December 5, 2016

ISIS in the House

As the Israelis battle arson fires set by Palestinians, the first official engagement between ISIS terrorists and the IDF occurred. A terrorism report was more clinical in its description, but rest assured, ISIS was vaporized in the exchange:

“In the southern Golan Heights, the first incident of its kind occurred this week between an IDF force and operatives of the Shuhada al-Yarmouk Brigade affiliated with ISIS. ISIS operatives opened fire at an IDF force. An Israeli aircraft attacked their vehicle and four operatives were killed. In addition, an Israeli aircraft

attacked a facility used by ISIS in the southern Golan Heights.”

How foolish are the enemies of the Jewish people.

Further detail of the ISIS incident was provided in a November 29 report:

“In the early morning hours of November 27, 2016, an incident occurred between

an IDF force and a force of the Shuhada al-Yarmouk Brigade, affiliated with ISIS.

According to Israeli and Arab media, ISIS operatives opened fire at an IDF force setting an ambush. The operatives used a heavy machine gun placed on a van, several hundred kilometers away from the border. The IDF forces returned fire.

“The IDF had no casualties. This is the first incident of its kind between an IDF force

and operatives affiliated with ISIS who control the southern Golan Heights. Up

till now, those operatives refrained from engaging the IDF. During the incident, an Israeli aircraft attacked the vehicle and the operatives who fired from it. Syrian media reported that four operatives of the Khaled bin Al-Walid Army were killed

as a result of the attack. In addition, an Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked an ISIS facility in the southern Syrian Golan Heights, in response to the shooting (IDF spokesman, November 27, 2016). The facility which was attacked had served UNDOF, the UN force maintaining the ceasefire between Israel and Syria.

However, it has been deserted and nowadays it serves ISIS operatives for training.

According to the IDF spokesman, ISIS operatives used that facility to establish their

presence in the vicinity of the border and for attacking the IDF force.”

ISIS has been operating in the Sinai Peninsula as well, but is sandwiched between Egypt and Israel, and is being pummeled. The terror group has also lost 56 percent of its territory in Iraq and 28 percent in Syria. I expect them to disappear altogether as the Trump Administration progresses.

An interesting thing is going on internationally, as geopolitics shift after eight years of corrosive, Marxist policies of Obama. Israel now has “friends,” several of whom sent help to fight the arson fires. I also suspect many nations both remember Israel’s doing same for them after natural disasters, and as they scramble to find expert help in combatting terrorism in their own countries. Nobody does this better than Israel.

As I often like to say, geopolitics can change on a dime, and upend all our “prophecy” projections. Only one month ago, no one could have imagined where we are now. America and Israel will officially become close once again, etc.

We must always keep our eyes on Scripture. We do not know the exact timing of the great last days prophecies, so we must honestly admit that the status quo might be maintained yet for decades, or it can be permanently altered next week. We just don’t know.

What we do know from looking at Scripture is that one day, Israel will lose all her human friends. And, it is important to note that while Democrats have suffered historic losses in the recent election in America, they and their leader Obama have always kept the eyes on their prize: the next two generations.

The fact is, a “progressive” political agenda—one rooted in Marxism—continues to chug up the mountain. In other words, my “concern” is not for the immediate future, but 20 years down the road. Currently, scores of “evangelical” youth voted for Hillary Clinton or the fringe candidates, Gary (“What’s Aleppo?”) Johnson and Jill Stein. In human terms, that is profoundly disturbing.

So long as God remains on His throne, He will continue to make the IDF a source of supernatural strength, and we can rest in that! Israel has and is winning miraculous victories against her enemies.