, and people in protective equipment’.

Chinese Troops Invited In To America To Disarm And Carry Out Executions Of Patriots
While this alarming story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website on Saturday called it ‘a match made in hell,’ that description of criminals linked to China’s communist party helping Mexico’s drug cartels flood America with the deadly drug ‘fentanyl’ doesn’t even begin to accurately describe the full depth of what’s now happening at America’s southern border, with the ‘biden crime cabal’ quite literally rolling out the red carpet for the ChiCom invasion of America we’ve been reporting on recently in numerous stories here at ANP.

Pupils as young as SEVEN are being encouraged to wear a badge which displays pronouns 
Pupils as young as seven are being encouraged to wave rainbow flags and wear a badge which displays whether they use male, female or non-binary pronouns.

Train derails in Wisconsin, sends 2 cars into river
A freight train derailed along the Mississippi River in southwestern Wisconsin Thursday, possibly injuring one crew member and sending two cars into the water, officials said.

Weight-loss jabs for children as young as 12 are being considered by ministers
Weight-loss jabs for children as young as 12 are being considered to drive down childhood obesity. Ministers have asked a medical regulator to assess the potential of giving semaglutide injections to obese children aged 12 to 17.

Trudeau gov’t internet censorship Bill C-11 becomes law – LifeSite
The bill passed via a motion with 52 votes for, 16 against, and 1 abstention, with one Conservative senator who voted against the bill saying its passage is a ‘sad day’ for Canada.

JUST IN: Owner of MI Horse Farm, Who Refused to Sell Property to CCP-Tied Battery Plant, is Notified She’s Under Investigation by Gov. Agency Tied to Dirty Dem AG Dana Nessel 
The state of Michigan is currently investigating a horse farm after its owner held a rally against the building of an electric vehicle battery component plant that will be built by Gotion, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Guoxuan High-Tech Co.

America Is Quietly But Quickly Heading Into A Financial Crisis In The Banking Sector And A Recession In The Economy As Turmoil Rises
Make no mistake about it…we are in Phase 2 of the Great Reset, and in this phase the banks are being taken over so a digital currency can be brought in. In the article below you will see how many banks have already failed, with many more on the way, and how there is right now runs on the banks not seen since the Great Depression. But all this may not be the worst of our problems

GREAT RESET: Companies in Switzerland “Training” Children to Eat Bugs
Companies in Switzerland are trying to train children to eat bugs in an attempt to normalize and build up a future customer base for alternative protein.

Hypocritical Pope Francis Promotes Christian Europe While Pushing to Flood it with Muslim Migrants
Pope Francis has suggested repopulating European villages with migrants who will be mainly Muslims from the Middle East and Africa to compensate for the drop in the native birth rate, raising concerns about the potential Islamization of Europe.

Global Rice Shortage Looms, Set To Be The Biggest In Decades | ZeroHedge
Rice is the primary food source for over half of the global population, especially in emerging markets, where it plays a crucial role in feeding people. Last year, we highlighted the potential for a severe global rice shortage. A new report reveals that rice production this year could be at its lowest in decades.

Russian News: Ukraine Attempted to Hit Kremlin with Drones Overnight in Putin Assassination Attempt
Russian news reported on Wednesday that Ukraine attempted to hit the Kremlin overnight with a drone strike in an assassination attempt of President Vladimir Putin. Video was released by Russian news earlier this morning. Putin was reportedly not hurt in the attempted bombing.

Before mRNA covid “vaccines” were given to the public there was NO scientific proof they were safe, a new study finds
The World Council for Health (“WCH”) Health and Science Committee recently published a paper on the potential harms of the mRNA platform used in covid “vaccines.”  The authors of the paper found that the mRNA platform is fundamentally inappropriate for use and was never proven to be safe for any “vaccine.”

The attack on freedom of speech and freedom of thought to forcibly shape society continues
Last week, Ireland made it a crime to possess “hateful” content – legislation was passed that is intended to control people’s thoughts and words. The week before, nine teachers in Belgium were suspended and are being investigated by police for “hateful” messages shared in a private WhatsApp group. In the UK, internet users may not be able to access Wikipedia due to the proposed Online Safety Bill. And in the USA, the big tech/corporate media/federal government propaganda machine is attacking the Supreme Court for being conservative.

Globalist scientists whose job is to control the “narrative” are named
The covid narrative architects have surprisingly few “experts” on their team to push their “narrative.” That’s why they have to recycle them and use them over and over, writes Dr. Meryl Nass. On the plus side, “[it] allows us to see the game and the players.”

 Police Body Cam: THIS is the type of Sociopath our Society is Producing
Police Body-Cam footage from East Peoria, IL shows in vivid, stunning, detail, exactly the type of complete sociopaths our society is producing.  The woman killed two people while driving drunk and all she wants to know is when she can get her car and go to school.

Two Massachusetts Towns Call a Halt to 5G Towers Until FCC Complies With Court Order to Review Science 
The residents of two Massachusetts towns on Monday voted to put a hold on 5G cell tower projects until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completes a court-ordered review of the latest science related to the effect of radiofrequency (RF) radiation emissions on human health and the environment.