10 Jan 2022

Plague of Fear
A rule-of-thumb I’ve always tried to follow about Israel is that those that live there know more about their situation than we do. Sure, we can speculate about policy and things like that, but we should probably reserve judgement unless some other facts come to light.
I don’t feel that way about the way the Coronavirus situation has been handled by Israel.
This week I spoke to a friend that lives there; she works in the government and said that vaccine mandates are in place. I know they are in place in other countries as well. Our own beloved U.S. is now “plagued” by those wanting to force mandates.
This little nugget though has stuck with me. My point is this: I’ve been surprised at how Israel has handled this whole (manufactured?) crisis. I always rely on Israel to be the leader in most everything. The smarts, collectively, of that country is off-the-charts.
While it is true that at long last, Israel is relaxing some of the draconian restrictions (no travel from certain countries, a tourism standstill, and quarantine rules upon entering the country), the one overall big thing remains: proof of vaccination.
Look, we can all agree to disagree on whether we want to take the vaccine or not. I have multiple reasons for being skeptical of it—chiefly, our government lies to us routinely—but people should be able to make up their own minds.
That is no longer allowed. See Australia for the latest horror movie along those lines. Totalitarian controls are creeping up everywhere.
The Left wants to enact certain freedom-killing laws. Again, I am shocked that Israel would require proof of vaccination for certain segments of the population.
There are 116,500 government employees in Jerusalem alone. Now, there have been almost 1.5 million cases of the virus in Israel to date, with 8,259 deaths.
Now, even a single death is tragic, we know that. However, there are 9.2 million people in Israel. These numbers—I mean, factoring in the overall worldwide stats—line up with the undisputed fact that you have a 99.5 percent chance of surviving Coronavirus. I don’t get the severe lockdown edicts.
Unless the Left is pushing the narrative, controlling the flow of information. Admittedly, the restrictions in Israel began under the government of Netanyahu. So, Israel just announced:
“Earlier in the week, the ministry announced that starting from Sunday, foreign nationals from non-red countries will also be able to enter Israel without the need for special permission for the first time since the end of November, provided that they are fully vaccinated under the Health Ministry’s criteria: inoculated twice within the previous six months, vaccinated with a booster, recovered with one shot, or recovered within six months, as demonstrated by an electronic recovery certificate.”
Does any of this sound scary to you? It does to me. Electronic recovery certificates? Methinks the virus is a pretext for imposing control over whole populations. Just today at the Supreme Court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor spewed numbers made up out of whole cloth: 100,000 children in serious condition, many on ventilators. But according to the CDC, seven-day hospitalizations among pediatric patients; 3,700.
Why the lies? And why is Israel imposing such strict conditions on the healthy population?
We live in momentous times. As for me, I am content that the Lord has everything in His hands. We should not fear the future.