December 12, 2016

Fake News

In the world of Marxist-style propaganda we now live in, when truth is turned on its head by media and political forces, it should come as no surprise that CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour is bashing Israel again.

Reading from the playbook now used by American evangelical leaders (such as Lynne Hybels of Willow Creek fame), Amanpour, for a recent segment, interviewed two “peace” activists who are virulently anti-Israel.

(Remember, anti-Israel activists in the evangelical world routinely point to their friends in Israel-“Palestine” who are “committed to achieving peace through non-violent means.” Really? Then why is it always Israel’s fault?)

According to a report from CAMERA:

“Amanpour, broadcasting from London, interviewed a pair from the ‘peace’ group – Ms. Shifa al-Qudsi, in Nablus (West Bank), a Palestinian Muslim would-be suicide bomber who was intercepted by Israeli authorities the night before her planned bombing, and Chen Alon, in Tel Aviv, former Israeli military officer ‘turned peace campaigner.’

“Combatants for Peace consists of former Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian combatants (ie. terrorists). Alon and al-Qudsi, representing the group, convey the message that Israel is mainly (if not entirely) responsible for the conflict. Alon expresses contrition for Israel’s role, but shows no concern for fellow Israelis victimized by Palestinian violence. Meanwhile, al-Qudsi adheres to the Palestinian victimization narrative heaping all the blame on Israel.”

A partial transcript is provided in the CAMERA report, and is well worth your time.

This is all a classic leftist tactic. Claim that you are working for peace, while you are really strengthening Israel’s terrorist enemies. I kid you not, this is exactly the type of evil developed and worked by Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union. Publicly utter a direct inversion of the truth, and watch the masses believe you.

Amanpour’s father was an Iranian Muslim, and she was raised in Tehran. She is a classic leftist “journalist” peddling the truth as she wants people to understand it. In her play, Israel is always the villain.

Finally…with Trump’s election, it seems that the scales are falling off. People are now waking up to what we’ve been living in for generations. And when the People begin to understand what our Media really are, they will shed them. This has broader implications.

Just as “secular” media are now scrambling to crawl under rocks, so too are religious types feeling the heat.

For several years, beginning in 2011, I investigated the documentary produced by Mart Green, an heir to the Hobby Lobby franchise. Titled “Little Town of Bethlehem,” the film purported to present a balanced view of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Three principle interviews propped-up the lie, but all three are anti-Israel. I, along with a few others, exposed this propaganda masquerading as balanced journalism, and the evangelical power player Green refused to speak publicly about the controversial film.

Ironically, I just happened to meet Green three times: once in a hotel lobby and twice in airports. Always cordial (if remote), he smiled when I asked if I could interview him. He told me to get in touch with his office and to email him. I did this many times, including a request to Dr. Billy Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, who has worked with Empowered21, a Who’s Who of global Pentecostal leaders. Empowered21 also moves in the same circles as those traveled by Green.


Not a single time did either man, particularly Green, agree to speak with me. Instead, he went silent and virtually underground. “Little Town of Bethlehem” is still available on the EGM Films website.

Just like secular media do not want to answer uncomfortable questions, so too do evangelical power brokers go silent when their dark schemes are uncovered.

Circumstantial evidence sheds some light on Green’s views of Israel and Jews. His EGM Films also produced “Beyond the Gates of Splendor,” and “End of the Spear,” documentaries of famed Christian missionary Jim Elliot, murdered by the Huaorani people, a tribe in the jungles of Ecuador, in 1956. Elliot’s widow, Elisabeth, was an icon in evangelical circles, having carried on her husband’s work and became a prolific writer and speaker in her own right.

In 1968, Elisabeth Elliot published her account of visiting Israel in the weeks after the Six Day War. I have a copy of this book, In the Furnace of the Lord, and view it to be a hit-piece on Israel. While she appears even-handed in part of the book, she resorts to several anti-Israel propaganda techniques. I attempted to interview Elisabeth Elliot about this book in 2000, but she declined. It is important to note that every “Christian Palestinianist” leader in America has declined my repeated requests for interviews in the past several years. They do not want rank-and-file Christians to connect the dots.

(The late Elisabeth Elliot was a member of the Episcopal Church, a mainline denomination that would at the very least not consider the specialness of the Jews and Israel in biblical history to be significant.)

It is no accident that Green felt an affinity with Elliot, and I am certain that their association at least in part fed his anti-Israel agenda.

I’m glad that “the People” are waking up to the profound bias that exists in Media and Religion, and the CNNs of the world are passing from the scene.

Here’s to a new era.