Sep 25, 2017

The War Continues

Many aren’t aware that the Arabs of the Middle East have always been at war with the Jews. Though the “Palestinians” came into being as a political weapon 50 years ago, they are Arabs, in the same neighborhood as other Arabs.

More than 100 years ago, the local Arabs of Palestine refused to accept any Jewish communities, even though the land had been bought and paid for by Jews willing to brave hardships of all types to settle in their ancestral homeland.

And even when nothing “big” is happening, there is still the relentless Arab War Against the Jews.

A couple things reported by The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center should be noted:

“This past week riots continued in Judea and Samaria. Palestinians continued throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. The Israeli security forces carried out counterterrorism activities throughout Judea and Samaria, detaining Palestinians suspected of terrorist activity. Weapons and objects used in riots were seized. The more prominent occurrences were the following:

“September 17, 2017 – Following intelligence information, the Israeli security forces apprehended a Palestinian suspected of planning a terrorist attack near the town of Harish (in central Israel). The Palestinian was detained for interrogation (Facebook page of Red Alert, September 17, 2017).

“September 17, 2017 – A Palestinian tried to throw an improvised hand grenade at the compound of the Tomb of Rachel in Bethlehem. He was seen and shot by the Israeli security forces. He was wounded and evacuated by other Palestinians (Judea and Samaria Rescue, September 15, 2017).

“September 15, 2017 – A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the security fence around Kiryat Arba, causing a fire. There were no casualties (Facebook page of Red Alert, September 17, 2017).

“September 14, 2017 –Israeli security forces operating in the village of Yatta (near Hebron) found 48,000 shekels (about $13,670) in the possession of an activist belonging to an unauthorized Hamas charity association. The money had been transferred by Hamas and was apparently meant for rebuilding the house of a terrorist operative who carried out a deadly attack in Otniel in January 2016.

“September 14, 2017 – Acting on information, the Israeli security forces detained a Palestinian living in Issawiya, a neighborhood in east Jerusalem, who was planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Jerusalem (Facebook page of Red Alert, September 14, 2017).

“September 14, 2017 – The Israel Police Force detained a Palestinian from east Jerusalem who was a senior operative in the Hamas-affiliated Shabab al-Aqsa organization, which is outlawed in Israel. He was involved in riots on the Temple Mount and used the social networks to state praise and express solidarity with the organization’s activity (Facebook page of Red Alert, September 14, 2017).”

And if the local incidents on the ground aren’t bad enough, notice how the evil Palestinian leadership hurts Israel politically/globally:

“In response to Israeli efforts to join the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member, Yusuf al-Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Palestinian national consensus government, said the Palestinian government denounced the efforts because Israel was insubordinate and had no commitment to international law. He said Israel represented the world’s evil because Palestine was the last remaining occupied territory (Palestinian TV, September 13, 2017). Riyad al-Maliki said the council of foreign ministers of the Arab League had nominated Muhammad Abu al-Ghaith, secretary general of the Arab League, to appoint a committee of ministers to monitor Israel’s attempts to gain membership in the UN Security Council in 2019-2020, and to prevent it (Wafa, September 13, 2017). According to the Palestinians, one of the committee’s roles will be to convince the countries which can vote not to support Israel into the Security Council (Palestinian TV, September 13, 2017).”

Molotov cocktails, terror planning, and bearing false witness in the UN.

The list is long and horrific. After initial hopeful tones from the Trump White House, it now appears it’ll be business-as-usual with regard to American policy in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Bad reports about the State Department and key advisors like H.R. McMaster are coming out in the context of our relationship with Israel.

So it is a reminder that this conflict will not be resolved until the Messiah comes.

That’s why I pay attention weekly to the “small” incidents that beset Israel.

Few in power really care about Israel. They certainly do not care about the murder of Jews.

It is a reminder to stay vigilant in praying for the Jewish people. I know many of you do.

The war continues.