14 Mar 2022

The Media Lie

NPR, as I learned years ago, is a left-wing rag, populated by leftists. Back when I listened to the radio network, I began to realize they were peddling propaganda, and at frightening levels.

Nowhere is their bias more wicked than when it comes to Israel. NPR might hate American conservatives and Donald Trump, but the organization positively despises the Jewish state.

In a recent article by CAMERA’s Giliad Ini, we find that NPR wants us to believe that Israel is cozy with the Russians, particularly Putin, the country and man that are Public Enemy no. 1 internationally. You get that, don’t you? Russia is evil, therefore their friends are evil.

Now, one can make the case that China and Iran are Russia’s friends, or at least allies or strategic partners. And they are certainly evil. But the drive to link Israel with Russia geopolitically is diabolical. NPR knows what they are doing.

This is what Ini wrote:

“In a piece posted to NPR’s website shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reporter Daniel Estrin bizarrely claims that Russian leader Vladamir Putin is “beloved” by Israel. He should know better.

“The Feb. 28 piece, entitled ‘After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Jerusalem’s Putin Pub is now just named Pub,’ talks of Israel’s delicate relationships with Ukraine and Russia, and asserts:

“Putin remains a beloved ally. His military is stationed in Syria, and he gives Israel the freedom to bomb Iranian and Syrian weapons and soldiers there.

“NPR’s claim that Putin is a ‘beloved’ ally to Israel is certainly one opinion. But it’s an unfounded one — far-fetched, unsubstantiated, but nonetheless presented as fact, in an apparent an attempt to splash some of Putin’s unpopularity onto the Jewish state.”

Polls indicate that Russian-speaking Israelis do NOT support Putin. And Israel officially voted at the UN to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

This doesn’t sound like a beloved ally.

Orna Mizrahi, a researcher and former Israeli national-security adviser has said:

“We have had to deal with the Russians because they’ve become our neighbors.”

This is an interesting statement for two reasons.

One, it indicates that Russia is a situation Israel must deal with, as it has dealt with security threats for 75 years. That doesn’t sound like an ally buddy.

Secondly, and more importantly, there is a prophetic angle here. Russia finally has that long-term base in the Middle East, able now to influence the region. It places Europe at Israel’s doorstep for the foreseeable future.

Now that we see the Deep State finally as it is (or at least as much as we will be able to see), it is apparent that Israel not only deals with military and security threats. The Jewish state also deals with threats every bit as lethal from Media. That includes, as I constantly rant, from Christian media. From a variety of angles, these media sources demonize Israel every minute of every day.

Now that we have Facebook advertising Ukraine pins and stickers for solidarity, and people are accepting the public narratives of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, anyone considered to be on Russia’s side is as bad as Putin.

This puts Israel in the crosshairs once again. For the umpteenth time.