Nov 20, 2017

Evil Alliances

The Germans never seem to get it.

From Middle Ages Catholic anti-Semitism, to Martin Luther, to Hitler. Now with anti-Semitism raging across the globe, Germany is hosting a contingent of Iranian business leaders.

From a Jerusalem Post report:

“A German forum to promote business and banking in the Islamic Republic of Iran, featuring politicians and government bodies, slated to begin on Wednesday, faced sharp criticism from human rights experts and an NGO seeking to stop Iranian terrorism and its illicit nuclear activity.

“Ulrike Becker, a spokeswoman for the NGO Stop the Bomb, said: ‘This banking forum is scandalous. German bankers and politicians in Frankfurt are rolling out the red carpet for a regime which is responsible for the flight of millions [of refugees] from Syria and Iraq.’

“Becker said the 5th Banking and Business Forum Iran Europe, which runs from November 15-16 in Frankfurt, seeks to lift financial restrictions against business with Iran.”

Germany’s Angela Merkel, of course, has flooded her own country with refugees driven out of their countries by the Iranians and their proxies in Iraq and Syria.

Israel just announced this week—yet again—that it will not allow Iran to camp along its northern borders. The fact that Iran, in public, has announced its desire to wipe Israel off the map, makes Germany’s overtures to the terror state all the more troubling. Yet we live in a time when nation states clearly signal that they do not care about Jewish lives. This is a fact.

Whether it was the recent American evangelical lauding of Martin Luther (for Reformation Day), or my frequent conversations now about an unwillingness to hear positives about Israel, among evangelicals, it is clear that Jewish life is cheap to most. Germany’s powerful European economy causes most countries to stand-down in the face of the Iranian business summit.

A few voices cry out:

“Julie Lenarz, a senior fellow for The Israel Project, based in Washington, told the Post that ‘Iran hasn’t stopped being a threat to international peace and security. It’s a pariah state, ruled by a fanatical mullah regime with malign nuclear ambitions, and should be isolated as the world’s largest exporter of terrorism.

“’Key sectors of the Iranian economy are controlled by the IRGC [Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps], the country’s driving force behind Islamic extremism, war crimes in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and annihilationist threats against the state of Israel,’ she said. ‘Rather than attending cushy meetings in the West, Iranian officials should be indicted for crimes against humanity.’

“Lenarz added that, ‘If you do business with the IRGC, you sponsor Tehran’s aggression abroad and violence against their own people.’ Large European banks have avoided business deals with Iran because of the volatility of Iran’s financial system. Oberbank, a mid-size Austrian bank, established business ties with Tehran in September. Michael Busser, a spokesman for the State of Hesse, did not immediately answer a Post press query. The German Green Party declined to comment.”

I have noticed though in my years of Israel advocacy that when one tries to win friends for Israel by using data and statistics, little headway is made. It is only when a biblical case is made—and the receiving heart is warmed to Jews—that any real friends are made for Israel.

The banking and business forum in Germany is but one example of indifference (hostility?) toward Israel and Jews worldwide. I maintain my view that even American evangelical leaders don’t care one whit about Israel. They just don’t.

This is due to many factors: a resurgence of Calvinism; the rise of “social justice” Millennials; aberrant theology taught in seminaries; evangelical “celebrities” who themselves are not biblical.

A principled leader would boycott the forum in Germany. And denounce it publicly.

Yet, as a long-time Southern Baptist deacon once explained to me why he voted for Bill Clinton: It’s good for the economy.

The world has lost its way. It has lost its moral bearings, if they were ever in place to begin with.

It is repulsive to think of the German government lavishly hosting those fiends from Iran.

But then again, we know that Gog/Magog will soon be a reality.



Nov 13, 2017

“No” to Israel

There has always been debate about the “loyalty” of Israeli Arabs. Meaning, of course, Palestinians who are citizens of Israel, apart from those living in the West Bank/Judea-Samaria.

Now, a new poll bolsters the argument that these Palestinians are a sort of Fifth Column within the Jewish state.

Not loyal at all.

According to a report in the Times of Israel:

“Two-thirds of Arab Israelis believe Israel has ‘no right’ to define itself as the Jewish nation state, while a majority of Jewish Israelis (58 percent) say those who reject that definition of Israel should have their citizenship revoked, according to a new poll underlining deep divisions between the two communities.

“Some 67% of Arab respondents ‘answered that the State of Israel had no right to be defined as the national home of the Jewish people,’ the Israel Democracy Institute survey, released Tuesday, found.”

I’ve always believed this to be the case.

To give you an idea of the convoluted atmosphere in this context, pollsters found that there is widespread disagreement about how much latitude Arabs should be given concerning budget allocations and even in the area of buying/selling land.

(Keep in mind, in many Middle East countries, selling land to a Jew is punishable by death.)

And there is one other very telling piece of data from this particular survey:

“Most Jewish Israelis (58%) also said they avoid entering Arab residential areas, while only 16% of Arab Israelis steer clear of Jewish residential communities.”

This tells us clearly that Jews do not feel safe around Palestinians, but the reverse is not the case. Why? The answer is obvious: Israeli Jews are not a threat to Palestinians. This is one other fact that the international community does not want to grasp.

This is the most telling thing, in my opinion, and is another indication that the physical world is becoming much more violent and uncertain. While I do expect the Israeli government to protect its citizens, I do not expect other governments to protect their citizens, save for the length of the Donald Trump administration.

But back to the subject at hand. For more than 100 years, the Arabs of Palestine have been volatile and a threat to Jews. This has not changed and I do not believe it will change on a large scale.

There is no human action—most especially coming from the international elites—that will change this equation. Only the Messiah will bring real peace.

This data also should make it clear that it’s important for the status quo to remain in place. NO to a Palestinian state! If a majority of Israeli Arabs reject Israel as the Jewish state, can you imagine the numbers in “Palestine”? It would be off the charts.

Here I’m going to say something many won’t like: the Palestinians overall are not to be trusted. At all. Never let your guard down. If they were launching murderous attacks on Jews in 1929, 1936, and in the modern intifadas, what would a state of Palestine do?

A further absurdity is the often-promoted dream-like concept of a “demilitarized” Palestine. How long do you think that would last? Ten minutes?

In fact, it would never exist. A newly created Palestinian state would be armed from the beginning, thus bringing a terror-state to Israel’s doorstep. Isn’t Lebanon-Hezbollah enough?

It should be obvious that there are individual Palestinian Arabs who are fine people. The problem is that, collectively, their society is violent and unworkable as a governing entity. Sadly, a quarter-century of Western-backed “autonomy” in the Palestinian Territories has cemented radicalism, thanks mostly to the thoroughly evil Yasser Arafat and his equally repugnant deputy/successor, Mahmoud Abbas.

I believe my view of no to a Palestinian state is the minority position overall. And eventually, some sort of grotesque nation-state will be forced on Israel. That will set the stage for the great end-times conflict that will culminate in, thankfully, the arrival of the Messiah.

It’s really a tragedy that polite society thinks that worldview is absurd.