16 Jul 2018

Pro Israel Support in America

Such a fascinating subject.

Twenty-plus years ago, when I began advocating for Israel in a variety of ways (primarily writing and research), it felt like pro Israel support in the American Church was very strong.

One friend who ran (runs) an organization touted “70 Million Evangelicals” as being pro Israel. There were leaders like Jerry Falwell and the Assemblies of God superintendents who could be counted on for solid support of the Jewish state.

The reality, as I came to learn, was far different. There were nowhere near 70 million evangelicals who supported Israel. Today, it is far less.

As we’ve discussed here many times (and others are starting to understand), that support has been slipping for some time. The seeds for it were sown a very long time ago, but I’d say since 2000, the erosion has accelerated dramatically.

This timeline coincides with such things as the launch of the dreadful Catalyst Conferences (Andy Stanley was and is a strong supporter, both behind-the-scenes and as a speaker), which have brought anti-Israel speakers into the mainstream. When you consider that Catalyst gets in front of 50,000 pastors per year (and many more online), it’s a real problem.

I’ve been enormously frustrated in recent years because no organized effort—caveat: that I’m aware of—has been launched to counter the systemic and highly networked anti-Israel propaganda effort from the Left.

Of the four large pro Israel Christian organizations I’m aware of, I only hear much activity from one. Two of the remaining three are not based in the U.S., so I should cut them some slack.

I know of another group that has decided a “softer, gentler” approach with our enemies is the way to go. I disagree in the strongest possible way. Totalitarians understand force. That’s all they understand. If Kim Jong-un ever does get rid of his nuclear weapons, it will be because Donald Trump forces him to do so. He won’t modify his beastly behavior due to a change of heart.

This is the fatal flaw of groups that do “softer, gentler.” But they don’t listen because they semi-worship their own intellects. They believe my approach is primitive. Befitting a Neanderthal.

Another group has spent outrageous sums on pushing support for a Two-State Solution. This one in particular causes me to rest my forehead in my hand.

Can someone, anyone, point me to any kind of evidence that the Palestinians deserve a state? What they need are lessons in personal responsibility, accountability, and living in the 21st century. People might disagree, but when the Israelis merely administered the Palestinians, violence was far less. Now, anyone who pushes a Two-State Solution must not remember the Fogel family* or the thousands of other Israelis murdered and maimed by the demons roaming the West Bank and Gaza.

(*I must ask the question: is a person truly pro Israel who places the demands of the Palestinians above the lives of Jews? Answer the question for yourself. My answer is, Hell no. Until and unless Jewish life is the priority of the international community, the Palestinians will not modify their behavior. My priorities are: Jews first, everyone else second.)

That last statement, for me, sums up the topic. What does it mean to really be pro Israel? Is attendance at rallies? Is it blessing Israel so you’ll get a blessing? Is it a vague appeal to Israel as our natural ally? Is it because the Jews fit so neatly into our neat prophecy schemes? Is it something else?

Each of us must answer the question for himself or herself.

For me, being pro Israel is working to do what I can to keep the Israelis (and Jews worldwide) physically safe.

Does this address spiritual matters? No, it obviously doesn’t. My focus is seeing Jews live in safety in their own country, and everywhere else they choose to live. Topeka. Anchorage. Cologne. Buenos Aires. Quebec.

I pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). I watch, and will not be silent, day or night (Isaiah 62:6). I do what I can, from a limited base.

I subscribe to the Ze’ev Jabotinsky/Jonathan Netanyahu/Ord Wingate method. Secure the borders, stay vigilant, give your enemy no quarter.

When I stand before my Judge one day, I will still be remembering the Fogel family. I will remember the 1.5 million children butchered by the Nazis. I will remember the Palestinian leadership that has more concern for a cockroach than for Jews.

You cannot win a war by being kinder and gentler. I won’t sit by and become chums with the Sami Awads of the world.

That’s got me pretty isolated, which is fine by me. I sit in the evenings and pet my dog and smoke a cigar. In many places in pro Israel circles today, to paraphrase Richard Nixon, I can’t get arrested.

Good. At least I’m not a ministry/organization head simply going through the motions in order to maintain my salary and benefits, while Israel’s enemies know they can count on my kinder, gentler approach. At least I’m not producing a highbrow, meaningless magazine for scholars to discuss under a sycamore tree on the grounds of another meaningless conference.

At one time, for a long time, I wanted to assemble a small team to answer the propaganda from the Left. And, I believe—much to the chagrin of almost all Christian pro Israel leaders—that some element of Bible prophecy must be introduced in pro Israel presentations. It’s fine to present facts and data, but if you want to engage hearts, you must use Bible!

That goes over like a lead balloon.

My efforts to launch a group that would meet the Left’s propaganda head-on failed. I have concluded that your average American Christian doesn’t read much. Efforts to promote resources failed on a pretty spectacular level.

One end-result will be that pro Israel support in this country is going right off a cliff sooner rather than later. Look at all the polling data about Millennials and the “Z Generation.”

I know for a fact that at the very top of the pro Israel Christian leadership pyramid scheme, they do not want to engage and combat the evangelical enemies of Israel and Bible prophecy (Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Jonathan Merritt, etc.). They do not want to confront them because it could hurt their own brand and their own bottom-line. That’s a fact. There are many cowards in evangelical “leadership.”

I can live with that, because I tried. If I now have an audience of one (he sheds and chases cattle) that’s fine by me.

I didn’t knuckle-under to the enemy.




9 Jul 2018

The Cloud Thieves

Iran has accused Israel of “weather theft” by:

“Cunningly manipulating clouds to prevent rain falling over Iran,” according to a report in the Jerusalem Post.  An Iranian general made the accusation.

Today, an Israeli social media Millennial tweeted photoshopped images of Israeli commandos walking in the clouds, stealing Iranian clouds.

I almost spit my coffee out laughing when I saw that. But here’s a funnier thought:

I hope this story is true.

Iran is in the middle of a catastrophic drought, and as has been discussed previously, the regime spends its (the Peoples’) oil revenue on terror activities around the world, particularly now in Syria. By definition, this makes Iran guilty of war crimes. And, with the Iranian people holding mass demonstrations, it’s obvious that Public Enemy no. 1 is the jihadists in Tehran, not the Iranian people.

Back to the cloud thieves. According to the report:

“Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organisation, said that the changing climate and drought in Iran is ‘suspect’ and a coalescence of malign, anti-Iran forces are to blame, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.


“’Foreign interference is suspected to have played a role in climate change,’ General Jalali insisted, adding that an Iranian scientific study ‘confirms’ the claim.”

Of course it does. This is on the level of North Korean paranoia.

Jalali claims that Israel and “another country in the region” are manipulating the weather. One can safely assume the other country is Saudi Arabia, since the Saudis and Israelis are collaborating on all sorts of things in an unprecedented way—directly because of the Iran nuclear threat. The Saudis know Iran wants to control the whole of the Middle East, so questions of Iranian hegemony are uppermost on leaders’ minds.

We do know that “someone” has been infiltrating the Iranian high command and nuclear community to disrupt the regime’s lethal program, aided immeasurably by Barack Obama. President Trump has severely rolled-back the benefits Obama gave to our mortal enemy.

Amazingly, the head of  Iran’s meteorological service, Ahad Vazife, says that it isn’t possible for a country to “steal snow or clouds.”

That’ll get him in hot water.


Regimes like this thrive on false information that, again, fall into the paranoia camp.

The Iranian claims sound like a spoof of a spoof spy movie; think Derek Flint spoofing James Bond. The Blofeld character, in this case the mullahs, accuse the West of the craziest things.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has actually said:

“Western countries have designed plans to cause drought in certain areas of the world, including Iran.”

Now, this becomes not comical when one considers that a classic bit of anti-Semitism is to accuse the Jews of controlling everything from the Fed to, well, weather.

It isn’t true, of course, but people believe it! And this in turn makes the world dangerous for  Jews.

In fact—and this is an aside—I am very concerned about the level of such thought among American evangelicals, who are in increasing numbers believing the worst Jewish stereotypes.

I routinely hear people in the Church make claims against Jews that are at least as crazy as the one put forth by Iran.

In our upside-down world, the victim is the villain.