7 Mar 2022

Bennett Learning on the Go

Word is that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is in Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin. Mediating between Ukraine and Russia?

That would be a weighty task for the still-young Bennett. He is the first Western leader to meet with Putin since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

(I still will not get over Bennett’s central role in toppling Benjamin Netanyahu. I wish the new government well, but that will always be a stain on Netanyahu’s political opponents.)

We must keep in mind that Putin has never faced such weakness in Western leaders before. Think of that! Trudeau? Johnson? Biden*? Macron?

(*Biden is another coup leader that is illegitimate.)

This I think explains the main reason Putin would go to such extraordinary lengths to marginalize himself internationally. Just remember though, people will squawk and make angry statements about his decision. But actually doing anything to stop him? I’ll believe that when I see it. NATO is only barely more of a threat than those vaunted UN peacekeeping forces that thrown down their weapons and run at the first sign of real trouble.

Bennett also met with Putin a month ago. And make no mistake: a former special ops officer, Bennett is no shrinking violet. His personal courage is not to be questioned.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“The meeting comes as Israel has been trying to balance the national security importance of coordination with Russia before airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria, where the Russian Army is the dominant force, with Israel’s strongest strategic alliance with the US and support for democracy and international order.”

Just imagine what Israel is balancing here. Managing a regional semi-war in Syria and the broader Middle East. At the same time, Bennett and his advisors might just play a key role in hampering World War 3, as Europe once again stupidly stumbles into hostilities.

Apparently, Ukrainian president Zelensky asked Bennett directly for help with Putin.

Israel condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and a vote in the UN General Assembly, but Bennett has been reticent to say anything about Russia. In his recent statements he has expressed support for the Ukrainian people and called for negotiations.”

To further complicate matters, new sanctions on Russia hamper the Mother Country’s efforts to trade with Iran. This in my view makes Russia even nastier to deal with.

Bennett will earn his pay in the coming weeks. Let’s hope that a proposed cease-fire takes hold. And that Israel’s security efforts in Syria are not hampered.

Since Russia in effect took over Syria a few years ago (I think their presence there is permanent), rival terror groups have continued to push for confrontation with Israel. Several times Israeli jets have taken out installations designed to do Israel harm.

Let’s pray specifically this week that Bennett and his advisors will have wisdom from the Lord to meet the specific threats to Israel at this time.