Oct 2, 2017

The Jerusalem Journal

Pro Israel supporters always are required to fight on many fronts. Whether it’s simply staying abreast of the facts surrounding the Arab-Israeli conflict, or speaking, writing, and distribution of materials, the opposite side never rests.

We can’t, either.

As news came this week that Iran is providing Hezbollah with ever-more-precise rockets, a much-less noticed story emerged on Facebook.

My friend, Brian Schrauger, launched The Jerusalem Journal sometime back. It is a mixture of various global news article and…cutting-edge, on-the-ground reporting. There’s nothing like it that I’m aware of.

It’s Brian that makes it such a valuable resource. I can write about Israel from my safe, pastoral setting here in the States, but he’s over there, literally on the front lines.

Imagine being an expat American, and every day you take a stroll through the Judean hills. You go to the scene of unfolding events that will be on CNN and FOX and the BBC. Your moves are watched by the PA/PLO.

That’s just part of what Brian does to bring all of us The Chaim Report, a daily briefing that is being distributed around the world by a collection of friends like us.

Just one problem.

Recently, it seems that someone has complained about or flagged The Chaim Report and some of the efforts to link to groups on Facebook are being blocked.

May I appeal to you again on behalf of this tremendously needed news source? If you will go to the link below, and then find the daily Chaim Report and post it on your page that would help distribution tremendously.


This is something tangible each of us can do to make a difference.

I’ve been at this a long time, and Brian is teaching me things I didn’t know. His Jerusalem Journal is one of only two or three sites I access if I want to know what’s going on in Israel. Besides the informative articles, Brian provides keen insight into the struggles in the Middle East, and I’ve spent enough time with him to know these insights come from a rich spiritual life. As a fellow Christian, he has a unique perspective, living in the neighborhood he does.

The Enemy never rests, and we can’t, either.

I rarely endorse anything, but I am asking you to help support the Jerusalem Journal and its Chaim Report by sharing it via the Web. Let’s undo this effort from the Left to censor Brian on Facebook.

I would also, just as importantly, ask you to consider donating to his cause. I rarely ask people for money for anyone, but in this case it will be money very, very well spent. Get in touch with Brian, interact with him. You’ll be very glad you did.

So will Israel.