22 Oct 2018

Molech is Hungry

More violence was unleashed at the Gaza Strip border this past week, all of it fomented by the evil Palestinian Authority/PLO. It is astonishing how little they care about human life. Except their own.

About 15,000 protestors showed up at the security fence, throwing hand grenades and IEDs at Israeli soldiers. Four approached the fence in an attempt to get through, and were shot and killed.

Does anyone care about the four killed? They were human beings, living and dying in a squalid area of the world. A bleak life, under the heel of the PLO, compelled them to shove themselves into the Hamas meat grinder, which is never full.

These are the so-called “return marches,” in which the Palestinians are still demanding the “right of return,” claiming that millions of descendants of refugees from the 1948 and 1967 wars are entitled. From a report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, we can see how pathetic this has all become:

“The riots and the violence of the “return marches” are becoming formally institutionalized and organized. The organizers reported that in addition to the incendiary balloon-launching group, the tire-burning group and the so-called “night harassment group,” two other groups would be established: the “bow and arrow group,” which would shoot burning arrows at IDF soldiers; and the “smokescreen-production group,” which would make it difficult for the IDF to operate against the demonstrators.”

Both Israel’s prime minister and defense minister have issued the usual condemnations and pledges of reprisals. Everyone knows the drill.

Further to the report:

“An exceptional event occurred near the al-Bureij refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip when rioters placed an IED on the security fence. It detonated and set fire to the fence, creating a large gap. About 20 Gazans tried to enter Israeli territory through the gap in the fence. Most of them returned to the Gaza Strip because of IDF fire. Some tried to approach an IDF post. An IDF force shot and killed them. Others took their bodies and returned with them to the Gaza Strip. The ministry of health reported that four Gazans had been killed (Facebook page of Ashraf al-Qidra, October 12, 2018). At least three of those killed were apparently operatives of Hamas military wing, since their bodies were wrapped in Hamas military wing flags for burial and senior Hamas figures attended their funerals (Palinfo Twitter account, October 13, 2018). The IDF spokesperson said killing them prevented an attack on Israeli civilians and security forces, adding that no Israeli casualties

had been reported (IDF spokesperson, October 12, 2018).”

This is madness.

The ancient demons are still hungry for souls.

I grieve for those lost Palestinian lives. Those people who will never know a peaceful day. In my personal situation, I live in a rural area, on a farm. Every evening I sit outside with my dog and look at the view. I can listen to music or read. Whatever I want.

Can you imagine living in the hellhole of Gaza? I cannot.

Please, wherever you are this week (and beyond!), pray that harmony and peaceful hearts and minds come to the Palestinian people.

I love history, and as a Christian, I think about how Jesus has been, is, and will always be waiting for all to come to Him. Whether it’s Sumerians, Chinese, the Inca, modern people…each soul is precious to God. Let’s pray that God will break the evil that grips Gaza. That people will stop murdering each other. That each person can have a place where he or she can go and be peaceful, even for a short time.

Father God, please bless and heal the people of Gaza. Turn them from the evil that controls them and hates them. Please, Father, send your Son to them. Amen.