15 Oct 2018

One State

The latest murder of Israelis by Palestinians is much more than the final straw. It should have been a final straw the first time it happened, especially after the charade of Oslo.

Daniel Greenfield has written a fine piece on the subject at Frontpage, addressing mostly a Jewish audience.

My goal is to address the same subject among Christian supporters of Israel.

Kim Levengrond Yehezkel, and Ziv Hajbi were tied up by a Palestinian terrorist, then shot at close range this week. The killer, Ashraf Walid Suleiman, remains at large after the murders in the Barkan Industrial Zone.

According to a report from Arutz Sheva:

“MDA medics David Baruchi and Neria Ketua described the scene. ‘When we arrived, there was chaos at the scene. People shouted that there were wounded persons inside, they led us in to one of the rooms, we saw a man and woman of about 30 lying unconscious without pulse and not breathing. We undertook medical checks, they had no vital signs and we were forced to confirm their deaths.’”

“We searched the scene and found another 54 year old woman under one of the tables. She was fully responsive with a gunshot wound to her upper body. With the help of MDA EMT Hadas Wilps, we extricated her and provided lifesaving medical treatment including hemorrhage control, medications, and we evacuated her to Belinson with severe yet stable injuries. During the evacuation, she was interacting with us, and was able to recount the incident. She also requested that we notify her family, which we did.”

The area where the two were murdered has been considered a place where Arabs and Israelis can coexist.

Guess not.

As Greenfield writes:

“The two state solution isn’t peace. The PLO and Hamas have never been at peace with Israel. It’s two Rabbis murdered in January and February. It’s a receptionist wondering until the last moment whether she will make it home to her baby. It’s Hava Roizen, a Russian immigrant from the Soviet Union, who worked as a photographer, hit by a car. And it’s the terror victims of tomorrow.  And the day after.”

The two-state solution isn’t peace.

I’m honestly shocked at those pro Israel Christian leaders who support a two-state solution.


To what purpose?

Any “state of Palestine” would be used for further bases of operation by Hamas and the PLO, the latter still led by strongman Mahmoud Abbas, a butcher and fiend who shouts that his terror organization will continue to pay killers—even at the expense of the needs of law-abiding people.

This is madness.

Any leader not vehemently condemning these murders is no friend of Israel or Jews anywhere. The murder of Jews anywhere, for any reason, is completely unacceptable.

There is a real desire on the part of “the Right” to be overly polite and agreeable. I don’t hear much anger from pro Israel Christian leaders about these murders. It’s sickening.

In 2002, I went to the scene of a bus bombing in Jerusalem. Bodies were hanging out of windows; the whole bus was torched.

Last year, I visited Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv and saw firsthand the carnage caused by these Palestinian demons whose sole purpose in life is to inflict pain.

May they be removed from the earth.

This morning on Facebook, an anti-Christian Zionist Christian bemoaned the incarceration of “boycott” activists in Israel. I’ve wondered for years why these useful idiots are even allowed into the country.

Have you noticed that critics of Israel take issue with the inconvenience to anarchists and Jew-haters? And they clamp their mouths shut when Jews are murdered?

This is fiendish and unacceptable.

I will never support a two-state solution.

A young mother was tied up then shot? I hope she is avenged.

Pro Israel friends who do not place Jewish life above Palestinian life are not friends, for me. I will go my own way.

We are seeing similar problems in this country. Decades of appeasing evil and being deferential have gotten us to a place where senators are hounded from restaurants, and Democrats call for assassinations.

If civil war is forced, then civil war it will be.

For the record, I support only the state of Israel in the Middle East. There are vast territories uninhabited that the Palestinian Arabs can go live in. Let them stew in their fetid villages and desert holes.

If you finish this column and aren’t thinking of the kids of Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi first, you’re doing it wrong.