October 24, 2016

A Shameful Time

None of us who identify as biblical Christians ever thought we’d see the things we’re seeing now. And the Church Visible, at least in America, has never been more shameful.

From Max Lucado to Russell Moore, we are seeing evangelical leaders absolutely roast Donald Trump.

At this point I will complete that thought:

Without uttering a word about the Clinton/Obama Crime Syndicate, which has plagued the nation for a quarter-century.

Not a peep out of Lucado about any of that.

Now comes word that the Palestinian Authority has jailed three self-described Palestinian peacemakers for befriending Israeli Jews. From a report in the Jewish Press:

“Efrat Local Council head Oded Revivi says he’s concerned about the fate of four Palestinian Authority Arabs who were arrested and taken into custody on Thursday for the ‘crime’ of visiting their Jewish neighbor’s sukkah.

“The Arab visitors paid a visit on Wednesday to the Sukkah of Peace, an annual celebration of the Jewish Festival of Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles – in Gush Etzion, Judea, hosted by Revivi.

“’Three days have passed and our visitors from Wadi Nies are still being held,’ Revivi told JewishPress.com on Saturday night. ‘They have not been released from the Palestinian Authority prison.

“’It’s not clear to us where they are or what their condition is. It bothers me to see that humanitarian organizations, human rights groups are not making any outcry about this situation.’”

Just as American evangelical leaders do not say a word about the destruction wrought by the Left, so too are they largely silent about persecution coming from Arab countries, particularly the Palestinian areas. They loudly condemn Israel for alleged abuses of the Palestinians, but clamp their hands over their mouths when Muslim tyrants abuse innocent people.

For discerning minds, we also note that by visiting their Jewish friends’ sukkah, they are giving tacit approval of recognizing Jewish history, even biblical history, in the Land. This the Muslims will not tolerate. Remember the insane UNESCO ruling recently that doesn’t recognize the Temple Mount as part of Jewish history?

Whether it’s Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East (and elsewhere), or Muslim persecution of Israel, worldwide Jewry, and American Christians, America’s evangelical leaders are doing great harm by projecting weakness and lack of moral clarity.

I urge you to use your voice to call evangelical leaders to task. Personally, I would not buy their books or support their ministries. I would ask them questions via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Press them and keep doing it, and ask them why they lie down for the Left and save their venom for those who deserve their support.