11 Apr 2022

A Wicked Man

Joe Biden has made much of his “close friendship” with Benjamin Netanyahu over the years. As senator, then vice-president, and now a coup leader that occupies the Oval Office, Biden cozies up to whoever he thinks will advance his own interests. Believe me, he doesn’t like Israel, and Bibi Netanyahu is on to him.

This week, at the same time a new rash of terror murders has hit Israel, comes word that Biden is attempting to force more concessions from the Jewish state in this lunatic drive to establish a Palestinian state.

According to a report from the Jewish Press, Biden is pushing for a secret summit between Palestinian leaders and their Israeli counterparts. More Oslo. Think of it as Oslo 2.0.

“The Biden Administration is again pressuring the State of Israel to hold senior-level diplomatic talks with the Palestinian Authority, at the White House, according to a report by the Hebrew-language Walla! Newsoutlet.”

The Biden regime has made this demand several times since the fall. And notice this:

“Without a positive response from the Bennett-Lapid government, American officials decided to try again this month.”

That’s what you call pressuring an ally, folks. The Marxists that make up the Obama/Biden regime are bent on forcing Israel to make suicidal choices.

Needless to say, the American chief in charge of such a fiasco is terrible:

“If such a meeting were to take place, it would be hosted by White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Israel would send National Security Adviser Eyal Hulata. Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel and Jordanian intelligence chief Ahmad Hosni would also attend, according to the proposal.”

Palestinian murderers savagely attacked Israelis the last few days, with horrific terror attacks taking place in the country. Naturally, the PLO/PA is furious that Jews defend themselves. A report from the Meir Amit

“Following the terrorist attack in Bnei Brak, the Israeli security forces began operating in Judea and Samaria, primarily in the Jenin region, to detain Palestinians suspected of terrorist activity and to prevent further attacks. Five Palestinians were killed, three of them operatives in a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist squad en route to carrying out an attack inside Israeli territory.

“The Palestinian Authority (PA) expressed severe criticism. Regarding the situation in Judea and Samaria, PA government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said that on the eve of [the Muslim religious month of] Ramadan, IDF soldiers again and again invaded Palestinian cities, villages, refugee camps and towns to kill and frighten [Palestinians], and to defile the holy sites. He claimed all the activity was part of anti-Palestinian Israeli policy to provoke reactions and ‘escalate the situation’ (Ma’an, April 2, 2022). Rifat Alian, senior Fatah figure in Judea and Samaria, criticized Mahmoud Abbas and the PA, saying that in the face of recent events the PA’s stance was weak and defensive. He praised the position of the Fatah movement in support of ‘resistance’ [i.e., terrorist] activity in all its forms, which, he said, was not linked to the PA’s position (al-Ghad, March 31, 2022).”

So far, 13 Jews have been murdered, the latest in an attack in Tel Aviv; the killer was finally hunted down and eliminated in Jaffa.

The animal that carried out the attacks claimed three Israeli lives: Tomer Morad, Eitam Megini, and Barak Lofan. Seven other shooting victims remain hospitalized.

Left-wing diplomats such as those that populate the Biden regime will tell you they are concerned about creating conditions for peace and that’s why they engage both sides.

My belief is, they not only don’t care about Jews, but they are themselves anti-Semitic. They want Israel to disappear. It is beyond outrageous they are making these negotiations demands while Palestinians stalk Jews. I noticed these kinds of attacks didn’t take place when Trump was in office. The PLO knows Biden has their back.

Not surprisingly, as Israeli security forces swept places like Jenin, mosque loudspeakers were used to encourage people to take part in the fighting! This is truly a culture of death, my friends.

We must continue to pray for the safety of Israelis everywhere. The wickedness in the White House must be countered.