25 Jan 2021

The Politics of Corruption

Mahmoud Abbas has been “president” of the Palestinian Authority for 16 years. And yes, you’re right; I mean the Holocaust denier and funder of terrorists.

When the goblin known as Yasser Arafat was removed from this earth in 2004, it seemed logical that his righthand man would take over. That was the last time the Palestinians saw anything resembling an election.

(And yes, those elections are rigged, too.)

Abbas’s problem/rival is of course Hamas, the terrorist group formed in 1987. Hamas is sort of Mr. Hyde to the PA/PLO’s Henry Jekyll. One is an open brute, the other wears suits and sleeps in the Lincoln bedroom.

Notice this interesting background, courtesy of the Jerusalem Post:

“In the past few years, Abbas has come under pressure from Palestinians and various international parties, especially the European Union, to set a date for general elections, notwithstanding the ongoing dispute between Fatah and Hamas.

“Rebuffing the pressure, Abbas constantly cited Hamas’s refusal to cede control of the Gaza Strip as the main reason the Palestinians cannot hold free elections.

“In 2019, Abbas, during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, again pledged to call for general elections upon his return to Ramallah.

“A few days later, however, he found another excuse to avoid fulfilling his promise. This time, he blamed Israel for obstructing the proposed elections by refusing to allow the vote to take place in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Abbas’s allegation came despite the fact that he had never set a date for the elections or even made a formal request to Israel regarding the participation of Jerusalem Arabs in the vote.”

For his part, Abbas found himself in the exact right moment in history, when the Western powers fully lost their minds by pulling Arafat out of hiding in a cave in Algiers and giving him legitimacy. In 1990, the PLO was almost literally hanging from the edge of a cliff. Bankrupt and isolated, the killers were rescued in one of those historic head-scratchers. Just as America’s cabal has installed the corrupt Biden, to reverse all the policies that Trump installed to help our working class, President Bush 41, Tony Blair and other European elites set the stage for a quarter-century of murder of Jews in Israel, by propping-up Arafat and making him into a “statesman.” Meanwhile the Palestinian people suffer in poverty.

It made no moral sense. Still, they did it. Morally bankrupt people make insanely stupid decisions on a daily basis. And the rest of us suffer.

The Israelis will now suffer more because Biden will dust-off Oslo, and the corrupt, 85-year-old Abbas will be given free reign again to meddle and make mischief.

He shares another trait with the puppet Biden. Just as Lunch Bucket Joe is a craven career grifter, Abbas has amassed quite a fortune.

Stealing the West and his own people blind for decades, Abbas has a palace in Ramallah.

(If you need a laugh, Wikipedia identifies Abbas as the president of the “State of Palestine.” More upside-down world. There has never been and there is not now a “State of Palestine.” Oh well.)

He is worth at least $100 million.

On a drive along the Jordan Valley a few years ago, I took note of the palatial homes of PLO elites, alongside the shacks of their people. This is a big part of Abbas’s legacy.

Now at this moment of history, onto the stage walks a corrupt terrorist leader and his new counterpart in Washington.

God help us.