Israel is the key to all end-time prophecy.

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Jim Fletcher is a writer, researcher, speaker and director of Prophecy Matters ( He is also a member of the executive committee of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI), and author of It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine). He writes online for WorldNetDaily; Beliefnet; American Family Association; the Jerusalem Post; and Rapture Ready. He can be reached at

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  • Oct 24, 2016

    A Shameful Time

    None of us who identify as biblical Christians ever thought we’d see the things we’re seeing now. And the Church Visible, at least in America, has never been more shameful.

    From Max Lucado to Russell Moore, we are seeing evangelical leaders absolutely roast Donald Trump.

    At this point I will complete that thought:

    Without uttering a word about the Clinton/Obama Crime Syndicate, which has plagued the nation for a quarter-century.

    Not a peep out of Lucado about any of that.

    Now comes word that the Palestinian Authority has jailed three self-described Palestinian peacemakers for befriending Israeli Jews. From a report in the Jewish Press:

    “Efrat Local Council head Oded Revivi says he’s concerned about the fate of four Palestinian Authority Arabs who were arrested and taken into custody on Thursday for the ‘crime’ of visiting their Jewish neighbor’s sukkah.

    “The Arab visitors paid a visit on Wednesday to the Sukkah of Peace, an annual celebration of the Jewish Festival of Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles – in Gush Etzion, Judea, hosted by Revivi.

    “’Three days have passed and our visitors from Wadi Nies are still being held,’ Revivi told on Saturday night. ‘They have not been released from the Palestinian Authority prison.

    “’It’s not clear to us where they are or what their condition is. It bothers me to see that humanitarian organizations, human rights groups are not making any outcry about this situation.’”

    Just as American evangelical leaders do not say a word about the destruction wrought by the Left, so too are they largely silent about persecution coming from Arab countries, particularly the Palestinian areas. They loudly condemn Israel for alleged abuses of the Palestinians, but clamp their hands over their mouths when Muslim tyrants abuse innocent people.

    For discerning minds, we also note that by visiting their Jewish friends’ sukkah, they are giving tacit approval of recognizing Jewish history, even biblical history, in the Land. This the Muslims will not tolerate. Remember the insane UNESCO ruling recently that doesn’t recognize the Temple Mount as part of Jewish history?

    Whether it’s Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East (and elsewhere), or Muslim persecution of Israel, worldwide Jewry, and American Christians, America’s evangelical leaders are doing great harm by projecting weakness and lack of moral clarity.

    I urge you to use your voice to call evangelical leaders to task. Personally, I would not buy their books or support their ministries. I would ask them questions via social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. Press them and keep doing it, and ask them why they lie down for the Left and save their venom for those who deserve their support.


    Oct 17, 2016

    Halloween 24/7

    “Obama and Kerry’s craven cave-in will haunt our future.”

    This is the last sentence in a New York Post piece by Kyle Smith, in which the incredible stupidity of the Obama administration is on full display with the Iran nuclear “deal.”

    I was thinking of this recently while re-reading Bill Koenig’s famous book, Eye to Eye, in which it is documented that whenever U.S. policy harmed Israel, something bad happened to the U.S.

    With Tim Kaine touting the Iran deal during his debate with Mike Pence, the worst outcome of Obama’s tenure is in the news again.

    Supporters of the deal, including the lifelong leftwing John Kerry, claim that it basically freezes Iran’s efforts to build nukes for a decade. Then, the terror state will ostensibly use uranium for power plants.


    According to a report in Breitbart:

    “The Iranian nuclear deal was signed in July 2015. A year later, the Associated Press published the provisions hidden in a document not publicly available previously, which elucidated what would happen to the Iranian nuclear program after the first ten years of the agreement’s implementation. According to that document, Iran will be allowed to begin ‘replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines.’ While it will ultimately possess fewer centrifuges to enrich uranium with, these machines will be so efficient, the AP notes, that ‘they will allow Iran to enrich at more than twice the rate it is doing now.’”

    Further, the psychotic nature of Iran’s regime is evidenced in its attitude toward Israel:

    “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has done little to calm those alarmed by the possibility of Iran having access to advance uranium enrichment technology. Shortly after the signing of the deal, he published a book titled Palestine, in which he argues that Iran has a role to play in the destruction of Israel, and so must work to create and possess the strongest weapons possible.”

    Meanwhile, Obama’s purposeful weakness is adding to the body count. Earlier in his tenure, when reformers in Iran were left to themselves, in part due to Obama abandoning them, widespread rape and torture was ordered by Tehran. The mullahs have used American timidity to consolidate power.

    When Tehran gets concessions from the West, Iran pokes us in the eye in myriad ways.

    Ahmad Vahidi, the former Iranian defense minister, who is wanted by Interpol for involvement in blowing up  the  Jewish  community  center  in  Argentina  in  1994,  was  recently appointed head of Iran's Supreme National Defense University.

    In short, the only way to stop the Iranians is to use force. It’s all they understand. And as we’ve stated many times before, it’s the U.S. and the West that will suffer. Israel is under Divine Protection. As Smith said, the mortal danger Kerry and Obama have put us under will haunt us for a very long time to come.

    Oct 10, 2016

    The Paper Trail

    More and more, my interest is turning to changes in the American Church. It is astonishing to watch the speeding train of apostasy running through American evangelicalism.

    This is why the move away from support for Israel in the American Church should not surprise. There are reasons for it, political and religious (theological). A tidal wave of change has come, through primarily major evangelical leaders who are in turn mentoring Millennials.

    Let me give you an example of the damage being done to America, through its new policies concerning Israel.

    Ed Stetzer, recently lately of the Southern Baptist LifeWay Research, is now greatly expanding his ecumenical influence from a new post at Wheaton College. He has been allowing guest columnists to post their views of the presidential candidates at his Christianity Today blog (CT for seemingly forever has been staffed by editors who are far more pro Palestinian than they are pro Israel).

    In a post this week, Stephen Waldron (“theologian and Bible teacher”) writes that he is supporting Jill Stein for president.

    Wow. She is in the same class as the clueless Gary Johnson, who doesn’t know what Aleppo is. But in particular, I want you to notice a key reason Waldron supports Stein:

    “Jill Stein argues that the United States should cut back on its foreign military bases. She also opposes sending billions of dollars in military aid and equipment to countries that have repeatedly violated human rights, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Israel.”

    There you have it. Classic leftist thought: lumping Israel in with serial abusers like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    The worst part of it is, Stetzer allows this kind of claptrap to be published and circulated widely.

    What Waldron is really saying is that he believes Israel routinely abuses the Palestinians. And notice Waldron’s weird concluding paragraph:

    “I don’t agree with everything that Jill Stein has said or done. I do not even believe that she is prepared to actually be president. Like most voters, I haven’t found a perfect candidate. But Stein’s policy positions do generally reflect Christian values in areas where the state has overwhelming influence that can either harm or help vulnerable people: immigration, war, indigenous rights, and economic policy. While I recognize that others have good reasons for supporting other candidates, this Evangelical believes that a vote for a non-practicing Jew is the right one this time around.”

    Two things:

    •Waldron doesn’t believe Stein is prepared to be president, but he is voting for her anyway. He is, then, not a serious thinker when it comes to this issue.

    •His reference to a “non-practicing Jew” is blatantly anti-Semitic. I guess that’s okay with CT and Stetzer. Waldron’s comment is outrageous, but he’ll get away with it. Such is the state of American Evangelicalism in 2016.

    There’s plenty more research where that came from to indicate that today’s American evangelical leaders are no friends of Israel. The paper trail is long, wide, and littered with profoundly flawed views of Israel, Jews, and geopolitics across the globe.

    We will continue in this space to keep you informed of such things. Christians deserve that, at least.

    Oct 3, 2016

    When Good People Do Nothing

    I’ve been advocating for Israel in some way or another for 21 years. Support for Israel has been a privilege and a joy. When I was growing up in conservative evangelical circles, Bible prophecy teaching and support for Israel were dominant. Preachers talked of the Blessed Hope, and strongly supported the Jewish state and the Jews’ historical claim to the Promised Land.

    As I’ve written many times, that began to change about 15 years ago. As I’ve now discovered, the seeds of that erosion of support for Israel and prophecy teaching began much earlier.

    Beginning in the 19th century (taking their cue from seminaries in Europe, particularly Germany, where Enlightenment thinking began to destroy the Church), seminaries in America became populated with faculty committed to stealth and the destruction of belief in the Bible. Church leaders like Henry Ward Beecher also began to openly advocate for anti-biblical themes like Darwinian philosophy.

    Things became so bad that in 1929, conservative Bible scholars at Princeton left to open Westminster Theological Seminary. The move was necessary, but it also abandoned the traditional places of learning to leftist groups. The Scopes Trial of 1925 also inflicted great damage on the conservative churches.

    Since about 2005, I have observed a very noticeable erosion of support for Israel among pastors, large ministries, and para-church organizations. Some of these leaders do not overtly dis Israel or prophecy, but, like the disgraced-but-still-arrogant Mark Driscoll, they make their displeasure with Dispensationalism and Israel apparent from time to time. Further, those Millennials that they mentor certainly do oppose Israel and Bible prophecy teaching.

    Now, I am noticing something perhaps even more troubling: a tendency for even stalwart pro Israel folks to attempt a sort of détente with the radicals. This methodology runs parallel to the destructive model used by RINO in Congress, when dealing with the Harry Reids of the world. In other words, softening your tone in the hopes your opponents will come your way.

    That is folly.

    When leftists smell blood in the water, the weakness of their opponents, they move in and open wide their jaws. It is why we are in the shape we’re in as a country. Focusing-in even more specifically, it is why I am of the opinion that the Church Visible in this country is already destroyed.

    I will write more about this in the coming months, and speak about it as well, but I know for a fact that at the very highest levels of Christian leadership that advocates for Israel, there is distaste for “naming names” and really identifying the problems.

    In 2015, I attended a large conference aimed at evangelical Millennials, and this conference was organized and sponsored by leftists, including “Black Lives Matters” radicals and the like. Anti-semitic leaders were invited to speak. It didn’t bother any national evangelical leaders.

    Since 2010, I have researched and written about the inroads made into the American Church by Liberation Theology types and those who promote the Palestinian Narrative. In my view, the work in exposing these groups (work done by a handful of people) produced real fruit. For about a year, I noticed the “Christian Palestinianists” went back under their rocks and were not as visible in their loathing of Israel.

    That began to change in 2015. At the aforementioned conference, I noticed that one person very high up in pro Israel circles was posing for pictures with the most anti-Israel “evangelical” leaders in the country. I found this dismaying, frankly. Much of the work that had been done to walk-back the Palestinian Narrative in churches was being unraveled by these “pro Israel” leaders.

    I know for a fact they very much dislike my approach, which is to name names and expose what I believe to be intentional lying about Israel. From Bill and Lynne Hybels, to left-wing activists like Shane Claiborne, much harm is being done to Israel’s image. Those in pro Israel circles who disagree with my approach feel that reaching-out to such is the way to go.

    I believe it is a recipe for disaster.

    The hesitation to openly confront anti-Israel forces in the Church—by top leadership that is ostensibly pro Israel—is a serious problem.

    The problem is so deep that I am not aware of a pro Israel Christian group of significant size that will truly confront the Christian Palestinianists. Some of them do good advocacy work in the sense they present facts and figures that place Israel in a positive light. They hold rallies that raise the emotions of participants.

    But what I am specifically talking about is their abandonment of the sometimes-necessary strategy of fighting the enemy. The very concept is so distasteful in evangelical circles today (as many are too concerned about their tax-exempt status to take a stand), I wonder if any top leadership is left that will do it.

    Boy, I could tell you stories!

    Let me give you an example.

    If Rick Warren is doing harm to the Church, you won’t find one famous evangelical who will call him on it. From their perspective, too much is at stake. Let me tell you what I think is at stake for them:

    •Cross-promotion of books, ministries, and conferences. Leader X cannot criticize Pastor Rick because to do so would cause dis-invites from conferences. Book endorsements would dry up. Phone calls would have to be fielded from hirelings blasting Pastor X for daring to take on Pastor Rick.

    •Inter-denominational fights would erupt while folks like Pastor Rick look on. For example, isn’t it telling that few celebrity Southern Baptist pastors will tell the people what Warren and Andy Stanley and Steven Furtick are up to? Try attending the SBC convention if you’ve decided to shine a spotlight on such. The air would be so cold you’d need a parka in Orlando.

    •Bookstores would pull books of whistle-blowers. Mega-churches would no longer invite whistle-blowers to speak for a fat fee. And, perhaps worst of all, those who control Christian Media would work behind the scenes to ensure whistle-blowers get bad press. In fact, those who control Christian Media are of the same ilk as William Randolph Hearst.

    If Gabe Lyons, founder of Q Ideas hosts an imam and Palestinian apologists like Sami Awad at his own conferences, do any national evangelical leaders take issue with that? No, Lyons’ influence is widened, such as the invitation for him to speak at the 2016 national convention of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

    If World Vision’s anti-Israel stances include a Gaza manager funneling millions to Hamas, does that warrant even a criticism from the legions of evangelical leaders who work with World Vision? Hardly. World Vision remains a popular group for national evangelical leaders to partner with and endorse.

    If Hobby Lobby heir Mart Green produces an anti-Israel film, will any national evangelical leader condemn it? Doubtful. The Green family donates so much money to ministries and evangelical causes, no national leader will utter a peep. Cash talks in evangelical circles.

    Too, the Trojan Horse model used by Christian Palestinianists, and Palestinian leaders themselves, is seeping heavily into mainstream evangelical circles. The popular writer Ann Voskamp has taken trips to “Palestine” and there she soaks up the perspectives of Arabs who hate Israel and hate Jews. Russell Moore, head of the ERLC, last year visited Bethlehem Bible College, a hotbed of anti-Israel activities; he was taken on a tour by a group identifying as pro Israel. Why in the world would a pro Israel group get anywhere near BBC? A few years ago, Empowered21, a Who’s Who from the Pentecostal and Charismatic world, hosted Sami Awad at an American meeting.

    Pro Israel advocacy among Christians is in transition. I predict that the larger pro Israel groups will continue down the path of non-confrontation, relying on more and more facts and figures to try and influence the masses. They will not confront the anti-Israel, anti-Jew evangelical leaders who in some cases actively lie about Israel.

    To do so would be too costly.


    Sep 26, 2016

    Twisting Arms, Twisting Knives

    Much has been made of the new 10-year aid package the Americans have pledged to provide Israel. As Caroline Glick has pointed out, this deal is not exactly what it seems with regard to Obama and Israel.

    We all know Obama is anti-Israel; he always has been. So if much has been made of the new aid package, what gives? It all comes down to Obama’s wish to out-maneuver Congress. Israel agreed to the new package, which binds the Jewish state to a certain amount. Israel now cannot accept any supplemental amount Congress might want to send Israel’s way.

    This is in keeping with a president whose mendacity knows no limits when it comes to Israel. For example, he has always sought to limit Israel’s missile defense funding. Of course, his enmity for Benjamin Netanyahu is legendary and chilling.

    Additionally, Obama has befriended the left-wing J Street, a lobbying group in Washington that purports to defend Israel. The opposite is true. Hear Glick explain some of the shenanigans Obama has pulled:

    “Today J Street, the self-proclaimed ‘pro-Israel, pro-peace’ outfit, is lobbying the IRS to revoke the charitable status of American groups that work to protect the civil and property rights of Jews in Judea and Samaria. It is also working with Iran’s lobby in Washington and Americans for Peace Now to undermine Republican efforts to sanction Iran for its anti-US aggression.”

    The fact is, Obama is a menace when it comes to Israel, so when he appears to (almost bizarrely) be “helping” Israel with a long-range aid package, he is in fact attempting to control it as much as possible before he leaves office in January.

    Notice what he aims for:

    “For Obama, the MoU [Memorandum of Understanding] isn’t about securing military financing for Israel. The aid is a means for him to achieve a different aim.

    “Administration and congressional sources warn that Obama wished to conclude the MoU in the final months of his presidency to burnish his pro-Israel credentials. He wants his pro-Israel bona fides intact as he enables the UN Security Council to adopt an anti-Israel resolution just after the US presidential election in November.”

    And there you have it. In all likelihood, Obama is here for years to come. He has already promised to stay in Washington (ostensibly so his daughter can finish high school), and there is very real speculation that he is lobbying to become the next UN Secretary General; the job comes up almost at the same time Obama leaves office.

    There, he would surely work tirelessly to render Israel defenseless internationally.

    Jimmy Carter never liked Israel; biblically he is a Replacement Theology guy. Bill Clinton was a self-absorbed pragmatist who caused great harm to Israel.

    But neither approached the naked evil of Obama.

    Israel will be dealing with him for years to come.

    Sep 19, 2016

    When Discernment Dies

    Shimon Peres suffered a stroke this week. The 93-year-old Israeli political icon is the last of the state’s founders and influencers. As of now, Peres is still alive, and doctors will determine soon if he can recover. The old lion has seen it all.

    As prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister, transportation minister, finance minister, and president was born in Poland, a few years after World War I. Just before the Nazis came to power, he emigrated to Palestine.

    He did not have the distinguished military career that many Israeli PMs have had, but did join the Haganah (the forerunner of the modern IDF) in 1947.

    In 1976, as defense minister, Peres was largely responsible for the government approving the rescue operation to Entebbe. He was a member of the Labor Party (roughly the equivalent of America’s Democrat Party) for 37 years, but joined Ariel Sharon’s new Kadima movement in the wake of the pullout from Gaza.

    The role that defines Peres—despite his glittering resume—is as one of the architects of the Oslo Accords, which officially began in 1991 and resulted in the last quarter-century of Palestinian terrorism in Israel. Peres, along with others, apparently believes in the good of man, and assumed Yasser Arafat and the PLO could be reasoned with. This was a catastrophic error, and plagues Israel to the this day. I would argue that it has also led indirectly to the emboldening of jihadists the world over.

    When international media broadcast images of Bill Clinton with Yitzhak Rabin and Arafat on the White House lawn in September, 1993 (the same year the World Trade Center was first targeted by Muslim terrorists), the Muslim world saw it as weakness on the part of the West.

    Peres had a large part in perpetuating the myth that the Palestinians would choose to join civilization. His dogged insistence on continuing “negotiations” is an ongoing tragedy.

    Peres, then, has been an odd mixture of “doing good” and doing bad. He no doubt has always believed in the rightness of his views. He and Leah Rabin convinced Yitzhak Rabin to follow the siren song of Oslo. That has led to thousands of deaths at the hands of Palestinian terrorists.

    I have always remembered the quote from a political commentator, who said that Peres believed that a “Maginot Line of five-star hotels” would convince the Palestinians that free markets and open society were the way to go. The Maginot Line, of course, was the fixed fortifications of the French, which the Nazis bypassed on their way to occupying France. It is an apt description of the idealism of Peres.

    We do wish Shimon Peres the very best in his recovery.

    Sep 12, 2016

    Where are We?

    I noticed this week that as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting foreign dignitaries in Europe, one in the receiving line put his hands behind his back as Netanyahu made his way down the line, shaking hands. Bibi simply gave a slight shrug and moved on.

    This same week, Australia’s foreign minister warmly invited Netanyahu to be the first Israeli premier to visit her country. The visit is scheduled for early next year.

    Only a couple years ago, Israel seemed dangerously close to being totally isolated internationally. Many, including myself, felt that the famous prophecies describing this very reality were very close.

    That is a lesson that we shouldn’t look too far out, but “let the prophecies come to us.”

    Still, there are other interesting developments taking place.

    It is now being reported that Moscow has invited both the Israelis and Palestinians to sit down for talks. No date is set, but it would present a fascinating turn of history if this plays out. Remember, one of the clever aspects of Jimmy Carter’s Camp David talks with Egypt and Israel involved prying the Arab world away from its client-state status with the Soviet Union. The Russians had worked for decades to oppose the West in the Middle East, and two disastrous wars paved the way for the Arabs to look elsewhere.

    We were the elsewhere.

    Now, however, with the deliberate strategy of Barack Obama to bolster his Muslim friends, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, the Russians have seen an opportunity once again. They are back to their old role as an opponent of the U.S. in the Middle East. We have Obama to thank for that.

    It is here I should say that it is my view he is himself a totalitarian in the Marxist tradition. Whether he is actually a Muslim is debatable, but the stone cold fact is, he helps jihadists and hinders freedom. He is doing it on purpose.

    This has created a very dangerous vacuum in the Middle East, and look for the Russians to exploit it far more than their current involvement in Syria.

    Just today, there is an amazing interview in the Times of Israel with neocon Norman Podhoretz, who has raised the possibility that Iran and Israel will engage each other in a nuclear war in the future.

    This of course is not based on his view of eschatology, but geopolitics and the catastrophe Obama has brought on all of us.

    However, I think it’s interesting to note that the Zechariah prophecies are tinged with reality in light of such stories in the media.

    Keep in mind, too, the Russians are working closely with Iran, particularly in their missile defense systems and anti-aircraft systems. This is designed specifically to blunt any Israeli attack.

    John Kerry has just met with his Russian counterpart in Geneva, to discuss each country’s operations in Syria, but no breakthroughs in cooperation occurred.

    Too, there are reports of closer cooperation between Turkey and Russia, leading some to speculate that Gog-Magog is about to break out. We must remember, though, that Turkey’s Erdogan in notoriously difficult to deal with, and follows his own drumbeat. It is a mistake to assume that what exists today will exist tomorrow. Tomorrow might see a deep freeze in Russian-Turkish relations.

    All in all, current geopolitics is volatile and astonishing to watch. Let us resolve to “let the prophecies come to us,” without too much speculation on our part.


    Sep 5, 2016

    Andy Stanley is Dangerous

    Almost 20 years ago, Andy Stanley—the son of Southern Baptist legend Charles Stanley—emerged as a new generation pastor, a man of rare gifts when it comes to communicating. He eschewed jackets and ties and the more formal trappings of traditional church.

    In about 2000, he was instrumental in helping develop a leadership entity known as Catalyst.

    In the midst of all this, Stanley the Younger was in a feud of sorts with Stanley the Elder over the latter’s separation from his wife (Andy’s mother).

    Over time, the son’s church eclipsed the father’s church in terms of attendees, and today Andy Stanley is one-third of what I call the Evangelical Trifecta: Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and Stanley. Quite interestingly, Warren is based on the west coast; Hybels holds down the Midwest from Chicago, and Stanley is entrenched on the east coast. In more ways than one, they blanket the country and absolutely control the evangelical narrative. Their books and methologies totally dominate evangelicalism and their church growth techniques are now American dogma.

    In recent years, Andy Stanley has made waves with his brand of what I’d call Progressive Evangelicalism. His prayers at Obama’s inaugurations, and his willingness to allow Michelle Obama to speak at his North Point Church are part of a troubling trend. He also has absolutely helped mainstream homosexuality within the evangelical church.

    What gives?

    Stanley, who comes across as a winsome, easy-going fellow, is really a major change agent. His podcasts, messages, and books are absorbed by many tens of thousands of U.S. pastors.

    I will tell you clearly that I believe he is described in the book of Jude. Men like Stanley have crept in unawares.

    In our time.

    What does this have to do with Israel?

    Stanley’s rise, and that of his fellow change agents, coincides with a sharp downturn of support for Israel in the churches. It’s one element in an overall larger story, but the bottom line is this: Stanley’s watering-down of Christianity runs parallel to the rise of the so-called Christian Palestinianists. While Stanley himself rarely speaks of Israel, many of his friends and associations are anti-Israel.

    Often, people answer me by saying: “But Charles Stanley supports Israel!”

    He does so far as I know, but you do see that’s irrelevant in the context of what Andy Stanley is doing…don’t you?

    Overall, Andy Stanley wants to fundamentally change what the Evangelical Church is. He, like Warren and Hybels, wants conformity and groupthink. He wants you to think as he thinks.

    And he thinks in dangerous ways.

    Late last month, the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission” hosted another self-serving conference in Nashville, titled “Onward” (shockingly, the same title as that of the ERLC chief’s new book; it’s about the marketing, stupid). Stanley was invited to speak.

    Boy, did he.

    While ERLC President Russell Moore looked on grinning, Andy Stanley said the following:

    “I would ask preachers and pastors and student pastors in their communications to get the spotlight off the Bible and back on the resurrection.”

    Get the spotlight off the Bible.

    Welcome to the Age of Apostasy.

    Did you hear what he said? Andy Stanley speaks blasphemy and nonsense…and no national leader says a word.

    Just for a moment, think about the illogical nature of Stanley’s statement: how do we know about the resurrection? Through Scripture.

    Does anybody call him on this nonsense? No. He grows stronger.

    Several years ago, Stanley gave an interview in which he openly said that as a college freshman, he embraced his professor’s contention that Genesis 1-11 is a fairy tale.

    You need to understand this one bit of information undergirds everything he does. It is foundational to his thinking and “ministry.”

    He is arrogant and powerful.

    When you have famous national evangelicals with this kind of worldview, you will see a downturn in support for Israel. Stanley has made several outrageous statements about the Bible in the past three years; in short, he wants people to get their focus off the Bible. Can you imagine such?

    Andy Stanley’s so-called ministry is an outrage. Would that he was held accountable. But he won’t be.

    This is a key reason (though largely unknown by the rank-and-file) why Israel has fallen out of favor. If you relegate the Bible to myth, why pay attention? Why would Israel’s historical claims to the land be more valid than anyone else’s?

    Stanley is helping destroy the American Church. In my opinion, he will be a major reason the American Church morphs into the State Church before too many more years pass.

    He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    And remember: my views of Stanley aren’t the story here. The story is the unconscionable violence he is willingly doing to Scripture and to the evangelical community.


    Aug 29, 2016

    Hope for the Hopeless

    As the world descends into madness—Obama said this week he had to send a planeload of cash to Iran because he couldn’t send a check—we see once again that Israel is a light unto the nations.

    In myriad ways.

    Palestinian society is raised on murder. The Islamist countries in the Middle East oppress and murder their own people. ISIS makes snuff films.

    By contrast, Israel is making breakthroughs in cancer research, giving hope and life to untold numbers around the world.

    According to a report in the Times of Israel:

    “A breakthrough cancer study in which patients suffering from a form of leukemia saw their diseases go into remission after they were treated with genetically modified T-cells has deep roots in Israel.

    “One of the first in the world to work on the innovative adaptive immunotherapy technique to treat cancer, which was hailed Tuesday worldwide as a potentially ‘extraordinary’ development, was Weizmann University Professor Zelig Eshhar.”

    Lab results on mice and rats at the University of Pennsylvania confirmed that cancer was cured in a number of them. This buttresses arguments made by Israeli researchers that the same results can be obtained for humans. Further in the report:

    “In an article in the journal Science Translational Medicine, a team at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine reported that 27 out of 29 patients with an advanced blood cancer saw their cancers go into remission or disappear altogether when they received genetically modified T-cells that were equipped with synthetic molecules called chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs. Those T-cells were able to target and destroy the tumor cells – specifically the ones that were responsible for the acute lymphoblastic leukemia the patients were suffering from.

    “According to officials at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where the research was carried out, patients in the trial – some of whom were told in 2013 they had barely a few months to live – not only survived, but now, after the therapy, ‘have no sign of the disease.’

    “The therapy involves extracting T-cells – the white blood cells that fight foreign or abnormal cells, including cancerous ones.”

    This is but one stream of treatment being developed by Israeli scientists and doctors.

    My prediction? A major announcement will be made soon that Israelis have found the cure for a deadly disease that has plagued mankind for years.

    Astonishingly, this will do little to stem the tide of anti-Semitism washing over the globe.

    However, just like the families of Hamas terrorists who are treated for life-threatening illnesses in deluxe Israeli hospitals, enemies of the Jewish state will gladly take life-saving treatment originating in the Jewish state.

    Even as the cancer of Jew-hatred spreads.

    July 18, 2016

    The GOP Finally Gets It

    For years, many observers have seen the folly in the infamous Oslo Accords, which developed a framework for Israel and the Palestinians in negotiations. In those old naïve days of the early ‘90s, the international community felt that it made good sense to open the door to a Palestinian state.

    Following talks in Madrid in 1991 (President George H.W. Bush had plenty of political capital to spend after winning the Gulf War, and he spent it on forcing Israel to the table), the deal was signed at the White House in September 1993. Most of us have seen the image of Bill Clinton with his arms around Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

    The deal paved the way for the establishment of the “Palestinian Authority” as it morphed from the Palestine Liberation Organization—the Cadillac of terror movements. Arafat had been chairman of the PLO since 1968, and destroyed countless lives in the process.

    Oslo brought Arafat to Gaza and parts of the West Bank; Areas A, B, and C were designated in stages for the eventual establishment of “Palestine.” The PA police force was also armed, and the PA set up a quasi-government in Ramallah, just north of Jerusalem.

    Arafat famously talked peace in English and war in Arabic. I am convinced that diplomats the world over knew what he was doing, but went along with it anyway. I am a hardliner on this, but I believe every U.S. president that signed on to this fiendish plot is complicit in the deaths of Israelis due to Palestinian terror. One of the most recent is the knife slaughter of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel (who was also a U.S. citizen!) as she slept in her bed.

    The Oslo framework was flawed from the beginning, because it never took seriously the double-game Arafat and his henchmen were playing. They merely wanted a final staging ground to eliminate Israel. But the world played along. The awful truth is, for most people, Jewish life doesn’t mean much.

    For years, sensible observers like Caroline Glick have pointed out the futility of Oslo.

    Then, lo and behold, this week came news that the GOP has deleted two-state solution language from the party platform!

    Wow, this is really big news. The Republican leadership recognizes clearly that the Palestinians are generations, if not centuries, from being able to govern themselves as civilized nations do. An article in The Forward outlines this stunning development:

    “Rejecting decades-old policy, the Republican Party approved on July 12 a platform that does not include a call for a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Instead, it defers to Israel to determine whether it is interested in negotiating a deal with the Palestinians, and omits any reference to a solution that would establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

    “The platform subcommittee passed it by an overwhelming majority, and the full committee gave it a standing ovation as they approved it. Now the language goes to the convention, where it is unlikely to change.

    “’The U.S. seeks to assist in the establishment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East, to be negotiated among those living in the region,’ the Republican platform states. ‘We oppose any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms, and call for the immediate termination of all U.S. funding of any entity that attempts to do so. Our party is proud to stand with Israel now and always.’”

    Folks, we are going to find out in November if “the people” still govern themselves. If Donald Trump wins, it will signal vast changes in American foreign policy. If Hillary Clinton wins, she will finish-off the country.

    Since LBJ, official American policy has called for a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

    The new reality places responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinians, a radicalized society. For literally decades, we have heard ad nauseam that Israel must practice restraint; Israel must negotiate; Israel must make more concessions.

    Those days should be over. I reject the two-state solution for every logical reason, capped by the reality that the Palestinians don’t deserve a state, at least not for the foreseeable future.

    Apart from the most important reason—the cold-blooded murder of thousands of Israelis—the Palestinians have also squandered billions in cash from the international community.

    When Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, they left business infrastructure for the Arabs! What did the beneficiaries do with their acquired wealth? They took crowbars and other tools to it all, destroying hothouses and other revenue sources. The world and world media just looked on.

    So now somebody has the nerve to stare them down and send them to the back of the line.

    Good. I am sick to death of appeasement. I don’t condone the murder of Israeli Jews.

    Now it looks like we might have a government that agrees.

    Jul 11, 2016

    (In almost 10 years, I’ve never used a guest column for “Israel Watch,” yet Kenneth Bialkin’s tribute to the late Elie Wiesel is so moving, I felt it appropriate. —Jim)

    The Loss of One Man — a tribute to Elie Wiesel

    By: Kenneth J. Bialkin

     New York, NY, July 2, 2016 - Elie Wiesel died the morning of Saturday, July 2, 2016. 

    I learned of it first from a call from my friend, David Harman, and then telephoned Elie's home and received confirmation from his son, Elisha.  The loss of a friend is always tragic and initiates a gap in memory. The loss of any of one person is normally easily absorbed in the larger community, and very little changes. 

    Not so with Elie Wiesel. 

    On a personal level, the loss is personally telling. Elie and Marion have been personal friends of Ann and mine without a beginning date.  Of course, I was aware of his works and reputation when we first became friends and I was active in the ADL. Over the years, we became family in so many rewarding ways. His loss is more than just personal to Ann and me.

    It needs to be said that his loss is one which will be suffered by a very large audience not the least of which are the Jewish people. It is as if a star which has shined for many years one day simply disappears.  Those of us who came to assume the assurance of seeing his star shine in the heavens will suddenly feel his absence and come to realize that a voice and a vision which supported our understanding and appreciation of his presence has been snatched away by fate. 

    Elie Wiesel always spoke softly and never stridently. The delivery of his wisdom came always in gentle terms in measured cadence. The force and power of his influence existed in the simple words he chose to express his sometimes profound message. The star which shined in the orbit of his presence is gone. 

    His message was one of memory and was very personal. The memory he kept alive was shared with whoever would read or listen. He never claimed or searched or sought power or position, he simply said what he thought. His writing and commentary make out a guide for thinking, and acting, and believing for anyone who took the opportunity to read or listen or hear.  It is as if a star that we were used to seeing when we looked toward Heaven is no longer there. 

    The gap we now notice will be further missed in the days ahead.  We have only to be thankful for the time provided to all of us to listen, hear, understand and cherish his message.

    Jul 4, 2016

    Killing Jews

    I have a title for a new Bill O’Reilly book, Killing Jews. It would be his most controversial title.

    This week, more Palestinian murderers/demons murdered Israeli Jews. Can anything at all be more unconscionable than stabbing a 13-year-old girl to death in her bed?

    That’s what happened to Hallel Yaffa at her home in Kiryat Arba.

    Then on the heels of that atrocity, Michael Mark was shot to death by Palestinian murderers on Route 60, south of Kiryat Arba. His wife was gravely injured as was is daughter.

    Oh, by the way, Hallel Yaffa was also an American citizen.

    Has the American president said anything? Nope. The American secretary of state blathers on incoherently about terrorism, while the attorney general says we must meet the challenge with love.

    I believe the challenge should be met with some good old-fashioned Old Testament justice.

    It is common knowledge that part of the PLO/PA plan all along has been to goad Israel into “overkill” (no pun intended) in response to terrorism. The thinking goes, international condemnation of Israel would be so severe that the Jewish state couldn’t recover.

    But at what point do you continue issuing strong statements without really doing anything?

    I like Benjamin Netanyahu very much. But it might be time for some historical stand on principles. It might be time to say, truly, Enough, and take care of the problem.

    I have friends on all sides of these issues. Frankly, I am astonished how many people support the two-state solution. Often, people assume I reject that purely on biblical terms. Actually, I reject a two-state solution for practical and security reasons.

    Simply put, the Palestinians don’t deserve a state. A state to do what? As with any other society, they have good apples and bad apples. But in the case of Palestinian society, it seems there is a tree with perhaps a dozen good apples among 100 acres of thoroughly diseased trees.

    Too harsh, you say?

    How about slaughtering a girl in her bed?

    Is that too harsh?

    I have come to this conclusion not quickly. It comes after 20 years of studying the issues and visiting the region numerous times. Talking with people on all sides.

    This is what I humbly suggest to Israel’s government: send in the IDF to clean out Judea-Samaria. Impose an administered territories concept that worked pretty well for more than two decades.

    I’m tired of hearing how the “Occupation” oppresses the Palestinians. In the context of the unabated murder of Jews, I don’t care about Palestinian rights. They have no rights until the killing stops permanently.

    I also believe there is an historical moment for Israel to crush the terrorists:

    •Egypt’s Al-Sisi not only has denounced jihad, in front of a Muslim audience. He is working with the Israelis in a spirit of unprecedented security cooperation.

    •Israel is building new coalition partners on the periphery. This involves relationship building and believe me, even surrounding nations are tired of the Palestinian nonsense.

    •”Popular uprisings” in Britain and the U.S. might signal that regular people are getting fed up with the status quo. And this is key: when terrorism is a threat to you, your perspective changes. What was once an Israel Problem is now Everybody’s Problem.

    •Israeli technology, in terms of cyber tech, along with military innovations, makes the Jewish state more than a formidable opponent for any enemy. You see, we too often place too much credit with the enemies. This is like a heavyweight prize fight, when a cocky challenger blusters, then gets his jaw crushed only seconds after the opening bell.

    I believe society is moving in a direction in which regular people will have to defend themselves. Our government not only doesn’t protect us, but endangers us. On purpose. Think about that.

    Here’s what I predict would happen if Israel were to seriously dismantle the terrorist threat:

    Nothing. At least, in terms of international condemnation.

    People must ask themselves: why is there a situation in which a strong Israeli response to the murder of their children is met with vicious condemnation? Honestly? I’d like to see the IDF strike a blow heavy enough that the Palestinians will still be talking about it three generations from now.

    It’s time to bring back Joshua.


    Jun 27, 2016

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    Convulsions and Convergence

    Everywhere in the world, we see shockwaves of change. The decision by UK voters to leave the European Union—followed by the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron—should remind those of us who study Bible prophecy that geopolitics can change in an instant.

    If we are dogmatic about our pet topic, we might find ourselves embarrassed when the winds of change shift.

    As it relates to Israel, the British pullout from the borderless failure can only be good, as we read in the Jerusalem Post:

    “Bayit Yehudi MK Moti Yogev said on Friday that the UK's exit from the EU is good for Israel since it further detaches Britain from Europe.

    “’The drama that took place last night in the UK, the national desire to detach from Europe is good for Israel,’ he said.

    “’The EU applauded Mahmoud Abbas for accusing us of blood libel...the partition of British power from the European Union is a good thing for Israel.’”

    Global connections can be both good and bad (the recent two-minute video of Benjamin Netanyahu speaking about the Orlando jihad attack was seen by 22 million on social media), and it remains to be seen just how the British decision will affect its relationship with Israel.

    Remember! alliances with various countries and Israel are shifting quickly now. The Jewish state (incredibly) is getting closer to China, Russia, and India. This was unthinkable only a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, the jury is still very much out on Israel’s relationship with the United States’ political leadership. Hillary Clinton is no true friend of Israel, but a coldly calculating politician. A win by her would continue many of the destructive policies of Obama.

    And the prospects aren’t much brighter with regard to religious leadership in America.

    The Presbyterian Church (USA) is holding its 222nd General Assembly; you might recall that two years ago the PC(USA) narrowly voted for divestment. At the opening session this week, a prayer was offered for…Allah! That’s right, a Muslim prayer was offered by the morally bankrupt PC(USA) leadership.

    Interestingly, the Rev. Mateen Elass, a former Muslim from Saudi Arabia, had some pointed thoughts about this:

    “The Presbyterian Church USA has hammered one more nail into its own coffin — one wonders whether there is space for any further nails. Last Saturday, at the opening business session of its 222nd General Assembly in Portland, OR, the denominational leadership orchestrated an event which denied the gospel and lordship of Jesus Christ. Here’s what happened.

    “The Stated Clerk had asked the staff of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Ministries of the PCUSA to create a liturgy of repentance/remembrance for the recent victims of gun violence in Orlando (and last year in Charleston, SC) as the first order of business for the GA. It was predictably leftist in its political emphases, with no wrestling over the impact of radical Islam, which was to be expected. ga222Indeed, as a token sign of its expansive tolerance, a Muslim was invited to participate in leading this liturgy. His name is Wajdi Said, president of the Muslim Educational Trust in the Portland area.

    “When it was his turn to lead, Mr. Said began by chanting in Arabic, most but not all of which was translated into English on the screen for the participants. Hardly anyone there, I’m guessing, had any idea where the words Mr. Said chanted came from. The first sentence was not translated — apparently, Wajdi threw that in on his own. This is what he said: “I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed.” Within the Muslim world this is a common interjection when one fears the presence and power of evil spirits. Since Islam teaches that Christians and Jews who reject the claims of Muhammad are the vilest of creatures, under the sway of Satan, it is not surprising he would begin with this intercessory prayer for himself.”

    I include this scene to illustrate the utter moral bankruptcy of many in the American religious world. With the Muslim prayer given at the PC(USA) gathering, is it any wonder there are troubling signs in the way Christian leaders view Israel?

    I’ve written much about the erosion of support for Israel among certain key evangelical leaders. But it’s more than that. We now are seeing evangelical leaders embrace growing dialogue with Muslim imams. This is tragic and dangerous.

    Our world is swirling with cataclysmic change right now. In the center, strong and supernaturally safe, is Israel.

    It’s the rest of us I’m concerned about.

    Jun 20, 2016

    Hunting Bibi

    Although Benjamin Netanyahu has been a model of consistency since assuming power in Israel for a second time (since 2009), he is still a target by political rivals.

    A few weeks ago, in an effort to bolster his ruling coalition, Netanyahu replaced Moshe Ya’alon, the Foreign Minister, with Avidgor Lieberman. Now, long-time rival (and former PM) Ehud Barak says it’s time to remove Netanyahu “before it’s too late.”

    Ya’alon announced this week that he’ll make a bid to replace Netanyahu. As is usually the case, the Jewish state faces so many daunting challenges, politics is anything but usual.

    (A very interesting historical irony is now taking place, too. Netanyahu has met several times with Russia’s Putin, the latest coming last week. This is supremely ironic, given the fact that a couple generations ago, the Soviets had all sorts of client states in the Middle East, bedeviling Israel at every turn. Their hardware and observers decades ago led to the Six Day War and Yom Kippur War. Now they are behaving as an ally for Israel.)

    Barak is claiming three things:

    •Netanyahu’s “right wing” government will alienate the world

    •tear Israeli society apart

    •sour American Jewish youth on Israel

    I think this is ridiculous. The international community already loathes Israel. Secondly, Israeli society is unusually strong and together on many issues, such as security. Third, while some youth who are part of the Millennial generation are flirting with leftist ideas, many more remain strongly Zionist.

    I think this is about political posturing and competition. Remember, many centrist Israeli politicians like Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni have chosen to make their own political careers priority no. 1.

    Notice the odd nature of Barak’s statements:

    “’I call on the government to get a hold of itself and to get back on track immediately,’ Barak said at the Interdisciplinary Center's Annual Herzliya Conference.

    “’If you do not, it will be the duty of all of us, yes, all of us, to get up out of our seats, no matter how comfortable they are - and to bring it down, through popular protest and through the ballot box, before it's too late.’

    “Barak stated that Israel was strong in every sense of the word, ‘able to face reality no matter how cruel it is and to defeat any enemy.’”

    So, Israel is endangered because of the Netanyahu government, but at the same time, “strong.”

    Which is it?

    Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu (in the Hebrew: “Israel Is Our Home”) party has brought Netanyahu more seats and, frankly, some statements made recently by Ya’alon (Israel needs to make sure the country’s moral standards are maintained in the face of vicious terrorists) have alienated some on the right.

    Barak has said that Netanyahu is leading Israel to “fascism” and to “the abyss.”


    This is typical Israeli politics. The fact is, while one can quibble over some policy issues (I personally decry the government’s rather timid attitude toward allowing Jews on the Temple Mount—though it’s easy for me to say that from my perch), the Netanyahu government has kept the nation safe; no wars and while terrorism has claimed lives, Israel always has to deal with terrorists.

    Barak was a failed premier and needs to stick to helping his rival, not undermining him. According to the Jerusalem Post:

    “Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) accused Barak of refusing to accept the will of Israel's voters. ‘Ehud Barak refuses to recognize Israeli democracy and Israel's citizens' choice of a nationalist government,’ he stated.

    “’Israel has still not recovered from Barak's short, but failed premiership, and here he is threatening to topple the government,’ Ariel said. ‘He's like a pyromaniac who started a big fire and then gives advice about how to put it out.’”


    Let’s all pray for Netanyahu in the coming days, months, and years. His sole task is to protect the nation.

    One day soon, he’ll have to make a decision about Iran. And he will.

    Jun 13, 2016

    The Burden of Arrogance

    Hard to believe it’s coming up on a decade that I’ve been writing for RaptureReady. I was looking for something to do when Todd and Terry so kindly asked me to write for them; the column would be titled “Israel Watch.”

    I hope you’ll indulge me this week, as I get personal.

    I have been actively engaged in advocating for Israel for 20 years. In that time, I’ve attended conferences, published books, written articles, networked, and researched like crazy. I’ve been blessed to visit Israel several times. My friends in the pro Israel community—both Christians and Jews—are precious to me.  The whole endeavor is multi-layered and at once simple and complex.

    The foundation for all this was laid many years ago. My father was a strong Bible believer and taught me early on the importance of Israel and the Jewish people. I grew up in the era of the Six-Day War and Entebbe.

    In 1995 I met Avi Lipkin, the indefatigable researcher, writer, and speaker. It was at a conference in Dallas that Avi helped me learn to pronounce the name of a rising Israeli politician:


    It has been my joy to support Israel in my own small way. This global community is amazing and multi-faceted, from grizzled veterans like John Bolton to young social media mavens (see Simone Valdary, Chloe).

    One of my favorite memories is being invited to a Hanukkah celebration at the home of a friend near Washington D.C. There I met many neo-conservatives.

    Another is meeting Ariel Sharon, with David Lewis, in 1998 in Tel Aviv.

    So many memories.

    I recently reflected on all this after a conversation with a friend—a long-time veteran of the pro Israel community.

    I was telling my friend that something felt “off” to me of late, regarding some relationships and activities I’d been involved in with the pro Israel community. In short, I’ve lost work, friends, and other opportunities. I have been told several times that I need to back-off some strong reporting about, for example, how the Palestinian Narrative has made deep inroads into American churches, thus harming traditionally strong pro Israel support.

    “Also, you are perceived in some circles as a Rapture guy,” my friend said.

    I like information. I like knowing where I stand with people. That way I can make informed decisions.

    My friend graciously told me a lot in one or two sentences.

    You see, within the varied pro Israel community globally is a segment that is what I’d call highbrow. They identify as intellectuals who are embarrassed by, for example, the Bible prophecy enthusiasts.

    I think we’re all aware of the excesses of the prophecy community. These range from the very unfortunate emphases on fringe topics (just this week I saw a post on Facebook that speculates we are all part of a video game produced by aliens. It’s frankly depressing to see this kind of stuff.), to the very public scarecrows our opponents love to tie us to, such as Harold Camping.

    Overall, though, some of the most sophisticated thinkers I’ve ever known are folks in the prophecy community. I recently had a remarkable after-breakfast conversation with Todd Strandberg at a prophecy conference. Scholars like Andy Wood enrich us all. I could go on and on.

    A couple years ago I listened to a conference address by Hal Lindsey, who has been vilified by many in the Christian community over the years. Some minor criticisms of him are valid, I suppose; anyone could say at least the same things about any of us.

    Yet, if push came to shove, I’d rather stand with Hal Lindsey than with all the highbrows who sniff and turn their backs on us at dinner parties.

    And if push really came to shove, I’m happy to stand completely alone. Because at the end of the day, any Israel advocacy is ultimately limited if it doesn’t include some mention of the biblical promises to the Jews.

    I so appreciated hearing this a few years ago from the peerless (literally) Bill Koenig, my friend who is a White House correspondent. Bill stood at a press conference and asked the organizers to include such teaching. He was politely dismissed, of course.

    And of course, he was totally correct in his assessment.

    A few years ago, Porter Speakman Jr. (producer of the Christian Zionist-bashing film “With God on Our Side”) referred to me publicly as a RaptureReady “tool.”

    Again, I’ve been told that my alliance with RaptureReady removes me from consideration for speaking at certain conferences, publishing opportunities, etc.


    When the smoke clears, I will still be standing with my friends. I am so proud to be able to write for RR, and I hope that when Jesus returns, I will be in mid-sentence for a new “Israel Watch.”

    My real friends are much smarter than my sometimes-friends. When my sometimes-friends chatter about Rapture folks and then marginalize me as well, I think of the phrase: They are too clever by half.

    So I will double down—check that, quadruple down—on remaining loyal to the community that has been loyal to me.

    I could tell you stories that would curl your hair regarding the cowardice at top levels of pro Israel Christian support. Cowardice when it comes to naming names and identifying the real problems with the erosion of Israel support in the American Church.

    So often, such leadership and activists call me, email, text…each time wanting information, which I provide. Then publicly they stand quite a few miles away from me because, after all, I’m a RaptureReady tool.

    Boy, could I tell you stories.

    Maybe someday I will.

    Meanwhile, the ones consistently standing for the Word (which is where Zionism originated, after all) will remain the ones I admire.

    My sometimes-friends are no friends at all. One day, I will feel sorry for them. I don’t disparage their work; how sad they don’t return the courtesy.

    Arrogance must be a terrible burden to bear.

    Jun 6, 2016

    What Up, Bibi?

    Things have gotten weird(er) in Israeli politics of late. The Knesset is notorious for its volatile exchanges from time to time. Add to the mix Arab representatives that hate the state, and you have the recipe for some real trouble.

    The Likud Party, the one that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads, is sort of the equivalent of the Republican Party in the States (at least, the former perception of the GOP as the “conservative” party). In fact, Likud and Republican officials have been chummy for years. The Likud’s national platform has always been Zionist in its foundations, and remember, it was the party that Menachem Begin rode to power in Israel in 1977. Until then, Israel had been ruled by the socialist-leaning Labor Party.

    When Netanyahu won the chairmanship of the Likud in the 1990s, and then the prime minister’s seat in 1996, he was in his mid-40s. His staunchly Zionist father, Benzion, had instilled in his sons a love for Zion.

    But when one moves full-time into politics, one is forced to compromise. I’m speaking of conservative politicians. The Left never moves one centimeter to the right, always demanding concessions from the Right.

    When Netanyahu assumed power in 1996 (after a razor-thin win over Shimon Peres), he was forced to go along with the recently enshrined “Oslo Accords,” whereby Israel agreed to a staged plan that would eventually see a Palestinian state.

    (I once asked a former aid to Yitzhak Rabin why the wily old general-turned-politician had ever agreed to Oslo; Rabin had been the architect of the Six Day War victory and was one tough old hombre. The aid replied that the PM’s wife, Leah, pressured him to accept it. Leah Rabin was a hardcore Leftist. Interesting perspective.)

    Netanyahu always knew the Palestinian leadership was corrupt and duplicitous. He knew what Yasser Arafat was: a cold-blooded killer never interested in nation-building. That George H.W. Bush forced the Israelis to the negotiating table is a travesty that will go down as a dark moment in American diplomacy.

    By the end of the ‘90s, as Palestinian terror brought new horrors, Netanyahu dug his heels in. This infuriated the Clinton team, and in 1999, Ehud Barak defeated Netanyahu in elections.

    Interestingly, Barak’s willingness to give the PLO almost everything it officially claimed made him look weak and in 2001, he was defeated by Ariel Sharon.

    The old “Bulldozer” then followed the pattern all major Israeli leaders eventually find themselves in: appeasement. His 2005 pullout from Gaza paved the way for Hamas rule in the Strip.

    It became clear many years ago that the Palestinian society, raised for generations on Jew-hatred, is nowhere near ready to live in peace with Israel.

    And when I visit with Israeli friends, those on the Right and the Left, they are more unified against Palestinian demands than their leaders usually are.

    So…in the past week, Netanyahu announced a bombshell: he would support the 2002 Saudi Peace Plan, which calls for normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world, in exchange for Israel withdrawing to the 1967 lines.

    This has always been thought of as suicidal for Israel. The truth is we cannot know at all what is in Netanyahu’s mind. We can guess.

    My guess is he never supported Oslo and he doesn’t really support the Saudi plan. My guess is, he’s hoping that one day, the international community will wake up and realize a new paradigm is called for regarding a Palestinian homeland.

    Maybe the Saudis can come up with a plan to relocate the Palestinians in their territory.

    On the heels of Netanyahu’s announcement came an equally surprising announcement by brand-new Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman that he would support the Saudi plan, too!

    Liberman has been a hawk for a long time, and supposedly recently said that within 48 hours of being appointed Defense Minister, he would order the assassination of Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh.

    As of this writing, Haniyeh is still breathing.

    On the one hand, Israel has navigated an impossible environment remarkably well over the years. On the other hand, their concessions are seen as weakness by their enemies, and so the whole pattern repeats itself endlessly.

    I do not believe that America’s top political and diplomatic leadership cares for Israel at all. They know their constituents do, so they lie to us and the Israelis when proclaiming their support for Israeli security.

    Where this will all end up is anyone’s guess. However, I do not believe that when it gets right down to it, any Israeli leader will put a gun to his nation’s head. I believe the Saudi nonsense is just that, and I’ve always believed Israel will never allow Iran to get nukes.

    Few realize that Iran’s real nuclear ambitions began more than 40 years ago, under the Shah. The plan then was to build 20 nuclear reactors. Of course, when the mullahs took over in 1979, all that became super scary.

    And in the bizarro world we now live in, Iran is fighting against ISIS in the Iraqi city of Fallujah…even as the Americans have joined the Iraqi army in this effort, along with both Sunni and Shia militias!

    According to a report from the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

    “Since  the  beginning of  the  Fallujah  campaign  reports  published  by

    the Iranian media have emphasized the participation of Iran and the Iraqi Shi'ite militias operating under Iranian direction in the fighting.

    “According to the reports, Qasem Soleimani,  commander  of  the  IRGC's Qods  Force,  is  present  in  the  Fallujah area and plays a central role in conducting the campaign.”

    Welcome to geopolitics in the Age of Obama.

    Israel has to navigate all this insanity, while still growing their economy and maintaining security.

    What exactly Bibi is up to is anyone’s guess.

    But something tells me he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Not at all.

    May 30, 2016

    Compassionate Conservatism

    George W. Bush was a wily politician before he ever got to Washington. He knew that running for president in the aftermath of the leftist Clinton Regime would require some deft campaigning. That’s when someone came up with the phrase “compassionate conservatism.”

    It was a bid to peel-off some Democrat and Independent votes in the general election, in the hopes that more people would like George.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, it also led to conservatives being seen as somewhat soft. Remember, the left is always brutal, relentless, and contemptuous of conservatives.

    When Bush declared just after 9/11 that Islam is “a religion of peace,” it signaled our enemies that we weren’t totally serious about waging total war. We are dealing with the fall-out from that to this day.

    In the pro-Israel world, I have noticed that key voices seem to follow the same path. They believe we can even dialogue with some of our enemies.

    I noticed this week that Joel Rosenberg tweeted the following:

    “I’m praying for Palestinian President Abbas’ health and strength, especially as he’s 81 & signaling to colleagues he may soon step down.”

    I strongly disagree with this approach. But there are a lot of moving parts in the community Rosenberg lives in, namely, the evangelical elites.

    The bestselling novelist runs in lofty circles. I admit to being fascinated with how he got access to so many top officials on both sides of the Atlantic. I interviewed him once, and he seemed affable, if a bit reserved. Rosenberg is perhaps the top eschatological writer today.

    Yet I’ve noticed a tendency on his part to dialogue with people who have troubling theology or contrary political views. I suspect that when one rises to the status Rosenberg has, the Big Tent makes it harder and harder to stand fast on bedrock principles. This is identical to a mega-church pastor who consciously makes a decision to avoid “controversial topics” in the pulpit. He knows he might alienate a significant number of congregants.

    And then the cash starts to dry up.

    Honestly? It infuriates me that Abbas has made it to 81. Many of his victims did not. Does anybody remember he was one of the architects of the ’72 Munich murders?

    Does anybody still care about that in Christian circles?

    Why the fawning over such an individual?

    According to a 2013 story in Frontpage:

    “Palestinian Media Watch has reported that the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas, has honored Palestinian terrorist Ahmad Abu Sukkar, who murdered 15 Israelis and Americans, and wounded 77 others in the Zion Square Refrigerator Bombing on July 4, 1975. Among the dead were American citizen Rivka Ben-Yitzhak and husband Michael, who left behind two small children. Daoud Khoury, an Arab accountant at the King David Hotel, was also murdered.

    “The PA also gave Abu Sukkar an official military funeral after he died of a heart attack at age 78. His coffin was draped in a Palestinian flag and brought from the hospital to the center of Ramallah in a military vehicle.

    “In a eulogy, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated, ‘His pure soul passed on to the kingdom of Heaven during these blessed days in this honored month [Ramadan] after a journey of struggle full of exceptional giving and devoted activity for Palestine.’”

    What kind of a sick mind glorifies murderers?

    I can’t understand Rosenberg’s bouquet of roses to Abbas.

    He isn’t the only one who does this.

    Openly now, whether in “pro-Israel work” or in interfaith dialogue between jihadists and evangelical leaders (a key plank in the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to infiltrate American Evangelicalism), more and more evangelical leaders are reaching a hand to those who wish us dead.

    As for pro Israel activists, I can’t understand anyone advocating for a “two-state solution” at this time. The Palestinians should be told that only by tangible efforts to eradicate anti-Semitism from their national life can they hope to achieve statehood. It is repulsive to think of rewarding them for murder.

    Ten years ago, the usual suspects within “evangelicalism” (the ones I call the Christianity Today crowd—“evangelicals” who identify more with the center-left mainline) were advocating for a two-state solution, firing off letters and signatories to Bush.

    Today, more traditional evangelicals are doing the same.

    The left knows where our weaknesses are, and they exploit them. Seeking dialogue with people like Abbas, or Sami Awad, or the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR operatives weakens us.

    A long time ago, the jihadists hatched their plan to overthrow the West. The fight was always going to be hard enough.

    It’s galling that we are tying at least one hand behind our back. 

    May 23, 2016

    Some Good News

    As I travel through our 2016 seminar schedule with the America-Israel Friendship League, my latest stop in Edmond, Oklahoma gives me much hope for the future.

    (This comes on the heels of the news from my friends at Christians United for Israel that they have now passed the three million-member mark! Truly astonishing and a testmament to the marvelous work done by David Brog’s team over the past decade.)

    At Fairview Baptist Church this past Sunday, I spoke along with Mark Liotta, the Workman’s Compensation Commissioner for the State of Oklahoma. Mark gave a tremendous talk about his two trips to Israel with the AIFL.

    “Israel is the economic engine of the Middle East,” he said.

    Once again, I was struck by the enthusiasm of the audience, and their passion for Israel and knowledge. I urged them to use that to further advocate for Israel.

    The pastor of Fairview Baptist, Paul Blair, is not only a champion for Israel; he is a passionate and fearless defender of Christian liberty and American principles. He is also running for a seat in the state legislature. Even though Paul played college football at Oklahoma State (and not for my beloved OU Sooners), I forgive him that. He later played 10 seasons for the Chicago Bears, finishing as one of the game’s greatest offensive tackles.

    We need more men like that taking stands, frankly.

    So far this year, I’ve traveled to California, Florida, and now Oklahoma for our church outreach program. The crowds have been tremendous. My colleagues, Ambassador Uri Bar-Ner and Dr. Alex Grobman, have been able to educate people on a variety of topics: Holocaust, Israel’s diplomatic standing in the world, and Bible history. We hope to be at a location near you soon.

    All this buoys me, and comes at a time when Israel’s enemies are having a bit of a rough go. As Hamas tunnels collapse, and ISIS is pinned down, the Palestinian Authority also faced a huge embarrassment this week with the announcement that a new museum dedicated to Palestinian history and culture will open in the West Bank.

    They have no exhibits.

    Wow, that story so symbolizes the Arab-Israeli conflict. As Israel surges on so many fronts: economic, military, technology, the Arab world languishes in Third World realities. In 2014, Israel’s gross domestic product amounted to $305 billion U.S. dollars. This doesn’t factor-in the new oil and natural gas deposits found.

    The stunning announcement about the Palestinian “museum” reminds me something I stumbled across in the ‘90s. Helping David Lewis gather material for a book that would become The Last War, I looked online at the then-website for the Palestinian Authority.

    Stumbling across their section for Palestinian history and culture, I laughed out loud. I really did. Right there at my desk.

    The items displayed included some sewn dresses (pretty, to be sure), and some images of old currency from “Palestine.” If one looked closely at the currency images, one could see three languages: English, Arabic, and…Hebrew.

    That’s correct: to further add to the mountain of evidence that there was never a sovereign Palestinian state with Arab citizens, the currency proves the exact opposite. The currency was issued (pre-Jewish state) by the British Mandate government. It was simply currency to be used by residents of what was then Palestine: Arab and Jew. In fact, until Israel was birthed, Jews in Palestine were also known as “Palestinians.”

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    There is no end to Arab delusion, lies, and failure to live in reality.

    That’s why, as Israel surges into the future, her neighbors continue to look in the window and covet.

    Here’s to the day when all of them will live side-by-side in peace. We pray for it, We expect it.

    May 16, 2016

    Truth on its Head

    Maybe it’s the weariness of eight decades of fighting Arab terror constantly. As in, 24 hours a day.

    Maybe it’s the last quarter-century of the West blaming Israel and giving the Palestinians a pass.

    Whatever the reason, some Israeli leaders feel the need to publicly call on the Jewish state to maintain its moral standing.

    I think what we’re seeing is a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Recently, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has been compelled to make sure Israelis don’t lose their humanity when dealing with the Palestinians. Much of this stems from a recent incident in Hebron in which an IDF soldier killed a terrorist who had been subdued.

    For what it’s worth, my own interaction with Israelis lets me know clearly that the IDF is the most moral army in the world. Israeli society is built in part on an almost total respect for others. Some of this comes from centuries of their own abuse at the hands of gentiles in countries where Jews found themselves. In other words, Jews are almost hyper-sensitive to being mindful of others.

    While so many others are killing them.

    A recent piece highlighted a growing divide among Israelis over these issues:

    “’Over the past several months, Israel has been confronted with a wave of Palestinian terrorism, which indeed has been on a down-slide of late, but is liable to erupt anew,’ Ya’alon said to a massive crowd of mourners at the Kiryat Shaul Cemetery in Tel Aviv. ‘Even during the difficult moments, in which our blood boils and our rage is high, woe to us if we lose our way and our values, the compromising of which would likely bring Israel to the abyss.’

    “’Exercise force when necessary, but also understand its limits and its ability to lead to a dulling of the senses,; he continued. ‘Ensure the purity of arms and retain humanity, and let us not lose our heads.’”

    The article went on to point to the case of the IDF soldier, and also pointed to two separate instances when Ya’alon has invoked Israeli morality:

    “The first was when he promptly denounced Elor Azariya – the IDF soldier under indictment for killing a subdued Palestinian terrorist in Hebron – and members of the public who protested on his behalf. ‘We’re not ISIS,’ Ya’alon said, ‘When there’s a need to kill, we kill. But when it’s someone neutralized or with his hands up, that is the place for preserving our moral compass.’

    “The second was on Holocaust Remembrance Day, when Ya’alon immediately and unequivocally backed IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan, who suggested that Israel is coming dangerously close to resembling 1930s Germany and called for an annual day of soul-searching, like some kind of secular version of Yom Kippur.”

    What gives? The Arabs have been murdering Jews in the region for a century. Why is there a constant pressure on Israel? It’s like saying that the victims of the Manson Family fought back too hard.

    Israeli writer Ruthie Blum takes issue with Ya’alon and others:

    “The last time I checked, it was the job of the minister of defense to protect Israel’s citizenry from its mortal enemies, by developing and carrying out military strategies to defeat them. It is a mighty challenge on today’s battlefield in the Middle East, to be sure, because the warfare involves multiple fronts and various filthy methods of engagement. These include, but are not restricted to the use of children, both as human shields and as machete-wielding perpetrators of bloody murder.”

    Thank you, Ruthie, for taking us back to the point. A profound lack of morals has infected the West, and I think this influences Israeli leaders.

    Look, no one really knows (but them) just how much pressure the West, including and especially now the U.S., puts on Israel. Remember that Ariel Sharon was very deferential to the Americans while he was prime minister, and all Israeli PMs including Benjamin Netanyahu are pressured behind closed doors.

    Over 24,000 Israelis have been killed by the Arabs since statehood in 1948.

    That is the story.

    The story isn’t that a lone nutcase once tried to set fire to the Dome of the Rock, or that in 1994 Baruch Goldstein killed Arabs in Hebron, or that the Israeli soldier killed a Palestinian who had been subdued after a terror attack.

    The story is that Israel is held to a grotesque and immoral standard by the West and by the Arabs. The story is that a campaign of genocide was launched against the Jews long before Hitler came to power. The world is still condoning it by making demands on…Israel.

    People like John Kerry will one day answer for their shabby treatment of the Jews. The truth is, today’s Western diplomats are little different from the European ones who threw the Jews under the Nazi bus in the ’30s and ‘40s.

    Even now, the chickens have come home to roost, though, for when civilization tries to appease Islam by offering up Israel, trouble comes for them.

    London has just elected a Muslim mayor. Europe will fall to the Islamists.

    And then they won’t have the Jews to kick around anymore.

    May 9, 2016

    Never Again

    I am a dispensationalist, but not one who believes there is a second Holocaust coming for the Jewish people. I’ll write more about that in detail at a later time, but for now, I’d like to focus on this past week’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    The famous mantra “Never again” means just that, in my view. That the Jews survived through one campaign of extermination is remarkable in the extreme, and clear evidence of ultimate Divine protection.

    From Haman to Hitler (and, sadly, beyond to our day), strongmen have sought to murder every Jew. This satanic obsession is of course grotesque, and yet it doesn’t deter new madmen from trying where others have failed spectacularly.

    One of the most insane statements in history comes from the mouth of Adolf Eichmann, one of the architects of the Nazi-led Holocaust:

    “I will leap into my grave laughing because the feeling that I have five million human beings on my conscience is for me a source of extraordinary satisfaction.”

    The SS operative has certainly gone on to his well-deserved reward. When Mossad agents plucked him off a street in Argentina in 1961, no doubt Eichmann was as stunned as everyone else. He had enjoyed 15 years of luxury, after helping butcher millions of human beings. He was hanged in Israel in 1962.

    I find that Christians in America don’t know much about the Holocaust. It was perpetrated by church-going Nazi leaders. Although there were a few brave souls in Europe who saved Jewish lives, by and large the culture stood by and watched it happen.

    More than 1.5 million children were murdered. Children. The stain has soaked through the fabric of Germany; it will never be erased.

    Today, the global rise of anti-Semitism is as alarming as it is infuriating.

    As my friend Kay Wilson posted on Facebook:

    “If there would be a minute's silence for every one of the 6,000,000 Jews murdered in the Holocaust, the world would be silent for over 11 years.”

    Kay herself was the victim of Palestinian terror a few years ago, when she was almost hacked to death (and her friend was). The satanic hatred of Jews is unfortunately alive in our world today. It is why, as Daniel Seaman said, “Never again” must not be just a mantra; it must be a call to action.

    I know many, many wonderful Christians and even churches that genuinely love the Jewish people. As a matter of fact, I love hearing from you. If you are a member of a congregation or a pastor of a church that loves Israel, drop me a line; I’d love to hear from you. Today, more than ever, it’s important to network.

    This year I am again taking part in the church outreach program of the America-Israel Friendship League, and next weekend we are holding another seminar at Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, after being in California and Florida the previous two months. If you’d like to hear our presentation (we don’t charge a church for travel expenses, so it’s free!), drop me a line. We are already booking into 2017, but we can be flexible to your schedule.

    One of our presenters, my dear friend Alex Grobman, is a leading Holocaust scholar. He’s written a series of terrific books defending Israel and I encourage you to check them out on Amazon.

    At Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, there is one display that affected me the most. You can stand on a railroad track and see large mural photos of Jews. It gives you some idea of having been there.

    I believe things in our world are going to get worse before they get better (forever), and we must resolve not to allow culture to decline to the point of another Holocaust.

    Wherever you are, especially if you are a Christian, act to defy and oppose anti-Semitism. It is really important.

    May 2, 2016

    Our Enemies’ Frustration

    For more than a hundred years, attacks on the Bible have undermined churches in America. Beginning in the late 19th century, the anti-Bible positions of scholars in Germany—and the Darwinian philosophy coming from London—leveled steady attacks on the credibility of the Bible, starting with Genesis.

    These attacks, though they were refuted by a few like Robert Dick Wilson at Princeton, devastated American seminaries, which were producing next-generation pastors. Biblical accounts like the Exodus were called into question. It was claimed that multiple anonymous authors/editors contributed to the great prophetic books, like Isaiah.


    Only one reason: those unbelieving scholars did not want to believe that God can predict the future, and instruct His prophets to alert us to future events. The scholars, like all leftists, do not want to follow the One who sets the rules.

    A couple generations ago, the biblical scholar Edward J. Young wrote, about the critics of the Bible’s prophetic books:

    “They are destructive, for they are seeking, whether consciously or not, to destroy the words God has spoken.”

    This was from Young’s book, Who Wrote Isaiah?

    The title of the book is strange, because, we think, we know who wrote Isaiah: Isaiah.

    That’s if you believe the Bible is true. If you don’t, then Isaiah must have been written/collected/edited by an unknown number of people, who recorded history, not prophecy. The critics simply do not believe anyone can accurately predict the future, so the yet-future declarations from the prophet’s book could not have been written before the events came to pass.

    This is part of what Henry Morris called “the long war against God,” in which unbelievers would seek to continually undermine true faith. An added outcome was the damage done to Israel’s reputation: if the biblical promises to the Jews are not valid, then today’s Israel is not legitimate.

    Gary Frazier and I discuss these things in our new book, The Miracle of Israel. Incredibly, in modern America, few sitting in the pews have any real knowledge of what the Bible says about anything. The specialness of Israel and the Jewish people is near the top of that list.

    Let me give you a practical outcome of generations of these attacks on the Bible.

    Relevant magazine, produced for Millennials and those in that group who are evangelicals, never misses an opportunity to mock Bible prophecy, at least the brand studied and taught by, say, Dispensationalists.

    I believe that the publisher, Cameron Strang, at some point rejected the prophecy community his father (Charisma publisher Steve Strang) had long operated in, and the problem is, he reacted too strongly the other way. Certainly, there have been excesses in the prophecy community, but not to the degree its critics allege.

    There is a massive, coordinated effort right now to undermine prophecy teaching in America. And, as I’ve always contended, if you do not understand modern Israel through the lens of prophetic Scripture, you won’t get it.

    Relevant advocates for the Palestinians and supports authors who accuse Israel of war crimes (Donald Miller).

    But the ripple in the water extends far beyond that.

    In the latest issue of Relevant, Issac Edwards writes a piece titled, “Through Hell and Back,” in which he produces a puff piece about the heretical Rob Bell.

    My point is this: the farther one moves from believing all the Bible is true, including its marvelous predictive prophecies, the more one embraces humanistic philosophies.

    And yet, when it comes down to it, nothing can stop the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Israel and the return of the Jews to their ancestral land is central to that message. That Relevant and others decry Israel’s “Occupation” of the Palestinians is…irrelevant. Their advocacy for the enemies of the Jewish people is shameful and doomed to failure.

    In the meantime, they will continue to apply the pressure to Israel that they can (Relevant’s digital and social media reach is staggering, far outgaining anything that can be produced by prophecy teachers in today’s climate).

    In the end, though, it won’t alleviate their frustrations that Israel marches on toward her destiny.